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High Ranking Mason Exposes the Rothschilds, Jesuits & Freemasons


Evidence of CIA / Military Psychic Research

I told you so…



Rachel Krause’s Criminal History & Threats to Volunteers’ Kids

Child trafficking cartel members Rachel and Keith KRAUSE and their criminal gang have issued death threats at the children of Aussies Nick and Dave who volunteered with Veterans on Patrol in Arizona. Krause gang members posted photos of Nick and Dave’s kids, with messages that the Krause gang are coming for them.

This is concerning, since Rachel Krause has a criminal history of assault, and her husband, according to reporter Tay Wiles of High Country News, works in “law enforcement.”

Rachel Carey Krause’s maiden name was Meyers. (She was previously married to a Chesley). As you can see here, Rachel Krause was charged with criminal assault in September 1996:

Rachel Krause is a Luciferian, as indicated by her Facebook cover photo, and her constant references to ‘#SavingLucifer’ in her FB posts:

These people can and will commit criminal acts. A defector from Rachel and Keith Krause’s criminal gang just made the following video in which he admits that the Krause gang shot at veterans who volunteered for VOP, slashed their tires, and knowingly stole the casket flag of a fallen soldier’s widow:

As one of the Krause criminal gang threatens at Dave and Nick, the CIA international child trafficking operation have numerous criminals and Luciferian covens from which they can recruit saboteurs and agitators from. Michael Knight says below, “We are many.”

Rachel and Keith Krause surround themselves with child trafficking criminals – literally. The Krause’s live in an area surrounded by 35 registered sex offenders:

Rachel Krause and her gang continually report the children of VOP volunteers to the Department of Child Safety (DCS). Here are Facebook posts in which they boast about doing this.


It is concerning that Krause’s criminal gang make false reports of child neglect to the authorities – considering Keith Krause works for local law enforcement, and Tuscon Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (of the Rothschild human trafficking dynasty) supports the recruitment of a police officer who was charged with aiding child sex trafficking in California – Police Chief Chris Magnus:

And why are the authorities working so hard to cover up Tuscon Arizona? Why are they hiring criminal thugs like Rachel and Keith Krause? Because stolen USA kids are being funneled through Arizona where white kids go out, brown kids come in. The cartel cross through native reserve land where the public can’t enter. The Clintons, Rothschilds, and Bronfmans hold stolen kids in holding camps on private land owned by Cemex, where the public can’t enter. They are moving an estimated 10,000 children per year across this native reserve.

Rachel and Keith Krause are dangerous criminals with a history of criminal activity. VOP have been too patient with their antics. God has had enough of these scum bags too. Tormenting a double amputee war veteran until he attempts suicide is the final Strawman.


Keith and Rachel Krause work for Craig Sawyer! That’s why Rachel can afford to sit on her ass all day, harassing VOP.

Keith & Rachel Krause have just placed a death threat against a volunteer at Veterans on Patrol (VOP). They marked the 911 fire fighter hero’s Arizona house in an attempt to intimidate her with a physical threat. This is the same 911 fire fighter that Keith and Rachel Krause threatened to have CPS take her youngest son, and cancel the disability assistance for her eldest disabled son.

Keith Krause is a Tuscon Az law enforcement officer implicated in child sex trafficking.

Keith and Rachel Krause bragged online in YouTube videos about stealing the casket flag donated by a fallen soldier’s widow who requested it be flown on a hill in memory of her beloved husband.

Keith and Rachel Krause harassed a double amputee war veteran to the point where he attempted suicide.

Keith and Rachel Krause committed multiple criminal acts, including slashing tires, throwing nails, and letting off firearms at VOP volunteers.

Ask yourself: What kind of scum commits these acts? Who do these scumbags work for? Craig Sawyer!

Note that Rachel Krause continually scratches her arm like a junkie. That’s because her CIA shill work pays for her drug addiction, and allows her to stay up all night to troll.

They are also Luciferian pedophiles, as indicated by Rachel’s #savelucifer and #pickuplucifer references on her Buddhist Cowgirl Twitter page:

Why do Keith and Rachel Krause target volunteer veterans who have effectively stopped child trafficking on the Arizona border? Just today, VOP stopped one adult, two teenagers and one child who were being trafficked.

Our USA contacts are targeting Keith and Rachel Krause for exposure and removal from the CIA / cartel child trafficking payroll.

We urge the public to push back! Stop these pedophile scumbags!

RACHEL CAREY KRAUSE: 16460 W Nic Nac Way, Marana, ARIZONA, (520)303-6986

KEITH ERIC KRAUSE: (520) 240-0269

Response to Pedophile Protector Tay Wiles, High Country News Reporter

By David Armstrong

Related image

Child Trafficking Supporter TAY WILES

So let’s talk about Tay Wiles and her one-sided article:

I was first made aware of Lewis from Veterans on Patrol (VOP) and Craig Sawyer from Vets 4 Child Rescue (V4CR) when videos of a potential child sex trafficking camp were released online. In one of these videos, Lewis put out a call for people from around the world to help their mission to expose these camps and trafficking routes. This has been an interest of mine for some time and I made the decision rather quickly, to travel from Australia to help out in any way I could.

In the videos, both Lewis and Craig were appalled that authorities were not doing anything about this child trafficking operation, and both provided unequivocal testimony that the camp the VOPs located was a child sex trafficking camp complete with a verified underground holding bunker, rape trees (i.e., straps fixed at child height to trees) along with other credible evidence.

With my expertise in adventure trekking, navigation and logistics (including diving beneath the Antarctic ice), plus my experience as a paramedic, I thought my knowledge and skills would be valuable to the VOP.

I spoke with my Australian mate who had recently retired from professional cage fighting, and we both agreed that making the trip to the US for a cause as important as exposing child trafficking was too important an objective to pass up.

Two days before we left, Craig Sawyer backed-flipped on his original story. I found this concerning, as I had seen Craig interviewed previously and assumed he was a good guy. Lewis, who I had no affiliation with or prior knowledge of, stuck to his original account and it was for this reason that I made the decision to contact him directly. I explained to Lewis in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in wasting my time or perpetrating falsehoods if the cause was not legitimate. He responded:

“Welcome to the American media, Brother! Come and see for yourself.”

I then watched a video in which VOP search and rescue volunteers found a decomposing skull close to the child trafficking camp. The skull was undoubtedly a child’s skull – not that of an adult as was falsely reported in the media. I could tell that this was a small scull, and unless the person suffered from Microcephaly – the skull absolutely belonged to a child.

The child’s skull was the catalyst for me to leave my family on short notice and travel half way around the world to find the truth. Integrity and honesty have been important values in my life; these are attributes I live by and have instilled in my personal and business life. I told my family that I would do this, and that I would only report the truth. I had no interest then or now in glamorizing or distorting the truth.

Aussies to the Rescue! Iceberg Diving Dave with Mormon Cage Fighter Nick

During Day One at VOP, we searched an area of bush, and within an hour we found a bunch of discarded backpacks, some old, some brand new. These contained camo clothing, food and some garlic cloves. We found a ladder up a tree with a wooden pallet attached being used as a lookout, plus a number of black water jugs. A follow-up patrol of the same area by another VOP group uncovered four hay bale-size bags full of marijuana. It is our belief that the original search on Day One disrupted a group of drug traffickers who dropped their packs and drugs and fled to the mountains. (VOP handed these drugs to local authorities).

During expeditions on Day Two we uncovered hundreds of identical packs, more black water jugs, clothing items and several fresh packs which contained mobile phone chargers, fresh bread and food, lighters and mirrors for signaling. Once again, we had almost intercepted another group. At this time, the enormity of the problem it became apparent to me – be it drug, illegals, and / or human trafficking.

The following night, after receiving a tip-off from a local who reported hearing people moving at night, we searched a new area with a small team. We positioned a sniper team on a hill whilst we searched the valley. It was just after midnight when we witnessed an “amazing” green and red laser show between local Ranchers and the surrounding mountains. My team decided to drive down the road near the Ranch whilst the sniper team watched from their position. As we drove close to the Ranch, the flashing pattern of the lasers changed and disappeared. The team witnessed firsthand Ranchers aiding trafficking by signaling with traffickers. It was at this moment that VOP decided it was imperative to take the Mountains from the Cartels, if we had any hope of disrupting trafficking through the area. Evidence found in these exact locations on following expeditions proved that these areas had been, and were being, used by traffickers.

During my time working with VOP, I found undeniable proof of trafficking. The area is absolutely being used for the purpose of drug and human trafficking. Any inference to the contrary is false and strengthens the argument that those involved in trying to discredit the efforts and the evidence, are either involved in this trade or have other motives – most likely financial – for not wanting the true extent of this problem uncovered.

On Day Four of our 10 Day mission in Arizona, I met a young female journalist named TAY WILES. Tay had just met with Lewis and some other volunteers at camp and stopped near the entrance of camp as my group and I returned from patrol. Tay had been driven back to the entrance of camp by another veteran, because her car was unable to make the journey through the 4WD track to camp. Tay stopped to chat with me, as she was interested in understanding why two Australians had come such a long way to help. Everyone was understandably cautious to speak with the media, given the media’s unwillingness to report the truth. I said:

 “If you want to stop child trafficking, you need to report the truth and do proper research as to the level of this world-wide issue, otherwise you are part of the problem.”

Tay agreed she would do her prerequisite homework; so, I told her to research Fiona Barnett to help her understand the extent of the problem and how child trafficking is globally connected. I told Tay that the fact that child trafficking is a global problem was one of the main reasons I traveled from Australia to help.

Tay requested links and I agreed to provide them if she was willing to truthfully and accurately report on what she found. I had hopes that she would not turn out to be another bullshit reporter with an agenda. I told her if she wanted to see what was truly going on, an expedition was leaving at 5am the following morning. Apparently, the opportunity to do some reporting was incidental to her story, and instead of meeting the group at 5am, Tay turned up to camp in the afternoon. It was at this time that she got upset after being questioned by Lewis regarding her true intentions for her article. Seems like a reasonable question to me. If you want to report on trafficking activity, probably a good idea to go out when the trafficking is happening. Just a suggestion.

Tay left camp licking her wounds and went back to her hotel leaving her photographer to go out on an afternoon trek with me and two others. We showed the photographer a nearby property which, in our opinion, seemed suspicious. What we found was a fake owl on an abandoned car, the Eye of Horus painted on a sign, a brand-new air conditioning unit attached to an abandoned and boarded up building, a fence pulled up, and clear markings of people crossing under the property (which just so happened to be on the same route as the 62 people Border Patrol reported seeing over a 12 HOUR period). But I guess that’s just a massive and explainable coincidence.

After that small trek, the cameraman went home, and we didn’t see either of them again.

Later that night, we trekked back to the same “Eye of Horus” property. There we witnessed more laser light communications, like those exchanged between the ranchers and the mountains. We didn’t see evidence of human trafficking that night but tested the theory that the lights would disappear on our approach, which they did. This is what I find the most shocking. The fact that Blind Freddy can see what’s going on in the area but no one in the media has the balls to report the truth let alone do any proper investigative reporting. Tay never even came out on patrol yet wrote an article based on what I can only assume was the photographer’s account of what he was shown, and then she used her ‘gap-filler’ style storytelling to support her own predetermined narrative.

Here is the link to Tay Wiles’ HIT PIECE against VOP which supports child traffickers:

High Country News do not care about the American West’s kids!

Instead of interviewing key witnesses and credible volunteers, Tay chose to interview an unhinged local who has done nothing but threaten VOP members and try to sabotage search and rescue missions. Tay, you had an opportunity here to do your job and report truth to your readers. You didn’t do that. Instead, you tried to portray an unhinged local (with a mere 300 likes on her Facebook Page) as the authority on what is happening in the area. Perhaps VOP and its 60,000 followers have more credibility; but I guess focusing on the number of people who support VOP and who are concerned about this issue, direct conflicts with your predetermined narrative.

Pedophile Protector RACHEL KRAUSE is backed by her ‘Law Enforcement Husband’ KEITH KRAUSE plus Craig Sawyer of fake advocacy group V4CR.

Tay, here’s a story for you. Why don’t you report on the violence being directed at VOP members by the pedophile protecting scum you chose to glorify in your article? The psychopath you interviewed, RACHEL KRAUSE operates under the protection of her ‘law enforcement husband’ KEVIN KRAUSE, in collaboration with fake advocate Craig Sawyer and his money hungry, rescues-no-kids V4CR.

Update: Here are the contact details for KEITH & RACHEL KRAUSE. Be sure to pay them a visit, because they are keen to tell the public why they harass veterans and their disabled children:

KEITH ERIC KRAUSE: (520) 240-0269

RACHEL CAREY KRAUSE: (520) 303-6986


Keith Kraus’ contact details.

Rachel Krause and her psychopathic group committed the following criminal acts with the approval of the following authorities who are implicated in child trafficking:

  • CHRIS MAGNUS, Chief of Police, Arizona Police Department (currently under investigation for covering up child sex trafficking in California).
  • MARK NAPIER, Pima Country Sheriff

The heinous acts committed by RACHEL KRAUSE and her criminal gang named ‘Warriors Against VOP Alpha Co. – The Real Truth include:

  • Firing guns next to the VOP camp;
  • Scattering nails at the entrance;
  • Slashing VOP volunteers’ tires;
  • Sending death threats to volunteers online;
  • Threatening an ex-fire fighter 911 twin towers HERO, to have funding for her autistic child removed, and have CPS seize her youngest child, plus publishing and mocking her autistic child’s photo online;
  • Boasting on social media about stealing the American flag donated to VOP by a War Veteran’s widow;
  • Harassing and threatening a double amputee War Veteran and his family;
  • Locating volunteers’ home addresses and reporting these to CPS;
  • Harassing volunteers’ workplaces;
  • Lodging vexatious and false complaints to the US Postal Service to shut down mail to VOP veterans. This removed their access to funding and medical services. Following counter complaints from VOP, and a subsequent investigation by the postal service, VOP were granted a full apology and free mail delivery for a year.

Here are some of the scum who work with Rachel Krause and CIA operative Craig Sawyer, and their criminal acts:

Slashed tires:

Nails scattered on road with intention to damage Veterans’ property:

Rachel Krause with the stolen CASKET FLAG donated to VOP by a WAR VETERAN’S WIDOW:

Here is a video of Rachel Krause boasting about stealing a casket flag that a war veteran’s widow asked to be flown by the VOPs in honor of her late husband:


Taunting & threatening 911 Hero Fire Fighter:

Abusing Lewis:

Threats of violence:

Tay, Rachel Krause boasted online after your hit piece was published, that she was still in contact with you. Is this true? Do you support Rachel Krause and her harassment of 911 and war veteran heroes?

how about you write an article exposing these people and ask yourself (or allow your readers to ask):

  1. Why these people are committed to covering this up?
  2. Why they want VOP to fail in their mission to save children from sex trafficking?
  3. What are they getting out of it?
  4. Is it simply money or does it go deeper?

Tay, the biggest problem with reporters like you is that you are writing for the minority and trying to discredit the majority. This is the single biggest reason why people are turning away from fake news outlets and searching for the truth from those people willing to tell it.

If you had any intention of writing a true expose about trafficking, you would have asked the right questions and you certainly would have taken up the opportunity to witness trafficking for yourself. A real reporter would question, ‘Why are so many people trying to cover this up? Why are good people are being threatened for simply doing the right thing? For wanting to expose this horrific trade and hopefully end it?

Tay, why are you invested in covering up the truth?

The fact that your article was clearly aimed at creating division between Democrats and Republicans demonstrates your motive and intention. Being an Australian, I am neither Republican or Democrat. I simply chose to do what was right and use my skills to help end child trafficking. You had the same opportunity: to use your skills to educate your readers on the true nature of the world and to possibly help garner support for the cause. But you didn’t. You chose to deliver nothing more than one-sided bullshit, and after reading your article I can completely understand why the #walkaway movement has gathered so much momentum in the US. You are doing more good for Trump’s campaign then you could possibly imagine. So please keep it up.

Tay, I didn’t need 3 months to write my response article. The desire to spread the truth doesn’t take someone telling it that long to get it out. I documented everything each day I trekked, and you can see it for yourself at

As I made clear in my initial conversation with you, reporters who continually cover up this issue, and who fail to report the truth about what is happening, are as guilty and as repulsive as the perpetrators of these horrific crimes.

Feel free to travel to New Mexico to write a “cover-up” piece about the camp that was just discovered and bulldozed, the camp which trained undocumented kids to undertake terrorist attacks in schools, and where the body of a 3 year- old boy sacrificed in a satanic ritual was found.

These horrendous stories continue to get exposed, as does the mainstream media’s attempts to cover them up. Your time is running out to have any creditability with the public. You had a chance to expose these criminals and save victims, but instead you chose to keep them hidden. The mainstream media is slowly dying, as people expose the truth and disseminate and report information themselves. The media’s role is to expose the truth so that people can choose to vote, protest, or act to protect kids being trafficked across the border.

Let me do some factual reporting:

  • VOP discovered and reported a child sex trafficking camp that was located on Cemex property and has not back-flipped on their original story.
  • VOP has actually saved children from trafficking.
  • VOP has handed over illegals to Border Patrol.
  • VOP discovered a child’s skull.
  • VOP uncovered that the Property owned by Cemex is at the centre of trafficking activity.
  • VOP found approximately 100 pounds of marijuana and handed this over to authorities.
  • VOP has witnessed heavily armed cartel members trafficking people into the Reservations.
  • VOP members have witnessed groups of women and children being moved late at night from houses.
  • VOP has continued to operate patrols every day since discovering the sex trafficking camp.
  • Over the last 3 years VOP has also housed and rehabilitated hundreds of homeless Veterans at Bravo Base and saved many lives. They feed and provide water and clothing for hundreds more homeless on a weekly basis. This was their primary focus over the last 3 years until they accidently found a child sex trafficking camp and refused to roll over like the other weak people that back flipped once pressured. This has all be done with the community donating supplies as they refuse to take any money! This would have to be the most efficient and cost-effective group in the USA helping Veterans and homeless and should be applauded for their great work not slandered by crap, lazy reporters.

It’s amazing what you will find when you are willing to trek and actually report on the truth. Most of the above evidence has occurred in the same time it took you to write your shit article.


Note: Rachel and Keith Krause are using the same tactics that Australian Luciferian Pedophiles use to silence victims and whistle blowers. These people obviously work for the CIA child traffickers. We urge the public to lodge complaints against the following who are complicit to child trafficking in Arizona:

  • KEITH KRAUSE, local law enforcement
  • CHRIS MAGNUS, Chief of Police, Arizona Police Department (currently under investigation for covering up child sex trafficking in California).
  • MARK NAPIER, Pima Country Sheriff
  • TAY WILES, High Country News ‘Journalist’ (Mobile: 415-730-8991)
  • High Country News:


Update: Here are the contact details for KEITH & RACHEL KRAUSE. Be sure to pay them a visit, because they are keen to tell the public why they harass veterans and their disabled children:

KEITH ERIC KRAUSE: (520) 240-0269

RACHEL CAREY KRAUSE: (520) 303-6986



John B. Wells Threatens Victims of CIA Child Trafficking

Well, if you took ‘Caravan to Midnight’ host John B. Wells’ IQ and doubled it – you’d have room temperature. These elite super soldier wannabes are scraping the bottom of their ideas barrel, and given their lack of creative ability, they are now enacting some dodgy ‘Plan B’ options.

Listen as Wells spews out a rant of threats directed at victims and their support people. The bad stuff begins at 1 hour 45 minutes.



Update: John B. Wells is losing followers. (I was also told that his wife Brendee is CIA.)

Hollywood Pedos Hefner, Beatty, Nicholson, Polanski & Matthau

Marianne Bernard names the Hollywood pedophile ring that raped her as a child. Her perpetrators included:

  • Hugh Hefner
  • Warren Beatty
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Roman Polanski
  • Walter Matthau
  • Robert Evans

Here are some of Marianne’s tweet concerning her perpetrators. Her comments concerning CIA asset Shirley MacLaine blackmailing former Australian Premiere Andrew Peacock to establish Nugen-Hand Bank is interesting in light of Eliah Priest’s (@Ensin17) recent drop of CIA documents concerning the very same CIA bank.


Fiona Barnett Covers New Material with Out of the Gate


Thank you to ITNJ members for their respectful approach to interviewing me, and publishing my witness testimony.


By Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 5, 2018 at 10:26 P.M. CST

I was contacted by Out of the Gate for comment regarding a situation between Fiona Barnett and Russ Dizdar.

I have been following Fiona for a while so I was interested.

I became briefly acquainted with Dizdar during a rather contentious email exchange I had with L.A. Marzulli, which eventually included emails with Dizdar, who is an associate of Marzulli. I originally contacted Marzulli regarding his cozy relationship with Rev. Richard Grund.

Grund is most well known for his involvement in the Casey Anthony murder trial and operates a demon fighting business called Supernatural Response Team.

Dizdar has produced radio programs with Grund, as has Marzulli.

I interviewed Grund in 2009 regarding his involvement in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case. Grund told me he was a (former) Satanist and once had a face to face encounter with a ‘fallen watcher’.

During interviews he talked about two year-old Caylee Anthony and told me that she flirted with men and owned three pair of sunglasses. He told me she was a small version of her mother, Casey Anthony, who acted like a whore.

Then – Grund said something astonishing.

He told me that Casey Anthony was not Casey anymore – he told me her body was taken over by a Babylonian god named Moloch, which, he said, demanded the sacrifice of babies. .


Grund believed Caylee was becoming Casey – he believed Casey was actually Moloch – and Moloch demanded the sacrifice of babies.


Take a look at something Grund’s colleague, Wayanne Kruger, told me during an interview. She said, I hope Grund didn’t kill HaLeigh Cummings in “another one of his frickin exorcisms.”

Do you still think Casey Anthony killed little Caylee?

Think again.

The following is snippet from my email to Marzulli.

In addition to the information I already gave you regarding Grund, I have information that’s never been heard.

I have evidence from inside Richard Grund’s inner circle that he was involved with the production of Caylee Anthony “Voodoo Dolls” that were being sold on E-Bay. I also have evidence that members of Grund’s Supernatural Response Team (actually a satanic cult) put out a story in the media that Roy Kronk (the man that pointed police to the area Caylee’s body was located) used to tie his wife up with duct tape in bed (Caylee’s mouth had duct tape on it).

Richard Grund and his cult members were assisting him in covering up for his involvement in Caylee’s murder. He was actively attempting to implicate others. He went so far in his criminal activities that he used Cobra the Bounty Hunter and commissioned the kidnapping of a second child (HaLeigh Cummings).

I recently submitted drop-dead PROOF to the FBI, FDLE, and U.S. Court that child rape pornography of HaLeigh Cummings was taken. The names of the individuals that possessed and distributed the child porn, are individuals I also have on tape discussing their relationship with Grund, and their plans to make a movie with him. They were all associates and business partners having conference calls, setting up funding, fraudulent online frauds, etc. I have it all in audio and email documentation.

To understand the magnitude of what I have in my possession – their Mob boy called and threatened to murder me again in February, 2015 (it’s in the police records of East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND because be called twice).

     – Timothy Charles Holmseth to L.A. Marzulli / 2015

Tonight I read an article by Fiona Barnett entitled Russ Dizdar is Another Michael Aquino Butt Boy.

In the article Barnett said, “In fact I was contacted years ago by victims who sought counseling from Russ Dizdar, and they told me that he abused them, and that he is actually a perpetrator of mind control. I have also heard from the spouse of a deliverance minister who worked with Dizdar that he is a fake.”

I cannot comment on Barnett’s assessment of Dizdar because I don’t know him.


I told Dizdar what I knew about Grund and he was rather defensive. “To claim anyone is a Satanist is a big issue, it must have clear evidence and if not the slander is of satan (satan is the slanderer of Gods people Rev/12),” Dizdar said.

It does not escape me that Dizdar and Grund seem to be in the same type of ‘ministry’.

I for one believe Fiona Barnett is a real good read.

For more information about about my work on Caylee Anthony case you can read my eBook Babylonian Funeral: The Satanic Ritual Sacrifice of Caylee Anthony

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