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Mainstream media articles concerning Fiona’s testimony–includes-politicians-.html


Mainstream media articles re Fiona’s advocacy efforts:


Australian doctor targeted by infiltrated University & Health Board:


Ritual Abuse & Torture in Australia (2006) ASCA

Click to access Salter-M-2006-Ritual-Abuse-and-Tortute-in-Australia.pdf


  1. This is amazing. are you people telling me that during my private session with Justice Coate when I was telling her that myself and others were drugged and taken from the boys home by police to the Judges house, she more than likely knew. What’s being done ? I only came across Fiona’s story today then Carl Orme’s story. Now everything makes sense. They got me the bastards. The same way as Carl, set up by the police. I noticed that both Carl and Gordon were born in 65 the same year as me. All those I can recall from Alkira were like myself blonde hair blue eyes. Seems like we were sort of lucky at Alkira because they drugged us before we left and used gas when there.All this validates so much of what I been saying of my experience that I knew no one would believe, could believe. Even I was so shocked at Fiona’s claims I nearly had a doubt and I’ve been through it. Great work and let me help any way I can.

    December 5, 2015

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