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Epstein & Maxwell ran Rothschild Military Intelligence pedo VIP blackmail Op

Maria Farmer was the 1st and only Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell victim who reported to the FBI (back in 1996). Epstein & Maxwell procured Maria’s sister Annie for the pedophile blackmailing operation they ran for Military Intelligence.

Ari Ben-Menashe worked for Israeli Military Intelligence and was prosecuted over the Iran-Contra affair. Ari worked with Ghislaine Maxwell’s father and was privy to Maxwell’s assassination by Israeli Intelligence.

Here are some key points made by Maria Farmer and Ari Ben-Menashe whose testimonies vindicate my own:

  • The mainstream media ignored Maria Farmer’s testimony, a CNN journalist targeted and threatened her.
  • Epstein and Maxwell ran a child sex trafficking blackmail operation for Israeli Military Intelligence (Israeli Military Intelligence are the focus, not Mossad).
  • The Rothschilds were behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • Victoria Secret CEO Leslie Wexner financed Jeffry Epstein.
  • Leslie Wexner was Jewish mafia, who overthrew the Italian mafia.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell grew up with the British Royals, and dated Prince Andrew in her youth.
  • “Ghislaine Maxwell was raping just as many children” as Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, female pedophiles do exist. Yes, women like to rape adult women.
  • The child victims were far younger than the mainstream
  • “The FBI was created to protect these people.”
  • Ivana Trump helped Ghislaine Maxwell procure young school children in uniform (aged 12 to 14 years old) were recruited per day under the guise of modelling for Victoria Secret. The victims were younger than the media report.
  • At least 5 new girls per day were supplied – yet only 30 victims have come forward. Epstein & Ghislaine’s child sex trafficking victims were likely murdered.
  • Maxwell and Epstein targeted high IQ “straight A” female students.
  • Maxwell’s father was an agent for Israeli Military Intelligence. Ari Ben-Menashe worked for Israeli Military Intelligence – not Mossad.
  • Israeli Military Intelligence trafficked weapons – just like Kay Griggs stated during interview.
  • NYPD are “the real deal” who broke the Epstein matter, not the FBI – just like Rothstein said.
  • President Trump raped a virgin supplied by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Sorry folks, Q is a Military Intelligence Psychological Operation (likely headed by former head Lt.Col. Michael Aquino) designed to identify Christians / dissidents for round up & extermination by the emerging New World Order.
  • Jeffery Epstein, Leslie Wexner & Co were Satanists.

Key points Maria Farmer and Ari Ben-Menashe stated during her interview support the overview of the CIA-coordinated global child trafficking operation I experienced as a child and described in my book EYES WIDE OPEN. I first published my book online in June 2019. You may download it for free by clicking on this LINK.

While I am dismissed by mainstream media and the popular alternative media agents – my book is being downloaded 1000+ times per day. This is because every week, information emerges to validate and vindicate my previously ‘crazy’ claims. Perhaps now critics might do well to rethink my testimony instead of dismissing me as ‘nuts.’ Re-examine what I said about being sex trafficked to Billy Graham at Bohemian Grove at age 6, CNN founder Ted Turner at Disneyland, and Meryl Streep at age 14 years. Rethink my claim that US Military Intelligence recruited and trained foreign high IQ 6-year-olds to serve with Delta Force at age 14 years.

Here are the relevant interviews:

Here is a summary of Maria Farmer’s interview:


Ignore the MI propaganda machine and just read the free book:

CERN’s ALICE Experiment Replaced MK-Ultra ALICE Assets

MK-ALICE assets served as the predecessor to CERN’s ‘ALICE’ experiment.

Male MK-DELTA assets were codenamed ‘JASON.’ These assets served as assassins and contributed to the JASON Super Soldier Project. The Jason Bourne films are based on this.

Female MK-ULTRA / MK-DELTA assets carried an additional psychic application. Female assets were codenamed ‘ALICE’ – a deliberate reference to the ancient programming script modernised by ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Indeed, Project Looking Glass was an MK project that explored psychic ability; it was based on ‘Alice Through the Looking-Glass‘ programming. The concept of the looking glass refers to piercing the veil and exploring the alternate dimensions outside this space-time dimension.

It seems MK-ALICE assets have since been replaced by AI. The D-Wave prototype was named ‘Orion.’ “In 2015, D-Wave’s 2X Quantum Computer with more than 1000 qubits was installed at the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA Ames Research Center.”

The AI quantum D-Wave computers perform inter-dimensional computations. The inter dimensional beings responsible for these computations are the same ones that female MK victims were trained to communicate with. The beings are the same ones that provided the Nazis with scientific information via female clairvoyants. The same entities informed Tesla whose technology was stolen and used by Nazi scientists serving US Military Intelligence. Tesla’s technology also formed the basis of CERN.

CERN’s ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a heavy-ion detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring. “It is designed to study the physics of strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where a phase of matter called called quark-gluon plasma forms.”

CERN scientists stated, their aim is to tear the veil separating this world from the hellish dimensions containing the Fallen Angels, including Apollyon, that clairvoyants, Nazi scientists, and MK-ALICE subjects communicated with. This veil is the ‘restrainer that protects mankind from the locust army and other horrors described in Bible prophecy. Indeed, the CERN scientists call this barrier the “Restrainer.”

The dimensions are pierced via obtaining the correct frequency. This is achieved by human subjects using methods developed at the Monroe Institute, Montauk facility on Long Island, and by John C. Lily and his colleagues who used sensory deprivation combined with LSD, hypnosis, and brain readings. High IQ female child subjects with natural psychic ability and right hemispheric visualisation and creative abilities were targeted for this process.

The Alice in Wonderland series (written by pedophile Lewis Carroll) served as a modern version of the ancient Luciferian cults scripts used to program and control MK-ALICE victims. The name ALICE is supposedly a derivative of ‘Lucifer.’ It may also be linked to Alice Bailey, one of the modern fathers of the occult methods weaponised by the Nazi US Military scientists.

The term ‘Orion’ was highly significant to the MK projects employing ALICE assets like me. Another goal of CERN is to access and storm the Biblical Heaven. Some suggest Orion is the location of the entrance to Heaven. I don’t approve of Ellen White, but this theory is interesting:

Luke 14 features a parable about a man who gate-crashes the heavenly wedding feast dressed in the wrong clothes (skin). Jesus asks the person how he gained entrance to Heaven. I believe this parable refers to the elite’s use of transhumanism and CERN Stargate to gain unlawful entry into heaven via an alternative to transformation and immortality gained through belief in the Biblical Jesus Christ. These people will be thrown into hell.

Others say the bands of Orion refer to Luciferian binding and releasing of witchcraft, and the entities located in that area of the universe. This article by Tom Horn sheds further light on things I wrote about in EYES WIDE OPEN. It refers to the identity of Apollyon (aka Apollo, Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Osiris). The Bible states that in the end times, an angel provides a key (correct frequency) to open the Abyss and release Apollyon. CERN is built over the traditional site of the temple to Apollo and the entrance to the Abyss. The Bible warns against the hellish consequences of opening the Abyss and unleashing Apollyon and his hoards…

The website of brilliant decoder Nicholson 1968 features numerous videos explaining certain concepts surrounding CERN and the name ALICE. Here are the telling lyrics to the Alice in Wonderland movie theme song:

Shinedown: Her Name is Alice

(“If I had a world of my own,
everything would be nonsense.”)
(“Nothing would be what it is,
because everything would be what it isn’t.”)
I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time
And every creature lends themselves to change your state of mind
And the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels

To stand outside your virtue
No one can ever hurt you
Or so they say

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she’s dreaming, she knows

Sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain
And every ounce of innocence is left inside her brain
And through the looking glass we see she’s painfully returned
But now off with her head I fear is everyone’s concern

You see there’s no real ending
It’s only the beginning
Come out and play

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she’s dreaming
She’s unlocked the meaning for you

This kingdom,
Good riddance,
Good freedom
And innocence
Has brought this whole thing down

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into to the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she’s dreaming
She’s unlocked the meaning

(“Red nights, white knights, marching into the fight”)
(“Drink me, shrink me, fill me to sink me”)
(“Red nights, white knights, marching into the fight”)
(“Drink me, shrink me, fill me to sink me”)

She’s unlocked the meaning for you

(“And contrariwise, what it is it wouldn’t be”)
(“And what it wouldn’t be it would”)
(“You see?”)

The lyrics seemingly refer to the MK-ALICE mind control programming I wrote about in my book EYES WIDE OPEN. Click on this LINK for your free copy.



APS President Ros Knight

The current Australian Psychological Society President has thrown together a token response to the outcry against her blatant support for ex-APS President Bob Montgomery who was convicted of anally raping three young boys. Ros Knight outraged Psychologists who are subsequently calling for her resignation. Read more about the background to this story in my previous article.

Here is the email Knight sent to 24,000+ psychologists this afternoon:


30 June 2020

Dear [APS Psychologists]

I am reaching out to all members to inform you that the APS Board is establishing the Taskforce into Child Sexual Abuse and Psychology.

Recent events relating to crimes committed by former psychologist and former APS President Bob Montgomery have highlighted that no profession is immune from harmful behaviour by individuals, and psychology is no exception.

It is well established that the sexual abuse of children can have lifelong impact, and is a well-documented determinant of mental and physical ill-health.

Assisting survivors to overcome the far-reaching legacy of sexual abuse is an important part of the work of many psychologists, and for many survivors, psychological therapy is a crucial element of their recovery.

The APS has an opportunity to effect change, and the opportunity to truly demonstrate support and understanding to survivors of not only these crimes, but survivors of childhood sexual abuse broadly.

The APS must always follow a proactive agenda that ensures nothing less than the most safe and highest quality of care for survivors.

It is from this position, and for these reasons, that I will be engaging a taskforce to consider our overall approach to the issue of child sexual abuse.

Broadly, the Taskforce will:

*       consider the APS’s engagement with members and survivors on the issue of child sexual abuse
*       consider practical changes that assist the APS, our members and the public to manage this issue effectively
*       consider any conduct or influence by the former President, in the past or continuing, in relation to governance, policies or practices of the Society
*       conduct a review into past and current governance, policies and practices of the APS to identify any shortcomings and areas for improvement.

​Chair and representatives

The Taskforce will be Chaired by Simon Brown-Greaves. The Taskforce is seeking three other representatives from the APS membership.


At this stage it is anticipated that the first meeting will take place in late July/early August. The frequency of meetings will be determined during the first meeting.

The Taskforce will most likely meet over a two-month period, depending on outcomes.

Requirements for applications

We are seeking three APS members who work in the area of child sexual abuse and governance change.

How to apply

Please send your CV and outline your experience with child sexual abuse and governance change to <>  by 5pm (AEST) on Monday 13 July.

Terms of reference

The Terms of Reference can be found on the APS website <> .

This Taskforce is, I believe, essential to ensuring that survivors of child sex abuse can feel validated and supported by psychologists, and that members can feel adequately resourced to address the issue. The APS has an opportunity to effect change. I look forward to receiving your applications.

Yours sincerely

Ros Knight FAPS
APS President



The APS has a long sordid history of being staffed by pedophiles and their protectors, and promoting the pedophile agenda of child abuse denial and coverup. Read all about this in my free book EYES WIDE OPEN.


Read: 2020 Lockdown Edition of EYES WIDE OPEN by Fiona Barnett

Click on the following link to read the newest edition of my book:

2020 Lockdown Edition of EYES WIDE OPEN


Note: This book costs AU $65 to print and bind at Officeworks. Make sure the new back cover is facing the outside, and get a clear front and back protective cover.


2020: Future of USA & Australia

Coming to a town near you…


For before these days there was no hire for man, nor any hire for beast; neither was there any peace to him that went out or came in because of the affliction: for I set all men everyone against his neighbour. (Zechariah 8:10)

During the 1960s, KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov worked for the Communist equivalent of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, the Novosti Press Agency. Novosti produced disinformation: slanted and false stories to plant in the foreign media. Bezmenov specialised in aiding the infiltration and overthrow of foreign governments by deceiving (hand-picked) visiting international journalists and academics into falsely reporting in the West that life in communist Russia was healthy, even desirable and romantic. This was a means of spreading propaganda to the West and increasing the spread of Marxist-Lenin doctrine by Communist subverters in academia, journalism, Hollywood and politics.

Bezmenov attested to the truly hellish existence under ‘Soviet fascism’ where the government arranged marriages and sent independent thinkers to labour camps and firing squads. More than two people standing on a Soviet street corner constituted grounds for arrest and internment (just like today). Painting horses galloping against a tumultuous stormy background was grounds for arrest, since this symbolised uprising against the State.

In 1970, Bezmenov defected to the USA and changed his name to Tomas Schuman. There he spent his remaining life warning America to rid itself of the Marxist-Lenin doctrine infiltrating Western culture. In 1984, he wrote:[1]

My dear friends, I think you are in big trouble. Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE AT WAR. And you may lose this war very soon, together with all your affluence and freedoms, unless you start defending yourselves. I hope you have noticed on your color televisions that there is in fact war going on right now all over this planet. This war has many faces, but it’s all the same — it’s war. Some call it “national liberation”, some title it “class struggle” or “political terrorism”. Others call it “anticolonialism” or “struggle for majority rule”. Some even come up with such fancy names as “war of patriotic forces” or “peace movement”. I call it World Communist Aggression

The final stage of Communist aggression — military confrontation — has very little to do with rivalry for territorial or geopolitical gains in order to free and liberate. Communist world aggression is a total war against humanity and human civilization. In Communist propaganda terms, this is “the final struggle for the victory of Communism.

No matter how many problems you think the U.S. may have, believe me when I say that they are nothing in comparison to the troubles you will experience if the U.S. continues to agree and sympathize with communist/socialist doctrines…


The KGB’s main (85%) activity is subversion. In Soviet terminology, ‘subversion’ always means a destructive, aggressive activity aimed to destroy the country of your enemy. Subversion activities are overt and legal. A typical subverter is an exchange student, diplomat, actor, artist, a journalist. You can’t subvert an enemy who doesn’t want to be subverted. Bezmenov wrote:

An integral part of this war of ideology is IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION — the process of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of peoples all over the world. The late comrade Andropov, the former head of the Soviet KGB called this war of Communist aggression:

“The final struggle for the MINDS and hearts of the people.”

The art of duping the masses into doing things to their own disadvantage and making them believe it is “the will of people” is as ancient as mankind itself.

The essence of subversion is best expressed in the famous Marxist slogan, (if you substitute “proletarians” for a more appropriate word):

Useful idiots of the world – UNITE!

To achieve the desired effect, the subverter must first — make idiots out of normal people, and DIVIDE them, before turning the people into a homogenized mass of useful and united idiots. Tanks and missiles may or may not be needed at final stage. For the time being they are simply the means of terrorising people into inaction and submission.

500 years before Christ, the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu formulated the principle of subversion this way:

  1. Cover with ridicule all of the valid traditions in your opponent’s country.
  2. Implicate their leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of their populace at the right time;
  3.  Disrupt the work of their government by every means;
  4. Do not shun the aid of the lowest and most despicable individuals of your enemy’s country.
  5. Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens.
  6. Turn the young against the old.
  7. Be generous with promises and rewards to collaborators and accomplices.

Sound familiar? About 2500 years later we can read this very same instruction in a secret document, allegedly authored by the Communist International for their “young revolutionaries”. The document is titled “Rules of Revolution”:


  1. Corrupt the young, get them interested in sex, take them away from religion. Make them superficial and enfeebled.
  2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial issues of no importance.
  3. Destroy people’s faith in their national leaders by holding the latter up for contempt, ridicule and disgrace.
  4. Always preach democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
  5. By encouraging government extravagances, destroy its credit, produce years of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.
  6. Incite unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of the government towards such disorders.
  7. Cause breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, self-restraint, faith in the pledged word.


Bezmenov detailed the four stages of Soviet Ideological Subversion:

  1. Demoralisation
  2. Destabilisation
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalisation (Marshall Law)


This is also called psychological warfare, ideological aggression, or propaganda warfare). It takes 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation because this is the minimum number of years needed to ‘re-educate’ a single of generation of students via Marxist ideology. There are three levels of demoralisation:

  1. Ideas (consciousness)
  2. Structures
  3. Life.

Demoralisation of Ideas involves the subversion of vital areas including religion, education, media and culture. Communism (and its Marxist-Leninist dogma) is a distorted form of faith. Subversion of ideas involves substituting the traditional values of the Judeo-Christian heritage with “Marxist-Satanic faith.” To achieve this, subverters politicise and commercialise the dominant religions and turn them into forms of entertainment. Bezmenov said this included:

Development and spreading of various religious cults, including Satanic and Death cults; preaching moral relativity and removing religion (and prayer, ANY prayer) from schools; creating ‘personality cults’ in religion whereby the preacher becomes the center and object of divine worship, not God (often your religious charlatans claims to be ‘incarnations’ of God, or even God Himself) etc…

 Let’s start with the most ‘innocent’ method of destroying religion, namely, making it ENTERTAINING. To attract people and MONEY to ‘established’ religious organizations some churches have literally become theaters conducting variety shows featuring celebrities from the entertainment ‘industry’ who perform for ‘fees’. The KGB Agents of Influence may or may not have to physically manipulate these entertainment arrangements. The indiscriminate choice of the ‘celebrities’ for these church ‘performances’ is usually quite pleasing to the KGB. A group of rock or pop-musicians with a message of ‘social-justice’ sugar-coated in popular ‘spiritual’ tunes can be actually more helpful to the KGB than someone standing in the pulpit preaching Marxist-Leninist doctrine.

COMMERCIALISATION of religion does the same thing. If the church has to SOLICIT your money and remind you over and over again in every TV show to contribute (with telephone numbers to pledge donations), that only means and infers that there is something basically wrong with your faith. Faithful people do not have to be ASKED for money, they tithe to their churches voluntarily and eagerly. Unhealthy competition for donations between various ‘electronic churches’ does two things beneficial to the subverter:

  1. Makes religion dependent on the most successful ‘salesmen’ of God (not necessarily of the highest moral standards). Thus, truly moral and God-centred people are turned off by organized religion.
  2. EMPTIES regular churches, where you have to practice your religion by personal physical presence and participation and involvement.

Politicizing religion is the most efficient method of demoralizing a target nation. The subverter uses moral values for dissemination and enforcement of amoral ideas and policies. Churches become involved in such things as ‘social justice’ and partisan political squabbles and loses focus on mercy and the grace of God. The most powerful instrument of this process is the KGB-infiltrated World Council of Churches.

Dr. Shafarevich in analysing the ‘dead’ civilizations of Egypt, Maya, Mohenjo-Dara, Babylon, etc., comes to an ominous conclusion: EVERY ONE OF THESE CIVILIZATIONS DIED WHEN PEOPLE REJECTED RELIGION AND GOD, AND TRIED TO CREATE ‘SOCIAL JUSTICE’ ALONG THE SOCIALIST PRINCIPLES.

The Marxist-Leninist concept of education emphasizes ‘environment’ and ‘mass’ character of education over individual abilities and quality… The American romance with state-run education as encouraged by KGB subverters has already produced generations of graduates who cannot spell, cannot find Nicaragua on a world map, cannot THINK creatively and independently. The main methods of Soviet DEMORALISATION of American education include:

  • Flooding of campus bookstores with Marxist and Socialist literature.
  • Infiltration of schools and universities by radicals, leftists, and simply ‘disturbers’, often functioning unknowingly under the direct guidance of KGB Agents of Influence.
  • Establishing numerous ‘student’ newspapers and magazines, staffed with Communists and sympathizers.

Introducing NON-ISSUES is another means of demoralising at the level of Ideas. A non-issue is:

An issue, the solution of which creates more and bigger problems for majority of a nation, even though it may benefit a few, is a non-issue (civil rights of homosexuals is not an issue; defending sexual morality is the larger, real issue). The main purpose of non-issues and the devastating result of their introduction is the SIDE-TRACKING of public opinion, energy (both mental and physical), money and TIME from the constructive solutions.

Minority rights of artificially created divisions – women, gays, Muslims, or black, Indigenous, or Asian people – are an intentional distraction of ‘no importance’ considering the overall loss of human rights being experienced by all. Gay rights are of no importance compared to the rights of child sex trafficking victims – an issue crowds never protest.

Cultural subversion includes the promotion of garbage culture – i.e., anything that prompts teenage insubordination, confuses and frustrates parents, breaks down discipline, and encourages relaxation of authority. A main focus is developing obscure, talentless, immoral musicians and actors into teenage role models. Another focus is the embracement of Eastern spiritual practices, like meditation and marijuana, that encourage one to sit and do nothing. Similarly, Eastern practises in psychology encourage the individual to do nothing.

Demoralisation of the following socio/ political/ economical structures includes:

  • Judicial and law enforcement system. Promoting legalism instead of justice. Treating criminals as ‘underprivileged’ victims, creates mistrust of the police and courts, and makes people demand harsher punishments and stricter controls for fighting crime.
  • Public organizations and institutions dealing with relations between individuals, groups and classes of the society.
  • Security and defence organisations.
  • Internal political parties and groups.
  • Foreign policy formulating bodies (academia, think-tanks, Sovietology advisors).

Similarly, in the area of social life, by encouraging you to put your individual RIGHTS over your OBLIGATIONS (any obligations — private, financial, moral, patriotic etc.) the subverter achieves the desired effect: a society composed of IRRESPONSIBLE INDIVI- DUALS, each one “doing his own thing”, and acting according to the “law of jungle”. Such subversion of society is the first step to tyranny.

To demoralise law enforcement, Police were called ‘pigs’ and ‘fascists,’ police agencies watching over subverters and radicals were called ‘spies’ (by the American Union of Civil Liberties) and disbanded, criminals were recruited as police which destroyed police integrity and reputation. Consequently, within 20 years the public lacked civil laws or protection from criminals. The destruction of the police force justifies bringing in the army to replace them.

Demoralisation in areas of family life, health services, food consumption, inter-racial relations, population control, and distribution and labour relations. Marxist-Leninist ideology disguised as “social theories” have greatly contributed to family break-ups, to create children disloyal to families but loyal to the State.

Racial and ethnic interrelations is one of the most vulnerable areas for demoralization… [American] society is the least discriminatory. The Communist ‘solution’ for racial problem is ‘final’: they simply murder those who are different and stubbornly insist on remaining different. Stalin played with whole populations of ‘ethnics’ — ‘resettling’ Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians in Siberia, relocating Crimean Tartars from the tropics to permafrost and Koreans from the Far East to the Kazakhstan deserts…

The present day ‘solution’ to racial inequality is borrowed from Communist mythology: EQUALITY of all racial and ethnic groups LEGISLATED by the government and ENFORCED by state bureaucracies. We know perfectly well that neither races nor INDIVIDUALS are equal, in every respect. We know that every nation and race have its peculiar character, abilities, traditions, mentality, and ability to learn and its individual PACE OF DEVELOPMENT. By mimicking the Soviet ‘national policy’ of equality America simply erases the distinct racial characteristics that have made this country great.

The removal of private land is an important method of demoralisation because:

the poor farmer often is a greater PATRIOT than an affluent dweller of a large congested American city. Communists know this very well… the farmer will fight an invader until last bullet ON HIS LAND. “Underprivileged” or urbanized masses on the other hand, may feel like meeting an invader with flowers and red banners.

Concerning labour relations, the ideological infiltration of labour is well documented. Teachers are the best examples of whinging Marxists. Since Gough Whitlam’s communist cabinet in the 1970s, teachers have spent more time striking for more pay, less work, and more holidays, than producing kids that can actually read and write.


Destabilisation takes 2 to 5 years. The focus here is on the country’s internal power structures, foreign relations, and economy. The first symptom of instability is expressed as the desire of the population to bring to power those politicians and parties who are charismatic, act like good “caretakers” and promise job “security” and “free” social services rather than protection from external and foreign enemies. Think Obamacare.

Stage 3: CRISIS

This stage takes 2 to 6 months. This is the stage we are globally now at.

At this third stage of subversion you will have all your American ‘radicals’ and Soviet ‘sleeper’ agents springing into action, trying to ‘seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as possible… If all the previous stages of Soviet subversion have been successfully completed by that time, the majority of Americans will be so totally confused that they may even WELCOME some ‘strong’ leaders…

The leaders will be given almost unlimited ’emergency powers’.

A forceful change of the U.S. system may or may not be accomplished through a civil war or internal revolution… But change it will be, and rather a drastic one, with all the familiar attributes of Soviet ‘progress’ being instituted such as NATIONALIZATION of vital industries, the reduction of the ‘private sector’ of the economy to the bare minimum, the redistribution of wealth and a massive propaganda campaign by the newly ‘elected’ government to ‘explain’ and justify the reforms. 

No, no concentration camps and executions. Not yet. That will come later at:


To avoid ‘the bloodshed’, the subverter moves to normalisation. Normalisation is where a country is brought by force into the normal state of socialism. This is where dissidents are placed in camps and publicly or privately executed.

The New Order will need STABILITY and NEW MORALITY. No more ‘grass roots’ movements. No more criticism of the State. The Press will obediently censor itself.

So, Bezmenov predicted the systematic destruction of America’s Judeo-Christian democracy that would culminate in the violent riots occurring in America now, followed by Marshall Law and the instalment of a ‘Communist-fascist’ regime under which everyone will achieve the equality y’all were deceived into protested for – equal oppression.

I have spent my entire life resisting every point on this chart. I watched in horror and confusion as Marxist doctrine ruined my primary, secondary and tertiary education. Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky stalked me in every course I studied, from gifted education to psychology, to law. The emphasis was on everybody being the same, even if that meant denying the special needs of high IQ kids. Everybody got the same result, no matter how hard they tried. Zero value was placed on creativity, individuality, or being right. There was no right – except in math and science – because ‘right’ depended on your frame of reference, your interpretation of reality. There was no one reality – oh, except in science, where eugenicist evolutionary theory was the only right, and believing in a Biblical God was so wrong. I was the only person who ever took a stand in social settings like the classroom, or work, or church. No one ever stood with me. It felt like those dreaded ‘group’ projects at school or university – I ended up doing the work of five people. And you know what, I’m tired of peoples’ apathy – and so is God.

For 50 years, I’ve watched my friends, family and peers stay perpetually drunk and stoned; worship grubby musicians whose ‘music’ grated on my nervous system; shag whoever and use abortion as birth control; marry just so they could play princess for a day – twice; dump their newborns in Soviet-style day care institutions for ‘socialisation’ and later wonder why their kids bit people; toss their marriages aside like fast food wrapping when things got a little tough; commit the same mistakes with a new batch of lives while leaving their first family feeling abandoned and suicidal; resort to plastic surgery to stay presentable for one last fling before they die; and ultimately blame a ‘non-existent’ God when everything went to shit.

And now, the entire world has gone to shit. And I will tell you who is responsible for our current situation:

  • Those who thought they were good people because they didn’t overtly harm others. What they didn’t realise was, their selfish actions contributed to the destruction of society.
  • Those who felt more passionate about basketball and soccer rather than justice.
  • Those who put more time, energy and money into campaigning for the rights of bilbies instead of aborted babies.
  • Those who preached against the evils of eating meat instead of supporting victims of child abuse.
  • Those who taught evolutionary theory to science students, and then embraced the idea that we were created by aliens – while mocking the concept of a Biblical Creator.
  • Those who ‘explored their sexuality’ (aka, became sluts), turned sex into their religion and replaced church with sex clubs (that surely transformed into pedophile kill venues after the ‘straight’ folks left for the night).
  • Those ‘millennial’ assholes I studied with, for whom selfishness is so normal it’s neurologically impossible for them to comprehend the concept of altruism.
  • Those who mistook church for a social club and tolerated the infiltration of Freemasons and Satanists.
  • Those morons who considered that Marxist mind-controlled imp Greta Thunberg a hero, when her social media pages were actually run by her father and a UN activist.


The problem is that no one studies history anymore, which explains why we fail to notice history repeating itself. To illustrate, Bezmenov read the following information in KGB files:

The South Vietnamese city of Hue had been captured by the Hanoi Communists. When it was re-captured by the US Army and allied forces, only two days later, the CIA discovered to their horror that several thousand Vietnamese – teachers, priests, Buddhists, businessmen, and educated citizens – everyone who was ‘pro-American’ had been rounded up by the invaders and IN ONE NIGHT, taken out of the city limits and executed collectively. Some were shot. Others, with their hands tied by electric wire, were found with their skulls crushed-in by shovels and iron bars. ‘How could they possibly have located all of these people within only a few hours in a large city?’ – the Americans wondered. I thought I knew the answer.

 Long before the invasion, there was an extensive network of Communist informers working under the guidance of the Soviet embassy in Hanoi — that is under the KGB. The Communists filed every bit of information: addresses, personal habits, political affiliations, expressed ideas, unexpressed thoughts revealed in informal and private conversations, even the names and addresses of relatives, friends, even lovers and mistresses of the future victims of ‘liberation.’

Everyone today is under similar surveillance, except now the ‘Communist-Fascist’ regime use Facebook and Twitter to identify dissidents and whistle-blowers. Those who press ‘Like’ on an anti-establishment social media post one too many times are tagged for the coming collective execution.


A decade ago, Virginian John ‘Jack’ Johnson predicted exactly what is hitting America (and Australia) right now: unemployment, food shortages, inflation, riots, plus what is coming next. He wrote on his site (United States Prophecy):

We are going into a total economic crash and a great depression the likes that have never, ever come upon the earth. This is God’s justice! For every evil thing that befalls man, 90% of the time it is self-inflicted. We did not learn our lesson from World War II and the Nazi’s Third Reich, so now the Fourth Reich is coming into power right before our eyes. The Fourth beast, which is World Communism, has now come into play. This all could have been avoided had the church stood up against sorcery, witchcraft and communism! Thanks to the Clinton administration you now have over 800 FEMA Concentration camps for the Fourth Reich to imprison you, which one will you be going to? This does not even touch the tip of the iceberg for what this nation has done.

Jack saw a vision of America being invaded by Communist China and Russia and bombed with nuclear warheads:

During the same time as the vision about the state of Florida in July of 1995, God gave me a vision of a massive army coming down on America. He said, “John, I am going to allow the enemies of the United States to judge America. When America’s enemies come, they will have no mercy on the men, women and children. I saw troop movement and they appeared to be Communist Chinese and Russian troops coming into the United States. As they came in, America was no match. I saw churches and synagogues were being levelled by heavy artillery. As the churches were being blown up, I saw Jews and Christians being herded up and shot like cattle in front of their churches and homes. I saw the troops killing children and infants with their bayonets. I saw the American people tormented beyond imagination. The troops were void of emotions. Their objective is to take the nation and take it hands down. All able-bodied working people will be forced into slave labour. Some will be taken to other countries and some left here. The soldier’s main objective was to kill all Jews and Christians. As I am seeing all this horror I asked, “Lord, what is happening?” He said, “Because of the wickedness of the United States of America I am allowing her enemies to invade her lands.”

Judgement will begin with the church social clubs thanks to the ‘goat farmers’ – the pretend pastors who put on a rock concert every week instead of preaching and teaching about intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare. These goat herders rounded up the sheep flocks to slaughter. The churches and synagogues will be wiped out because that is what Americans chose. America has chosen Nazi-Communism over Biblical Christianity. Jack had a vision of the fate of these  churches. God said:

“This is all entertainment and spectacle. They do not care about me or my teachings, it is all entertainment. Ninety-nine percent of the worshiping that you see with this rock and roll band and with the golden calf is sin in my eyes!”

After they hyped the people up with their worship, I noticed that not one song pertained to the cleansing blood of Christ Jesus for the remission of sin and for healing and deliverance. The worship was for entertainment and they deleted every song that pertained to the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. The reason is because they are in gross sin and the thought of the blood of Jesus makes them cringe. Without hearing of the blood of Jesus they would not be made to think of their sin.

Then the Father said “These are nothing but dead symbols, they do not impress me at all.”

The Pastor got up and read a few announcements and told how sweet everything is and how well everything is going. He spoke about the building funds and all that the church was doing…

He said “Let me explain something to you. The goat farmers never preach on gross sin or wickedness. They never preach or talk about eternal damnation. They preach prosperity gospel and never talk about going into the Garden of Gethsemane to be tested and broken…” 

As I looked through the congregation they were all clapping and cheering. They were all very wealthy and were making some kind of confession of Jesus, but deep down inside they did not know Him… 

The goat farmer pastor told the people/goats that God was going to bless everybody and told them to make sure they give their weekly tithe. He said to give ten percent of their weekly income and God would bless them ten fold.

What amazed me was that the goat farmers are riding around in 60 and 70 thousand dollar cars, living in $700,000 to one million dollar homes, plus all the perks and per diems that go with it….

I looked and beheld the prophets of the church, and they were prophesying about the great by and by and how great everything was and how God was going to bless them, and how God was going to take care of them and do all these great things, and that they were all going to have great wealth and prosperity…

The goat farmer Pastor then gave a lukewarm, watered down message to the congregation… He never mentioned repentance of gross sin, sexual morality, witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, pride, hatred, bitterness, envy, strife, lust, fornication, adultery.

In the days to come, Russian T-9 tanks are going to level every church in the United States and this will be God’s justice because the church of the west has become so satanically and demonically corrupt that God’s red hot anger is burning at them and they are too stupid to realize it.

After this I went outside and there I saw the sheep hanging on the gallows blocks. I approached the sheep and started talking to them and I asked “Why have you been strung up by your hind quarters?” “Why are you hanging upside down here?” One sheep said, “I tried to warn the Pastor that the Satanists infiltrated the church and have set up shop here. I was told it was a bunch of nonsense and he told me not to talk such foolishness again and to get out and don’t come back to this church speaking that type of nonsense.”

I talked to another sheep and he said, “I tried to warn the congregation to repent of their sins and humble themselves and bow down like a bent reed and repent of their idolatries and witchcraft. I was thrown out and told to shut up and that I was a heretic”.

I spoke to another sheep that is a prophet and asked “Why are you strung up here?” He said, “Because I kept telling the pastor that the full and complete day of darkness is coming upon the world. I told the pastor that he needed to call the whole congregation to repentance and to be broken and contrite before the Lord because the great day of darkness is coming upon the earth. He told me to shut up that they didn’t want any doomsday prophets in their church.”

I went down the line talking to the strung up sheep and heard the horror stories of how they were abused and kicked out and how some of the sheep asked for humanitarian aid and groceries. The shepherds, these goat farmers, said “We don’t have enough money so we can’t help you.” Yet it is amazing that they can drive around in a 60,000 dollar car and live in a million dollar home with all the perks and per diems and couldn’t take $150 to $200 out of his pocket to give to one of his congregational member’s so they could get some groceries.

God’s red hot anger is burning at these shepherd’s and the leaders of HIS flock. Little do they realize that the scripture will soon be fulfilled, for on that day God will separate the sheep from the goats. (Mat 25:32-33)

However, a remnant of genuine Christians will escape this fate. Jack added (during a 2009 interview):

But, the sons and daughters of God are going to have a peace because God has been preparing for these past ten years for the things that are going to come. And we’re gonna be like a lighthouse… and the people are gonna see the light and they’re gonna come to those who have the light, and those that are earmarked for salvation, those are the ones, the stragglers who will be coming in. But as far as the rest of the nation and what’s gonna come next year and down the line, it will be like Revelation 12:18, Babylon is fallen, fallen. It says it twice: fallen, fallen is Babylon the great. And as the nation is falling, the sons and daughters of God are gonna rise up with the light, they’re gonna take the kingdom… God’s gonna carry us through. He carried Noah through it, he carried Lot out of it.  

Other Christians have seen similar visions of America being bombed by Russia and China, including David Wilkerson and Dimirtri Duduman (the Christian pastor who was tortured in Communist Romania). Like Jack Johnston, Duduman also saw a vision of a man who provided a similar message of hope for God’s elect:

“I am the protector of America. America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God, however, still has people that worship Him with a clean heart as they do His work. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people.”

As I looked, a great army, well-armed and dressed in white, appeared before me.

“Do you see that?” the man asked. “This army will go to battle to save My chosen ones. Then, the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident.”


*          *          *



“Listen! Hear the cry of Babylon,

the sound of great destruction from the land of the Babylonians.

For the Lord is destroying Babylon.

He will silence her loud voice.

Waves of enemies pound against her;

the noise of battle rings through the city.

Destroying armies come against Babylon.

Her mighty men are captured,

and their weapons break in their hands.

For the Lord is a God who gives just punishment;

He always repays in full.

I will make her officials and wise men drunk,

along with her captains, officers, and warriors.

They will fall asleepand never wake up again!”

says the King, whose name is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says:

“The thick walls of Babylon will be levelled to the ground,

and her massive gates will be burned.

The builders from many lands have worked in vain,

for their work will be destroyed by fire!”


*          *          *


Here is an interview with KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov:

Here is a lecture on subversion by Bezmenov:


[1] Thomas D. Schuman (1984). Love Letter to America. WIN Almanac Panorama.







The common goal is global uniting, global control. 

– Kay Griggs


B-2 Stealth Bomber. Developed by Nazis at Area 51. Tested in Beirut, 1983. What do people think ‘Black Ops’ actually means? What do you imagine the Military actually do at their secret bases?


‘Obviously you know way more about their secret military ops,’ my friend asserted, ‘and they’re afraid of you remembering it, and that’s why you’re still targeted.’

My therapist initially opted for ceasing memory reprocessing due to the seemingly endless supply of trauma memories. ‘Doors within doors within doors,’ he lamented. But stopping didn’t work. Every time I am re-traumatised I am triggered, which causes me to experience flashbacks. New material spontaneously surfaces, usually concerning Delta Black Ops.

Contrary to CIA propaganda, someone merely mentioning something does not automatically trigger my memory of it. It takes way more provocation than that. To remember, I must be returned to the original state of mind I was in at the time of construction of the alter responsible for the memory.

Several years ago, an American mind control victim named Kirsty excitedly asked me: ‘Did they make you fly planes? They made my sister and I fly planes.’

‘No,’ I answered.

‘Are you sure? They made us all fly planes.’

No, I certainly had no memory of piloting planes…yet.

Years after Kirsty’s prodding, I experienced a vivid visual flashback of flying over an orange-red coloured desert terrain snaked with what I guess were dry creek beds.

‘Nevada!’ the word popped into my head. The plane was tilted to the left, giving me a wonderful view of the Nevada desert. I was seated in the left side of a dark, unusual cockpit featuring computer screens and lit buttons instead of the typical flight panel. It was a B-2 stealth bomber. Although the B-2 was not officially operational until 1993, it featured in black operations a decade prior, deployed out of the Nevada desert. Its prototypes date back to the 1940’s and were developed by Operation Paperclip Nazis at Area 51.

‘Why the hell would they take kids for joy flights?’ I complained to my Texan friend Ty.

‘Err, Fiona,’ she began, ‘I don’t know how it works in Australia, but over here the left side of the cockpit is the pilot’s seat…’

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake! They had me flying planes now? Why the hell would I be flying a plane?!’

That made me ponder the possibility. A female 14-year-old would make an optimal pilot, being just old and tall enough to reach the controls, while retaining the superior eyesight, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, flexibility, and obedience of gifted youth. If the B-2 incorporated some type of symbiotic technology (which my gut tells me it did), that would help explain why DARPA would employ a 14-year-old female hypnotically enhanced Delta soldier with a weaponised psychic ability and an insane visual-spatial processing capacity, to participate in a B-2 bombing raid.

My memory fragments include a long flight at night in a black B-2 stealth bomber ending in a bombing mission in Beirut. My Beirut memory includes the officer who assaulted me at Dulce: General Alfred M. Gray.

I was restrained in Aquino’s torture chair at Dulce when the General approached me. He was grey-haired with a drunk’s flushed bulbous nose. The fat gut behind his itchy green uniform, and brass buttons, pressed annoyingly against the right side of my face. He unzipped his trousers and exposed himself.

‘Don’t touch the merchandise,’ I warned through gritted teeth.

Ignoring me, he forced it into my mouth.

I bit down hard, and ground my teeth side to side.

He screamed for help which came too late. He was rushed into theatre for surgery.

Our unit joked about the incident over dinner in the mess hall.

‘Hey,’ I threw my hands in the air in feigned innocence, ‘they never told me I couldn’t bite his dick off.’

The boys laughed hard.

Our team paid dearly for my insubordination. I was awoken that night by a violent pack rape committed by my team after which the boys snapped out of their trance, sighed, cried and apologised profusely for violating their beloved mascot.

‘It’s okay,’ I reassured and held them, ‘I’d rather you do it instead of those bastards.’

The following morning, I exited Dulce base via a narrow pedestrian door. Outside, to my right was a steep red slope. A dirt path wound down the hill and snaked up to a cave entrance in the hill to my right. Our Commander stood at ease outside the cave entrance, waiting for me. He handed me a knife and said with a hint of disappointment and disapproval, ‘Now go in and clean up your mess.’

In a split second, Alice, who felt loyal to my team was flung aside by Sascha, the alter specifically trained to unquestioning follow such repugnant orders. Inside the cave, the three soldiers who raped me last night sat on the ground, their hands and feet bound. Sascha slit their throats, exited the cave, handed the knife back to our Commander, and returned to the base.

I knew the offending general was an alcoholic, and that was my initial clue to locating his identity. I searched through every picture I could find of U.S. generals from that era. Then a flashback gave me a clue, as it linked me and the general to Beirut. I then found film footage of a drunk, slurring Alfred M. Gray Jr addressing dependents following the 23 October 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing.

When I encountered him in 1983, Major-General Alfred M. Gray was Commanding General of the Second Marine Division deployed to Beirut. He also led the combined UN forces that ‘responded’ to the bombing that they instigated, a bombing raid by a black B-2 Stealth Bomber under the cloak of night.

*          *          *


Delta Force originated in Vietnam with the Special Forces unit code-named Project Delta (aka, Operational Detachment B-52) which ran from 1964 to 1970. Charles Alvin Beckwith assumed command of Project Delta in Vietnam in 1965 and implemented his SAS experience to test and select soldiers for long-range reconnaissance operations in South Vietnam. Beckwith returned to Vietnam in 1968, commanding the 101st Airborne Division.

In 1977, Beckwith created 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Delta Force). Delta Force’s first mission in early 1980, Operation Eagle Claw, was a disaster. Consequently, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment was formed to provide transport for Delta Force and other special operations units, and the Joint Special Operations Commandwas formed in 1980 to oversee / plan / coordinate classified activities performed by combined elite special operations forces including:

  • Army 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Delta Force)
  • Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team 6)
  • Air Force 24th Special Tactics Squadron
  • Army Intelligence Support Activity
  • Army Regimental Reconnaissance Company
  • Joint Communications Unit

Delta Force recruits are typically selected from Green Beret, Army Rangers, SEAL 6 and other special operations units. The CIA’s highly secretive Special Activities Division and more specifically its elite Special Operations Group, often work with, and recruit, Delta Force operators. As MK-ULTRA victim ‘Cisco Wheeler’ asserted, all Delta Force recruits are mind control victims.


Al Gray was Commandant of the Marine Corps. They called Al Gray ‘The Commissar’ (i.e., Communist political officer) because he was a ‘Russian double agent.’ Kay Griggs said, ‘Al Gray ran all the dirty tricks for the Army’ – the murders and assassinations. Al Gray ran everything in Vietnam. He also did all of the Special Ops training. Gray’s loyal Marines were called ‘Gray’s Boys.’  Al Gray was ‘Deep State operative’ who collaborated with a small group of generals – ‘The Brotherhood’ – who worked both sides (Democrat and Republican) but answered to Nelson Rockefeller. Al Gray and Jim Joy ran Moral, Welfare & Recreation, a network of military support and leisure services as a money laundering operation. They ran all the officer’s clubs which employed topless women.

The movie A Few Good Men starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, a movie about a Marine Colonel who ordered his boys to assault a Marine in Guantanamo Bay. The film was based on a true story. Colonel George Griggs was the Chief of Staff who tried to cover the incident up for Alfred Gray, the offending Colonel portrayed by Jack Nicholson.

The movie A Few Good Men is based on the true story of when Colonel Al Gray murdered a Marine at Guantanamo.

General Alfred Gray, Dirty Tricks expert, Russian Double Agent


Lt. General William Gerald ‘Jerry’ Boykin was my Delta team trainer and commander. A native Virginian, here are some of Boykin’s career highlights:

  • 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam
  • Phoenix project operative, Vietnam
  • Delta Force (13 years as operations officer, troop commander, squadron commander, deputy commander, and unit commander)
  • Green Beret trainer
  • Army Ranger trainer
  • Master High Altitude Parachutist
  • CIA Director General for Operations, Readiness & Mobilisation
  • US Army Special Forces Command (Airborne)
  • Under Secretary of Defence for Intelligence (under George W. Bush)
  • CIA Panama coup operative
  • Grand Chancellor, Knights of Malta (aka, Order of St John)
  • Coordinated the massacre of Branch Davidian children, WACO
  • Swag of medals including the Legion of Merit.

Lt. General William Gerald (‘Jerry’) Boykin. Delta Force, Green Beret, CIA, Special Forces.

GI Joe: Green Beret

GI Joe

My team called him ‘GI Joe’ because he was GI Joe. Like the action figure, Commander Boykin played a multitude of military roles: Rangers, Green Beret, Delta Force, HALO parachute instructor, to name a few.

Lt. Col. Lewis H. ‘Bucky’ Burruss helped commander Boykin with Delta Force selection in 1978. Burruss ‘participated in the ill-fated Iran raid, the invasion of Grenada and a number of classified operations in the Middle East, South and Central America and elsewhere.’[1]

Bizarrely, Bucky Barnes was a Marvel Comic character whose official status as Captain America’s sidekick was a cover-up. Bucky began as a 16-year-old operative trained to conduct covert assassins and other things regular soldiers and Captain America wouldn’t normally do. Bucky is a Soviet Union spy, a member of a group behind Nazism who are trying to reform the world on par with Hitler’s views.

Jerry Boykin’s latest CIA assignment is to pose as a staunch born-again Christian and sit on the board of Christian organisations. Boykin campaigns against gays in the military when he regularly attends homosexual orgies. In 2016, Boykin commented on Obama’s unisex bathroom bills:

‘The first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery.’

I am convinced Lt. Gen. Boykin’s daughter could beat the crap out of any adult male she randomly met, since that is precisely what he trained me to do as a young teenager.

I also recognise the face of Delta Commander Major General David L. Grange who spoke at the Jerusalem Conference 2010. I get the impression he may have been on the US Navy vessel when I almost drowned.

*          *          *

The US Military is a Mind Control Operation Run by Pedophile Rapists

The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings… For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

– JFK (27 April 1961)

The public assumed JFK was talking about communism – and he was, but not in the way folks thought. America’s last true President was describing the global shadow government administered and executed by ‘The Firm’ and ruled by Lord Rothschild. The military arm of the ‘machine’ JFK described was led by Marine Corp General Alfred M. Gray, whose invisible army – a synthesis of various special forces and intelligence services – conducted clandestine assassinations, coup d’états, drug running, weapons trafficking, and money laundering operations.

Such is the testimony of Katherine ‘Kay’ Pollard Griggs, wife of Colonel George Raymond Griggs. Col. Griggs served as General Alfred Gray’s Chief of Staff Marine-Atlantic. Grigg’s career as a spy and Special Operations assassin began in Vietnam. A NATO Intelligence Wet Ops and Psychological Ops expert, Col. Griggs headed NATO Special Operations under Admiral Kelso, and the Intelligence Group that occupied Beirut prior to the Marine barracks bombing. He was also involved with the HALO program which trained assassins and Special Ops in the Philippines and Panama.

During a series of interviews, Kay Griggs exposed her husband’s role in the military mind-control operation run by homosexual rapists and pedophiles. The interviews, now conspiracy classics, were conducted by Pastor Rick Strawcutte (1998), Jeff Rense (2005), and Daryl Bradford Smith (2005 and 2006).

I will now share a synthesis of what Kay’s husband blabbed to her when he was (regularly) drunk and dissociated. Kay was extremely traumatised from domestic violence when she gave her initial marathon interviews, and the relevant information was scattered throughout. It took me a long time to patch her points together in a sequence. I intersperse Kay’s testimony with clarification of important points, and include other sources that back her claims, like Douglas Valentine who interviewed many Vietnam operatives.


William J. Donovan promoted communists in, and recruited Nazis to, the OSS. Donovan also started the assassin program during the Vietnam War. William Donovan recruited Allen Dulles into the OSS in 1941. Dulles became CIA Director from 1952 until Kennedy sacked him in 1961. During his directorship Dulles oversaw the immigration of Nazi SS to the USA under Paperclip. He then oversaw Project MK-Ultra, the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, 1954 Guatemalan coup, Lockheed U-2 aircraft program, and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

The entire German High Command were smuggled into the USA under Operation Paperclip. This wave of 200,000 plus Nazi imports included the entire team of Nazi rocket scientists headed by Von Braun, a group of Viennese sexual psychologists and psychiatrists (who continued their study of sexual perversion at Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, and in Golden, CO), plus Reinherd Gehlen and his entire Nazi Military Intelligence / Psychological Operations revolutionary terrorist group (the Abwehr) who infiltrated the US Marine Corp and US Army. Civilian Conservation Corps camps were established for the Nazi immigrants to temporarily live in. Pinochet and the Nazi Intelligence Chief Reinhardt Gehlen relocated to Fort Hunt. Von Braun and many Nazis settled in Germantown, Maryland, which became the headquarters of US Atomic Energy Commission, the Nazi infiltrated organisation responsible for the Manhattan Project and human radiation experiments.


The German High Command brought to America what was called the ‘German Disease’ (i.e., homosexual pedophilia) which is imbedded in German culture. Odenwaldschule is an example of German pedophile culture. Odenwaldschule is a German boarding school that opened in 1910. From its inception, the school’s teachers began sexually abusing students. Nuclear physicist Hans Bethe is a notable Odenwaldschule alumni. Bethe’s Italian fellowship was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1932. In 1935, Bethe moved to the USA where he worked on a particle accelerator at Cornell, followed by the Manhattan Project.

In the 1930s, the German High Command manipulated German politics so that the leaders were all pedophiles. The entire German High Command attended pedophile orgies in Naples, with orchestras and Italian boys procured and supplied by Italian Roman Catholic priests. Krupp, the German weapons manufacturers, took the German High Command to pedophile orgies hosted in the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capris, Italy.

This group of Nazi homo-pedophiles infiltrated America’s colleges, universities, military, government, and police. This explains today’s child kidnapping and trafficking, and why it is being covered up: the infiltrated agencies conspire to hide the truth.


According to Kay Griggs, most senior Army and the Marine Corps are Marxist-existentialist communists and anarchists with German Ashkenazi heritage. Many are the offspring of the invading Nazi SS, who were Ashkenazi homosexual pedophile existentialist communists. Hitler (Ashkenazi) was recruited at a homosexual brothel.

I have additionally read that the Nazis targeted genuine Torah abiding Jews for elimination while employing Ashkenazi Talmudic Cabalists. That might explain why Lord Rothschild’s UK & Israel turned away boats of Jewish refugees who subsequently died in Nazi death camps.

Perhaps the Holocaust was a psychological operation with numerous benefits including the elimination of genuine Jews and Christians, and it provided a reason to establish Israel, and implement Lord Rothschild’s NWO totalitarian agenda. This is Hegelian Dialectic, where the same group creates a problem to solve followed by a solution.

The Firm use the same tactic to cover for their tradition / ritual of institutionalised homosexual pedophile rape. Fake ‘born-again’ Christian William ‘Jerry’ Boykin is a prime example. He publicly campaign against gays in the military while secretly attending homo-pedophile sexual orgies. These military perverts all worship Dagon, not the Biblical God.


In 1950, former Marine and Republican Senator Joseph R. McCarthy gave a speech in which he asserted, he had a list of ‘members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring’ who were employed in the State Department. In 1954, McCarthy led subsequent investigations into the infiltration of communists in the US federal government, universities, military, Hollywood, media, etc, and accusations of sex crimes against prominent leaders. The investigations into communism ran concurrent to the ‘Lavender Scare’ where homosexuals were dismissed from government on the basis that homosexuality (which was illegal back then) increased their risk for blackmail.  Senator McCarthy’s untimely death at age 48 abruptly ended his investigations which threatened to expose the fact that a small band of German communist homo-pedophiles called The Brotherhood orchestrated a system of sexual blackmail and corruption operating at the highest levels of the US government, Military, and in Military Intelligence circles.


The Brotherhood is an enforcement arm of the Illuminati, connected with the Joint Chiefs, NSA, and the Whitehouse (which is run by the Military). Members wear different hats and are provided different passports with different names. This Brotherhood stem from the Nazis Intelligence hierarchy who illegally entered the USA under Paperclip. An alternative name is The Firm. [‘The Firm’ commonly refers to the British Queen and her intelligence agencies, or the CIA]. The Brotherhood is headed by a small, hierarchical group who answer to Nelson Rockefeller and the Rothschilds.

At the highest levels of the Marine Corps and the Army Special Op forces, the men are in the Brooklyn / New Jersey mob, a German-Hofjuden mafia group. The Firm are also involved with the Freemasons and related secret societies including Opus Dei, B’nai Brith, and Skull & Bone and Cape & Gown fraternities. This group even control the Jesuits. They are above the law and they protect each other.


The German High Command were connected to Opus Dei, a right-winged Vatican- Freemason linked secret society. Former member and Oxford University professor John Roche described Opus Dei as ‘totalitarian’ and ‘fascist.’

Opus Dei is linked to Knights of Malta, a Vatican order linked to Freemasonry. Everyone involved with the world Trade Centre bombing were Knights of Malta. Here is a list of prominent Knights of Malta members:

  • William ‘Jerry’ Boykin
  • David Rockefeller
  • Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi; CIA)
  • Heinrich Himmler
  • Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler)
  • Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier)
  • George W. Bush
  • George Tenet (CIA chief during 9/11)
  • Henry Kissinger (pedophile)
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Tony Blair (pedophile)
  • Prescott Bush, Jr. (Nazi)
  • Licio Gelli
  • Edgar Hoover
  • Joseph Kennedy
  • Ronald E. Reagan (Bohemian Grove)
  • Giscard d’Estaing
  • Allen Dulles
  • Oliver North
  • George H.W Bush Snr (Nazi/CIA)
  • William Casey
  • James Jesus Angleton (CIA)
  • William Simon (Citicorp)
  • Francis X. Stankard (Chase Manhattan Bank)
  • Justice Anton Scalia (Opus Dei)

Justice Scalia died under suspicious circumstances at Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch. The property is owned by John B. Poindexter who holds a leadership position in the International Order of St. Hubertus, a human hunting society linked to the Bohemian Grove. Poindexter served in Vietnam with the Marine Corp before becoming an investment banker in New York City. In 1985, Poindexter founded J.B. Poindexter & Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial truck bodies. Kay Griggs said Marines get their truck driver licences to facilitate their illegal drug and arms trafficking.


Spread of the ‘German Disease’ resulted in a group of military child abuse victims called the Pink Triangle boys or Cherry Marines who went on to become Military Intelligence officers. Selection for the Military Intelligence sector began at Princeton and Yale, through their Cap and Gown or Skull and Bones secret societies. Vulnerable or neglected young boys from poor, abusive, or military families were selected, offered scholarships at prestigious boarding schools, and while apart from their parents, subjected to mind control, and ‘turned’ or conditioned toward homosexuality via rape by their teachers, academics, and the military intelligence hierarchy. This process makes the boys psychologically dependent on a predator mentor. Mind controlling young boys using sex is an old Marxist trick.

Only those military officers who participate in homosexual and pedophile orgies may rise through the ranks. The State Department calls those who are controlled ‘Rising Stars.’ Homosexuals rise through the military ranks much faster. All Special Operations members belong to The Firm. All new Colonels undergo an initiation ritual akin to Yale’s Skull and Bones society and Princeton’s Cap and Gown (the latter contains many Intelligence officers who have been raped). The Skull and Bones induction methods are used in the Army. This ritual, which dates back to Greece, stems from what the German High Command practised. The US Chiefs of Staff must participate in the ritual where an initiate is placed in a coffin and he’s the recipient of multiple oral and anal sex acts. This tradition is called ‘Dining in’ or ‘Shellback.’

Kay Griggs said that all Special Ops SEALS and Marines are homosexuals and nudists who regularly attend pool sex parties and orgies. The military men typically start with the wild secretaries and progress to homosexual orgies. At social gatherings, the military wives leave at about 11 pm while the men stay for a late-night all-male orgy. Sex parties, homosexual enticements, pedophilia, embezzlement and prostitution are used to control and keep The Firm’s men from divulging secrets.

Israeli soldiers attended the sex parties also. Kay Griggs said that all British Military Intelligence officers are homosexuals. Many teenage boys are recruited to Military Intelligence from Eaton College via homo-pedophile rape.


Princeton became a hub for German scientists imported under the guise of fleeing Nazi Germany. This wave of imports included the Nazi Psychological Operations group who continued their craft at Princeton. Hollywood’s movie moguls stemmed from Princeton because Hollywood is part of the psychological operations propaganda machine.

Col. George Griggs was in 9th grade when the Princeton pedophiles first accessed him. The Firm sent Grigg’s parents to California for eight years, giving the pedophiles exclusive access to their son. The Firm sent Griggs to board at the Hun School in Princeton, NJ. A British Marxist-Zionist group called the Russell Trust purchased the mansion for the Hun School which was started by Existentialist-Zionist Germans. The Hun School gave boys private flying lessons – and raped them. Griggs and his peers (Admiral Husband E. Kimmel’s son, and the three sons of Saudi Arabian King Faisal) were subjected to mind control and rape by teachers, local men, and by the existentialist-communist Ashkenazi homo-pedophile German imports who occupied Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study. From 1933, the Institute became the academic base of Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, John von Neumann, Kurt Gödel, and Hermann Weyl. Einstein was a member of the same bisexual group as French existentialist-Marxist philosophers Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, and a close friend of serial pedophile rapist Charlie Chaplin. Griggs and his peers attended parties with the Einstein-Oppenheimer group. That is how Griggs became a Pink Triangle Boy, aka Cherry Marine. Griggs joined Princeton’s Army Reserve Officers Training Corp, and then the Army chose the Marine Corp for him.

Col. Griggs subsequently endured four years of mind control at Princeton University. Kay Griggs considered John Forbes Nash a victim of the same Princeton mind control program. In 1954, Nash was arrested for indecent exposure in a sting operation targeting homosexual men. In the movie A Beautiful Mind,the interactions Nash ‘imagined’ having with US Military Intelligence struck me as real, and his paranoia (that communists were conspiring against him) seemed a cover contrived by complicit MK-ULTRA psychiatrists.


The Vietnam War is significant because that is where the key military leaders in charge of Joint Special Forces met and formed relationships. Many experiments were done on young soldiers in Vietnam. Further, combined mob-military partnership operations were conducted in Vietnam and Korea. The assassination squads began in Vietnam. ‘MAC-SOG’ was a code word for sending out platoons to kill people in Vietnam (SOG = Special Operations Group).


All successful political, military, banking and businessmen are employed by The Brotherhood via choice, bribery, or blackmail. All members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) are involved, as are all Marine Corp commandants. Here is a list of people Kay Griggs named as being involved in the criminal network:

  • Alfred Gray: Princeton Cap & Gown; Marine Corp; Vietnam.
  • George Griggs: Princeton Cap & Gown; Marine Corp; Vietnam; Planned Bosnia & pre-positioned weapons in Norway; Planned Beirut Marine barracks bombing.
  • Bob Edwards: Princeton; Marine Corps; Psychological Warfare.
  • Donald Rumsfeld: German; Princeton; US Navy; Whitehouse; NATO; Ran Wet, Dry & Psychological Operations.
  • William Colby: Princeton; US Army; OSS; Vietnam; CIA Director.
  • George Schultz: Princeton; Marine; US Secretary of State; Businessman.
  • Frank Carlucci: Roomed with Rumsfeld at Princeton; US Navy; US Secretary of State; Businessman.
  • Allen W. Dulles: Princeton; OSS Vienna; Spoke with Lenin; CIA Director, oversaw MK-Ultra, Iran coup, Bay of Pigs.
  • Gen. Brent Scowcroft: US Air Force; Kissinger employee; NSA; British KBE.
  • Victor Harold Krulak: Marine; Vietnam.
  • Col. Oliver L. North: Marine; Vietnam; Indicted re Iran-Contra weapons trafficking.
  • Ben Bradlee: Office of Naval Intelligence; Washington Post editor who broke Watergate with fellow CIA Intelligence Operatives Woodward & Bernstein.
  • Colin Luther Powell: US Army; Rangers; Vietnam; Panama; Whitehouse.
  • John ‘Jack’ Sheehan: Marine Corps; NATO; Campaigned against gays in the military when he attended homosexual orgies. His father organised Woodstock, a testing ground for drugs.
  • Heinz (‘Henry’) Kissinger: German Ashkenazi, US Army Intelligence, Harvard, CIA Psychological Operations, Nelson Rockefeller employee, advisor to Nixon; Notorious pedophile who held orgies and raped boys Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Gen. James ‘Jim’ R. Joy: Marine; Vietnam; WACO; Director of Morale, Welfare & Recreation.
  • Carl Wade Stiner: German heritage; Vietnam; Army Rangers; Snr Parachutist; Panama operational command.
  • William W. Hartzog: German heritage; US Army; Vietnam; Snr Parachutist; Panama.
  • Creighton Williams Abrams: US Army; Vietnam commander; Chief of Staff.
  • Caspar Willard Weinberger: Ashkenazi; US Army; traitor on Douglas MacArthur’s Intelligence staff; Whitehouse; Indicted re Iran-Contra weapons trafficking; British CBE recipient.
  • Albert Einstein: German Ashkenazi; Princeton; organised German scientists’ escapes to UK / USA Universities; took credit for Tesla’s Nazi-stolen work; Pedophile; Friends with communist and violent child rapist Charlie Chaplin (his youngest victim was 6).
  • Robert Oppenheimer: German Ashkenazi; Adler’s experimental school NYC; PhD, University of Gottingen, German; Supported Communist Party of America. Father was in the Communist Party; Pedophile.
  • Col Barry Cantor: US Air Force.
  • Judge John H. Moore: US Navy; Threw his 1st wife into a mental institution.
  • Grover Cleveland Wright: Marine; Virginian lawyer.
  • Carl Epting Mundy: Son of German Nazi; Marine; Vietnam; CFR.
  • Clay LaVerne Shaw: US Army, highly decorated WW2, OSS / CIA; Prosecuted for JFK assassination; Ran New Orleans Port trade; Known homosexual who serviced Army Generals with male prostitutes.
  • Thomas Parker Host: Commandos assassin; mobster; controls VA port.
  • Walt W. Rostow: Communist Russian Ashkenazi revolutionary terrorist; Behind the Dresden bombings in Germany during WWII and JFK’s assassination; Attended Yale on scholarship at age 15; Oxford Rhodes scholar where he befriended pedophile Edward Heath and Lord Jenkins who founded a UK socialist party and oversaw radical social reforms on divorce, abortion and homosexuality. Wrote the report that caused the USA to enter the Vietnam war because he wanted to sell weapons. British OBE recipient.
  • Eugene Victor D. Rostow: Blitzed Yale entrance exam; Lawyer.
  • Nicholas Rostow: Ran Boston mob port and traded drugs with Mexico.
  • Robert B. Oakley: Princeton; Office of Naval Intelligence; UN; Diplomat whose predecessor plus Pakistan’s President were assassinated via plane crash; Director of the State Department Office of Combating Terrorism.
  • Robert M. Gates: PhD in Russian & Soviet history; US Air Force; Director CIA; Implicated in Iran-Contra scandal; Secretary of Defence; Planned Beirut Marine barracks bombing operation; National president of Boy Scouts & Eagle Scouts.
  • Jerry L. Unruh: US Navy Vice-Admiral; Vietnam.
  • Tom Clancy: Jesuit schooled; Army Reserves; spy/military propaganda novelist; Colin Powell associate.
  • Oliver ‘Buck’ Revell: FBI; UN Delegate; National Security Council; pulled his son + son’s wife off Lockerbie plane, on the tarmac, minutes before it took off.
  • Bill Clinton: Yale Skull & Bones; Opposed Vietnam.
  • James Angleton: Yale; US Army; CIA; homosexual.
  • Edgar Hoover: Director FBI; Homosexual cross-dresser.
  • Mike Kemp: ‘ran naked around Bohemian Grove.’
  • Meyer Lansky: Ashkenazi mobster.
  • Robert Carl ‘Bud’ McFarlane: Naval Academy; Marine Corp; Vietnam; UN; Whitehouse; Indicted re Iran-Contra weapons trafficking.
  • Zbigniew Brzrenski: US National Security Advisor; Answered to Nazi Intelligence head Reinhardt Gehlen.
  • George H.W. Bush Sr: aka SS Nazi spy George ‘Scherff’; Hitler’s cousin; Son of Tesla’s accountant; Orchestrated Tesla’s Nazi murder; Yale Skull & Bones; US Navy; UN; CIA Director; Panama; JFK assassination.

George Bush pardoned the men indicted for secretly selling weapons to Iran and funnelling the money to support the Contras in Nicaragua. This may explain why:

George Bush with parents in 1950…

Kay Griggs said Otto Skorzeny was highly significant to The Firm. These photos from Skorzeny’s album were published by Eric Bermen who dated Skorzeny’s granddaughter. According to Skorzeny, the pictures capture the Nazi ‘Scherff’ family who escaped Germany under Paperclip, were given new identities and a backstory, and infiltrated the USA military and government. Kay Griggs agreed, the Nazi infiltrators were given false US identities and biographies. The supplier of these photos claims George H. Scherff Jr was the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla’s German accountant, George H. Scherff, and Hitler’s cousin.

Here is a photo of Otto Skorzeny dining with an obese Josef Mengele. This looks remarkably like the Josef Mengele I encountered beneath the US Embassy in Australia and in the Australian Army’s Milton Island bioweapons lab:


BEIRUT. 30 November 1983. Brigadier General Jim R. Joy (right) takes over command of the 22nd Marine Amphibious Unit from Colonel J.P. Faulkner during the unit’s participation in a multinational peacekeeping operation.

7 December 1989. Pentagon. The Joint Chiefs of Staff (L to R):

Gen. Alfred M. Gray (commandant Marine Corps);

Gen. Carl E. Vuono, (Army);

Admiral Carlisle A.H. Trost (Naval Operation);

Gen. Larry D. Welsh (Air Force);

Gen. Colin L. Powell (Army);

Gen. Robert T. Herres (Air Force).


US Navy founder John Paul Jones was a notorious criminal, pedophile rapist, renegade, Cabalist, and Freemason. Similarly, the 1850s Marine Corp were Freemason funded assassins employed to protect ships. A German-trained Marine major, Jacob Zeiplin (Hofjuden) became head of the Marine Corps. Zeiplin changed the Marine uniforms to be like the Germans, with the pink helmets and everything, and the motto became the Rothschild coat of arms and various other symbols like the global new world order.


The Army term ‘Joint’ describes the Plans and Policies group connected to the State Department, that ran operations to destabilized other countries. The Firm follow a communist agenda, their end goal being the destruction of Protestant Christian culture, and instalment of a global New World Order. The Firm will do anything necessary to achieve their political and economic objectives, including killing innocent women and children, and US citizens. Their rationale is that killing a leader, or killing 20 people, is preferable to war. The Firm’s ‘Special Operations’ include:

  • Assassinations
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Drug running
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Create wars and civilian attacks for weapon testing, demonstration and advertising to attract weapon sales
  • Intentional destabilising and overthrow of governments
  • Training Wet Op (murders) consisting of random shootings, to sophisticated ops involving psychological warfare techniques.

Arms/Drugs Trafficking & Money Laundering

The Marine Corps is the political arm of the group that controls the drug running and arms trafficking and launder money from this. The Brotherhood is mob related. Mob funding and drug money pay for brand-new weapons. The Brotherhood run the ports, which allows them to freely traffic drugs and weapons. Retired military officers all get involved in drug and secondary weapons sales and running bikie gangs that aggravate crime to create a market for weapons sales. Col. Griggs was paid many thousands in AT&T stock, as payment for trafficking weapons in Beirut.

All illegal weapons sales go through the State Department. Israelis are the middlemen in the arms sales. The cash transactions go through Tel Aviv and the bank in Rome.

The Firm also manufacture and sell deadly chemicals and biological weapons. Generals Gray, Krulak, Scowcroft, Wilson, and Mundy sold the biologicals and chemicals to Saddam Hussein.

Dirty Tricks

Linda Tripp was a Delta Force Dirty Tricks expert under Gen. Carl Steiner. The Monica Lewinsky scandal was a dirty tricks operation. The Firm made a failed attempt to assassinate Clinton via a plane crash.

Murder Inc.

If someone talks and leaks information about The Firm and its operations, they are disappeared, neutralized, or ruined. Same goes for helpful therapists, friends or family of victims and whistle-blowers. The Special Forces commit the assassinations. The Marine Corps are particular assassins for the mob. The Tel Aviv Israelis have assassin duo teams, each comprised of an Israeli and an American Marine. These pairs are usually ‘flamers’ (homosexual kill teams that had sex with each other to create a bond of loyalty). To overcome jurisdictional limits, the Israeli would do assassinations in America and the American would do assassinations in Israel, etc. They trained at Quantico. They travelled to other countries to commit murders that were blamed on the Arabs.

Each Special Ops unit leaves its signature (assassination method) to let others know who committed the assassination. Plane crashes were typical Special Operations. Princess Diana was assassinated due to ger campaign against land mines because this was a growth industry for the Navy in Texas. Denver and Diana had formed a critical mass that had to be decapitated within months. If a Critical Mass is building that opposes the prevailing policy, the key figures were assassinated. The Brotherhood target critical masses that threaten something they deem profitable or politically important.

The Firm ordered the following hits:

  • Senator Paul Wellstone (+ wife & daughter): 2002 plane crash.
  • Senator Melvin E. Carnahan (+ son): 2000 plane crash.
  • John Kennedy Jr: 1999 plane crash, due to his growing popularity.
  • Enis W. Cosby: Bill Cosby’s son. Shot by Mossad.
  • Senator Ron Brown: 1996 plane crash.
  • John A. Paisley: CIA officer; Allegedly shot in 1978 & his body weighted & dumped in lake, after disclosing to therapy group plus CIA informant psychiatrist.
  • Nicholas G. Shadrin (aka, Nikolai Artmonov): CIA officer; Disappeared 1975.
  • Mary P. Meyer: Wife of CIA officer Cord Meyer. 1964 death ruling = point blank gunshot wounds suggestive of a highly trained killer.
  • Ralph Sigler: CIA officer; Electrocuted in 1977 via electrical wire plus wall socket by US Army assassins. His final words to his wife were: ‘JUST LISTEN TO ME! Get you a respectable lawyer… sue the US Army. I’m dying. I never lied.’
  • Bill Clinton: Failed attempt via plane crash.


Beirut: Israeli assassins murdered 241 Marines in the Beirut barracks bombings blamed on ‘Hezbollah.’ The bombing operation was planned by Gen. Al Gray, Col. George Griggs, CIA Director Robert Gates, and Robert B. Oakley (Director of the State Department Office of Combating Terrorism), with Israeli Defence Minister Gen. Ariel Sharon.

Bosnia: Was a stage for training assassins, testing new weapons (like the B-2 stealth bomber), marketing weapons, and an opportunity to spend drug money.

Oklahoma City Bombing: was planned by generals Steiner and Joy.

WACO: Generals Carl Steiner and Jim Joy conducted the Waco massacre as a live-fire training exercise. They brought in people from other countries. In the lead up to Waco, Steiner and Joy were involved in live-fire training operations in Panama, where they turn people loose and hunt them down. The training involved the CIA plus foreign mercenaries. They had been involved with Noriega (Panama leader who graduated from the School of the Americas).

Gen. Joy was in charge of Psychological Operations at Waco. Generals Joy and Sheehan trained the Special Ops forces who slaughtered innocent Branch Davidian children, shot a four-year-old blonde boy waving a white flag in the head, pancaked a young girl with a tank, and fried the remaining kids with a giant flame thrower. Because the entire operation was originally marketed as being about rescuing the kids form the cult, right? I watched the entire video footage of these murders and saw footage of the dead bodies, in the 1990s.

Panama provided an opportunity to test new weapons. Generals Joy and Sheehan were behind the Panama invasion. Gen. Joy was in charge of Psychological Operations. [In 1995, SBS screened a television documentary about Panama in which American expats residing in Panama reported witnessing laser beams from helicopters slice tanks in half like a hot knife through butter.]


The Firm will do anything necessary to get what they want politically and economically. They rationalize it by saying, killing a leader, or killing 20, is preferable to war.

Young soldiers are trained to kill using mind control, which is why the US Army has so many Special Operations specialists. Delta Force operatives do kills as part of their training. Young Army, Delta Force, Buds (the emerging Seals group) train by breaking into civilians’ houses. SEALs commit cold murders when they graduate from training school. SEAL Teams 4, 6 and 8 are on the East Coast, odd numbers on the West Coast. Young foreigners train with the SEALS. The Israelis train with the Seals and commit Wet Ops in the USA.

The SEALS’ graduation exercise is to do a cold kill. They just enter a hotel and whack somebody.

Foreign Mercenaries

Mercenary training is occurring in the Army and the Air Force at the highest circles. Foreign assassins (especially Mossad agents) are employed to assassinate US citizens because they do not fall under US jurisdiction. [This helps to explain why the US Delta Force used an anonymous Australian child assassin.] US taxpayers fund foreign young mercenaries to kill innocent US citizens, including kids.

NATO has a group of Assassins and Psychological Operations specialists who combine for operations to destroy targets. NATO rogue assassins from Australia, Britain, South Africa, etc, board a flight from Norfolk, then they go by a special helicopter to countries like Turkey, Iraq, or Algeria, to do wet ops. They murder five, 10, 20 people, and then blame it on the Arabs.


According to Kay Griggs, the following international schools exist for training assassins and Special Ops personnel:

  • The US established Special Ops selection and training schools in Bosnia, Columbia and the Philipines.
  • The British have a school in Indonesia.
  • Pedophile Lord Mountbatten established an Australian training school for assassins in East Timor during WWII.

[Australian independent Commando companies were fighting the Japs during WW2 in East Timor. The Japs got the upper hand, due to their brutal treatment of the locals. Owing to the resultant lack of local support, the Commandos were forced to withdraw from Timor.]

Delta Force are government assassins. The US Military trained Delta Force assassins at a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) skydiving school in the Philippines. The Australians had a training school in the mountains of an island in East Timor. [HALO skydivers wear oxygen and jump at anything over 12,000 feet above sea level, to avoid radar detection, and pull at the lowest possible safe altitude. My father was a parachute instructor notorious for his risk taking, who competed at the world games.]

Australia had a Delta Force assassin training school in East Timor.



Army Intelligence employees who turn whistle-blower are targeted and thrown into St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC, the MK-ULTRA facility where Antony Kidman trained. Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg is another facility for silencing targeted individuals.


Col. Griggs attended biological-electronic warfare Special Operations school. Kay Griggs displayed her husband’s copy of, Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Operations Field Manual (1983) of the U.S. Army. The manual explains how targets (i.e., dissidents and whistle-blowers) are subjected to the following methods:

An important part of electronic warfare is deception

 Jamming is the deliberate radiation or re-radiation of electromagnetic energy to prevent or downgrade the reception of information by a receiver…

 MED (Manipulative Electronic Deception) is conducted by altering the electromagnetic profile of friendly forces. It seeks to counter hostile electronic warfare and Signals Intelligence (SIGENT) activities by manipulating friendly electronic-magnetic emissions. This is done by magnifying the technical characteristics and profiles which would provide an accurate picture of friendly intentions by deliberately transmitting false information.


The Military Chaplain Corp are Intelligence officers who attended Yale. The Chaplain Corps collect information on Marines and their wives, and report this. If the Marine being monitored discloses the truth is a whistle-blower, or if the wife is a problem, they target them for silencing using chemicals, harassment, electronic warfare, and microchip implants. Wives are routinely murdered.

Phil Holwager, Chaplain for Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, helped hide George Grigg’s murder of his first wife, Suzanne Workman, during the Iran-Contra hearings, and then Grigg’s violent beating (to the point of reconstructive surgery) of his second wife, Kay. Phil Holwager attended Yale with Gary Hart, and was friends with Yale graduate Pat Robertson [CBN televangelist].

A Marine Corp hit squad were assigned to murdering soldiers who revealed too much to their psychiatrists. The assassins are told the targets are ‘enemies’ or ‘they’ve done bad things’ to eliminate any sense of guilt or culpability.


Kay Griggs was friends with, and protected by, CIA Director William Colby until his murder. Little Creek Navy SEALS assassinated Colby the day before he was to testify before Congress about Iran-Contra affair because he threatened to expose Israel and the Phoenix Program.

William Colby gave author Douglas Valentine permission to interview CIA officials who had been involved in the Phoenix Program in South Vietnam. The CIA officers interviewed spoke freely with Valentine, thinking the interviews were for an inhouse training product. The CIA later rescinded Colby’s permission, Special Ops assassinated Colby, and the CIA tried to supress publication of Valentine’s book, The Phoenix Program. Operation Phoenix was the ‘CIA’s “assassination” program that resulted in the death of tens of thousands of civilians during the Vietnam War.’[2] The program was designed to identify and destroy the Viet Cong via population surveillance, infiltration, control, entrapment, capture, counterterrorism, interrogation, imprisonment, torture, rape and assassination. Operation Phoenix was designed, coordinated, and executed by the CIA in conjunction with:

  • US Special Operations forces
  • US Army Intelligence
  • Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)
  • Australian Special Forces Operatives (SAS, Commandos).
  • Vietnamese National Police Field Force (a CIA created and funded FBI equivalent).

[Note: Many Australian SAS and AATTV soldiers were unaware of the criminal nature of Phoenix. I have two Vietnam Veteran mates who were in those units.]

According to Valentine’s interviewees, when trying to recruit agents, ‘Bribes, sex, blackmail, and drugs all were legitimate means of recruitment.’[3] The attitude toward high-level VCI was: ‘…recruit them; if you can’t recruit them, defect them…if you can’t defect them, capture them; if you can’t capture them, kill them.’ These are the same methods the CIA employ to honeytrap politicians and businessmen.

The Phoenix program provided the blueprint for subsequent invasions and government coup d’états and destabilisations like Afghanistan, false flag operations like Waco and 9/11, and management of ‘dissidents’ and whistle-blowers like me.

Valentine’s subsequent book, CIA as Organised Crime [4] documented Douglas Valentine’s investigations into the CIA’s role in controlling the global drug trade, terrorism and propaganda activity. The CIA trafficked opium and heroin from their secret bases in Laos, to generals and politicians on their payroll in South Vietnam. The CIA also infiltrated US federal drug law enforcement agencies, and commandeered their executive management, intelligence and foreign operations staffs, to facilitate drug traffickers and corrupt foreign officials.

The CIA is the US Military

Howard Bane (Yale) worked for the US Army before transferring to the CIA. He was appointed as head of the CIA’s Office of Terrorism in 1977. The US Army created Delta Force under Bane. US Special Forces including Delta, SEAL Team 6, Army Rangers plus the navy and air force units that transport them, all performed mercenary work for the CIA. The Special Forces sit between the CIA and the Army, and function outside the Army’s chain of command. They deal with civilians in a way that regular soldiers don’t, like organising militias (locate local rebels), spreading propaganda, and administering vaccinations. When Special Forces retire, they do mercenary work for the CIA around the world. ‘The CIA is set up as a military organisation with a chain of command. Somebody tells you what to do, and you salute and do it.’[5]

As Kay Griggs said, the CIA is staffed by former Military Intelligence personnel. The CIA is the Military. That is why I recall a mix of Australian and US military and secret service locations, transportation, and operatives.


Let us collate a list of facts that this plus my previous Eyes Wide Open book chapters have examined:

  • The Australian Army’s Special Forces (SAS) were involved in the Phoenix Program.
  • The CIA and US Special Forces created Delta Force.
  • Australia had a Delta training base in East Timor.
  • Holsworthy Army base is Australia’s oldest military base.
  • All CIA officers were formerly military intelligence, Special Operations forces work for the CIA, meaning the CIA is the military.
  • High ranking Special Forces, Military Intelligence, and CIA personnel are recruited as children, subjected to mind control methods, homosexual rape, and secret society initiation, to foster the required cult-like loyalty mentality.
  • CIA psychiatrist Martin Orne kicked off Project MK-Ultra at Sydney University in 1960. Martin Orne abused children as part of MK-Ultra.
  • The CIA and Special Forces are criminal and unethical organisations involved in drug running, weapons trafficking, and the torture and assassination of civilians.

It takes minimal stretch of the mind to fathom that these very same people subjected Australian children to trauma-based mind control and recruited them as child soldiers into Delta Force. 

*          *          *


[1] United States Army Special Operations Command.

[2] Douglas Valentine (2017). The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World. Clarity Press, p16.

[3] Douglas Valentine (2010). The Phoenix Program.

[4] Ibid.

[5] Ibid.


Residents in Nazi Germany mocked and scoffed at the notion the government were torturing and murdering people in death camps. If you think you wouldn’t have  been duped had you lived in Nazi Germany – think again. Watch this video:


True Prophet Predicted USA 2020 Demise Back in 2009

For before these days there was no hire for man, nor any hire for beast; neither was there any peace to him that went out or came in because of the affliction: for I set all men every one against his neighbour. (Zechariah 8:10)


John ‘Jack’ Johnston is the real deal. A reformed Satanist, his prophecies helped me through the worst period of my adult life. Back in 2009, Jack recorded many prophecies and I watched in awe as they unfolded before my eyes. This morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I listened to a compilation of some of his prophecies – and I was stunned to realise he predicted exactly what is happening in the USA right now: the unemployment, food shortages, riots, plus what is coming next…

Jack also provides a sense of hope and direction for diligent Christians who are wondering what is in store for us.

Listen to this compilation. The interview begins with Jack’s friend reading out 16 of his prophecies followed by Jack joining them at 22:00.

The amazing thing is that the Bible addresses everything that its happening right now, from the events of 9/11 to the global inability of men to work. (Jack noted the sycamore tree passage re 9/11 three years before Jonathan Cahn’s 2012 book The Harbinger.)

I recommend Jack Johnston’s blog site called United States Prophecy:

Russia Will Attack and Invade America


And here is Jack’s 2010 Youtube channel:

APS Statement re Pedo ex-President Bob Montgomery Attracts Member Backlash

APS President Ros Knight


Just when you thought you had heard it all…

On 2 June 2020, ABC News reported that Bob Montgomery has plead guilty to anally raping three 12-year-old boys during the 1960s, and he faces up to 14 years in prison. Once again, Australia’s mainstream newspapers failed to mention that Montgomery was a former President of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

On 2 June 2020, the current APS President issued the following statement to its 24,000+ member psychologists regarding Bob Montgomery:

A statement from the President regarding Bob Montgomery

Dear [Member Psychologist]

Many of you may be aware of today’s media coverage regarding psychologist Bob Montgomery, who has plead guilty to child sex offences while he was a scoutmaster in Sydney in the 1960s.

Bob Montgomery has formally resigned his membership with the APS.

The APS Board wishes to acknowledge the courage displayed by the victims and their families. We hope the legal process brings some resolution.

This news may be triggering both for APS members, and for those within our communities who have a trauma history. We urge you to reach out and seek support if you are experiencing these triggers and to remember that self-care is incredibly important during such times.

We acknowledge that some APS members may be long term friends and supporters of Bob Montgomery and his family, prior to this case emerging. Whilst the APS does not condone in any way Mr Montgomery’s behaviours, we wish to acknowledge the impact of current proceedings on him and his family’s mental health and hope they are seeking support from these friends through this process.

Yours sincerely

Ros Knight FAPS

It is abhorrent for an APS President to acknowledge the impact on both the victims and their rapist in the same breath. Expressing sympathy for the rapist in this way makes any acknowledgment of the victim hollow.

The following day (3 June 2020), the current APS President issued a follow-up statement regarding Bob Montgomery, obviously in response to a national backlash of criticism from its member psychologists, many of whom work with child sex abuse victims.

Follow up statement from the President regarding Bob Montgomery

Dear [Member Psychologist]

Yesterday I issued a statement to APS members about psychologist Bob Montgomery.

I have received and appreciated your heartfelt feedback to this communiqué.

The APS takes your views very seriously. Your feedback ensures we remain accountable to you, our members.

Allow me to be absolutely clear: the APS holds a position of absolute condemnation of all forms of abuse in our society. Our position remains that all forms of child sexual abuse are a profound violation of the human rights of the child, and a crime under Australian law. It is never, ever OK.

This official position, and acknowledgement of the life-long harm and suffering that can ensue, has underpinned the APS’s active campaigning for better justice and interventions for survivors.

We extend our deepest acknowledgement of the pain and suffering experienced to the survivors of these traumas and their families. Psychologists should be the providers of comfort, support and healing, not the cause of pain. We hope that the survivors are receiving the assistance they need and deserve.

I also wish to acknowledge and commend all of you who work with and support survivors in these difficult and complex areas.

Finally, I take this opportunity to remind all psychologists of our mandatory reporting obligations under the law to report sexual offences (or any abuse) against children to the relevant child protection authorities, and to report peers to the relevant authorities if we suspect the public is at risk.

Yours faithfully

Ros Knight FAPS 


This statement by the APS President is consistent with the institution’s long history of child abuse denial and double speak. You can read more about this in my book which is free to down load here: Eyes Wide Open.

APS = Australian Pedophile Society…

Looks like there’s even more to this story of coverup:












So, four days after I broke the above story, the ABC nicked my story idea and interviewed some pissed off psychologists. Everyone labels me ‘crazy’ yet they sure read my sites. (Washington Post nicked my Antony Scalia story.) Here are some choice extracts from the ABC article:

Australian Psychological Society under fire for ‘disturbing’ response to Bob Montgomery child sex prosecution

A peak psychologist’s body, once led by paedophile Bob Montgomery, has come under fire for noting the “impact” of criminal prosecution on him and urging he seek support from “long term friends” in its ranks…

The ABC has been told the Australian Psychological Society (APS) was flooded with hundreds of complaints from its own members over its response to Montgomery’s guilty plea to child sex offences…

Heidi Smith, a psychologist in Western Australia, said the APS response made her feel “ill for several hours”.

“I cried with frustration for all the child sexual abuse victims and the struggles they face with institutions supporting child sex offenders,” she said.

At no point during this email does the APS mention that this man was the president of their prestigious society [or] that you cannot be a psychologist if you are convicted of a crime such as child sex abuse,” she said.

“It says he resigned, like it was his choice. At no point [did] they make any statement in relation to ethics or his role as a psychologist.”

Montgomery was president of the APS from 2008 to 2010.

A senior psychologist, who asked not to be named, said the response was “disturbing” and members were “disgusted”.

Ms Knight in her email also indicated the APS had not expelled Montgomery, who was awarded life membership in 2016, but that he had “formally resigned”.

The psychologist said the APS response highlighted “the impact on his mental health and that of his family — yet no mention about the mental health of Montgomery’s victims for which he plead[ed] guilty to, nor for mental health of other victims”.

“Members are so disgusted that reputations of psychologists will be tarnished by association, and that importantly, the current president of the APS, as a clinical psychologist, has ignored the impacts of the abuse on the immediate victims of her former colleague,” the psychologist said.

A well-placed source told the ABC that “many hundreds of members contacted the APS”, prompting Ms Knight to respond…

The senior psychologist said [the 2nd APS President statement] was “still a horrendous reaction

“Alarmingly, even in her second statement the day after, she did not address the mental health impact of Montgomery’s victims, but just in general about all victims,” he said.

“It seems in these statements the victims of Montgomery have been ignored, and just lumped into general victims of sexual abuse – whereas Montgomery was specifically mentioned and considered in relation to the impact on his mental health, it seems above the interests of his victims.”

In 2014, the APS made Montgomery a “new honorary fellow” to recognise his “extraordinary and distinguished contribution”.

He was president the same year the professional regulator, the Psychology Board of Australia, adopted its code of ethics from the APS.

In a statement, the APS said “on reflection, the original email from the APS could have been worded differently in two areas”.

It said the email was an attempt to convey a “neutral, or non-biased judgment towards the matter” which was done with “the best intention”.

The APS said this was in line with the fact that “psychologists frequently find themselves dealing with complex matters [and] often psychologists work with both survivors and perpetrators of crimes.”

The APS said it had received a “small number of complaints” from its 25,000 members and took those concerns seriously…

It said that “to the best of the APS’s knowledge, Mr Montgomery did not contribute” to the code of ethics adopted by the professional regulator.


Far more psychologists are outraged than the ‘small number’ who complained in writing. I know of one psychologist who threw things around the room after reading the APS president’s pro-pedo statement and was too angry to complain.

The APS president’s statement revealed her true colours. Like I’ve been saying for many years, Australian psychology is run by dirty filthy perpetrators. They run the universities, they run the APS, and they run the Psychology Board.

William ‘Jerry’ BOYKIN: FAKE Christian who Ordered DELTA Soldier RAPES + Murders


Lt. General William Gerald (‘Jerry’) Boykin. Delta Force, Green Beret, CIA, Knights of Malta.


Hi Jerry,

I sent you this letter via your Kingdom Warriors website, but am posting it here in case it doesn’t reach you,.

In the early 80’s we called you Sir or Commander to your face, and G.I. Joe behind your back. Today you present as a highly decorated All-American Hero, a fundamentalist Christian complete with theology degree.

But I remember you differently.

I remember the time beneath Holsworthy, when our unit were sparring on the mat. We were at the drinks trolley when you ordered Jason’s murder. The Australian Delta soldier left behind a young brunette widow dressed in red. You killed him because he was my favourite.

I remember the time we were on the navy vessel, and you ordered the boys to tie a weight to my ankles and throw me into the sea, as part of some sick training exercise. I almost drowned. As the medic attended to me, the navy boys protested, ‘Man, this is fucked up!’ and the like. I asked you if I did good, and you replied with hint of conscience and regret: Yeah, you did good, soldier.

I remember the time you, the boys and I rode that helicopter over Honduras. You relied on me to detect whether that middle-aged dude sitting next to me at the door was dodgy. He wore a beige vest with pockets. I obeyed and, with stealth, told the co-pilot to change coordinates and signalled to you, ‘Drop Charlie.’ I returned to my seat. You gave the order for the boys to throw the man from the bird. I can still see the landscape and his limbs flapping as he screamed to his death.

And I remember the time at Dulce, when that communist General Al Gray stuck his member (being polite for all your duped Christian readers) in my mouth as I sat bound to Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s torture chair.

General Alfred Gray, Dirty Tricks Coordinator, Double Agent, Pedophile Rapist

My objection to being orally raped by Al landed the alcoholic pervert in hospital. As punishment, you ordered my three Delta team members to rape me that night. They bawled when they woke up out of their hypnotic trance. The following day, you commanded their throats be slit as they lay bound in that little cave in the hill outside –  the one accessed via the pedestrian door.

Unlike you, I don’t get recognition for what I did. I don’t get to gather with my unit and reminisce about the old days – coz you killed them all. I don’t get to march in parades and display my medal of valour – coz I don’t exist on public record. I don’t qualify for a military pension and medical benefits…

Because I was just fourteen years old.

You’re no Born-Again Christian, Jerry. But I am. My God remembers everything you did – and so do I.


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