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Cancel the Cabal, 16 December 2015, with David Shurter

Rabbit hole book

Australia’s most vocal child abuse victim pairs up with her USA counterpart David Shurter for an explosive expose on international child sex trafficking, VIP pedophilia, ritual abuse & military programming.

Pedophiles Down Under Fiona Barnett & David Shurter on Cancel the Cabal Show


Top Comment:

“Please, Please, please get these two back on again. The 1st hour was slow but man did it pick up in the 2nd half.Fireworks. Volcanos, emotions, it was amazing and delightful. They were wonderful. They inspired each other. They were full of information built up pent up anger and passion. I hung on every work. The best damn radio show I ever listened to. I know here these coming from they are legitimate authentic, the real deal. My computer caught fire playing this. Just what the doctor ordered.”



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