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  1. Amanda Prosser #

    So extremely proud of you. I will always stand with you. You have my undying respect & admiration. My life is enriched by your presence. Stay strong. Much Peace & Much Love – Amanda

    October 27, 2015
  2. Gordon Hislop #

    Full credit to you Fiona. This is the dawning of the Age of Enlightenment and as has been said by others, people will look back on all of this in times to come in amazement as to how it all could have happened. I hope there is enough support to bring these revelations into full view, like the Wood Royal Commision did. i remember well when it was revealed that Qantas couriered 2 plane loads of unaccompanied minors from the Phillipines to a Whitsunday location to be abused before crew members threatened to go public if it ever happened again.During the Wood Royal Commission investigation into this particular matter a High Court Judge hung himself rather than face the commission in relation to these events. It;s time to expose this aspect of our collective for what it is.

    November 3, 2015
    • Elle #

      Yes and I would add–plan on a bumpy ride, folks. These representatives of the dark have learned their lessons over the millennia. They hide in plain sight, gather respectability, power and look like everyone else. It’s especially easy to do in the “age of reason and rational thought”. The quote attributed to C. Baudelaire is apropos here, “The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you he does not exist.” (from French)

      Thanks to courageous individuals like Fiona Barnett (AUS) and Arizona Wilde (USA) as well as the diligence of those who have brought this horror to the surface with concrete evidence (Assage+) humanity is awakening to the sad reality of the negative field once again. The ultimate battle between good and evil still rages. We may understand it differently, more intelligently but it’s still the old battle. So, hold on everyone–worldwide. Keep the faith that the humans among us who perpetuate the dark forces through innocent blood (as always) can be taken down hard and pushed back once again.

      Fight the good fight in the light. Love and compassion are the answer. Make it so.

      November 21, 2016
    • Please, if you make an assertion …..especially about a person in authority having been found guilty of a crime or having acted so as to escape punishment by law, DO INSERT A LINKED REFERENCE TO VALIDATE YOUR ASSERTION. Most of the problems in society and in the court system are caused by WHAT PEOPLE ASSERT OR ALLEGE , while having no bona fide factual evidence i.e, FACTUAL PROOF , to validate their claims. The whole court system thrives on pieces of paper sourced from one “unquestioned and uniinvestigated source” such as CPS to Police, thence to a Magistrate or Judge, who then just ASSUME that what is in front of them on a piece of paper, is factual and true. The problem is that the Legal system is so full of semi illiterate morons with their own little power base agendas, who can get away with putting to court, documents cln mta
      whatever they wish to, that a defendant is then forced to rely upon Lawyers who are all part of the same crazy mixed up scenario in the hope that the Lawyer they end up with can sort out who has spread false and malicious lies and innuendo about a Defendant. They act as they do because they either personally don’t like the Defendant or the type of crime they stand accused of, and because they have then opted to adopt a “Self-conviction” as to the “assumed” guilt of the Defendant, because the person who fed them the information upon which they get to ” act upon”, has already done just that.

      January 3, 2017
  3. The truth is there, just many people refuse to accept it. What they do is try to make out we are sick, or liars. But true Survivors know the truth. Very soon this country I hope will get to see all the truth. Instead of focusing on just catholic churches and salvation army, try looking at state and local Mp’s from the eighties that frequented the Cross. Or look into the refuge called the homeless children’s association Darlinghurst. 3 of them so far I have sent to prison., The rest soon should follow. If you are good at research you can locate all this info yourself. What saddest of all are there are people who are running around trying to discredit all abuse victims in any way they can. You can not dispute facts: I hope that the truth is revealed, what ever that is 🙂 ❤

    November 20, 2015
  4. William #

    Still waiting for Molly Meldrum’s abuse of orphans during his visits in the 80’s to be made public. Prick deserves what he gets. Just because you pay people off doesn’t mean the truth will stay hidden.

    December 3, 2015
    • Trev #

      where did this occur?

      July 16, 2016
    • Trev #

      Where did this occur at William . What happened?

      July 16, 2016
    • Marty Boy #

      Well said! I heard Molly Meldrum raped a boy of 12 years of age in this flat in Prahran, during the 1980s. The Flat was owned by a notorious Kiwi pervert, called, Arnold Barry Eaton, whom ran an interior decoration business, called, “scruples interiors”. I met this sleazy pervert, back around 1983(as a child) in a public park. This Kiwi sleazeball molested my little mate, Alex.Long story, look up the VCAT case, Arnold Barry Eaton VS Suzanne Janet Owens, says much about “uncle Arnold’s” true nature.

      November 17, 2016
  5. Hi, Our shareholder club are very worried by claims at the Senate Inquiry into Foreign Bribery about very strange legal ethics in Victoria. For reasons that MPs are looking into, Men who visit Asian Orphanages appear to get let off for reasons that aren’t given to lawyers for an anti-abuse refuge for the intellectually disabled. Coincidentally the disabled group had a hand in some cases that either jailed carers or helped bureaucrats leave the disability sector. Coincidentally the ethics squad wanted to know all about. Having watched the tactics in 60 Minutes that these legal beagles use with guns for hire, the legal tactics blew up in the Catholic’s faces. Whistleblowers’ tips about corporate cases are so very prophetic that the FBI asked witnesses what they knew. We want the Catholics sued for affecting our share prices. I’m sure you can understand that if the cops and your Royal Commission won’t get them, the shareholders will wipe their trickery out in the USA with real investigators. Better still, the US SEC pays a reward if the corporations are Fined, and the Corporation can sue these Catholic “ethics officials”. Get the complicit cover upper erers we say.

    December 8, 2015
  6. Adam Kaplan #

    I’m shocked, stunned and saddened by what I’ve read in your blog Fiona.

    All power to you and I wish you all the very best.

    Hopefully social medial can be put to good use to bring to light what appears to have been so effectively shrouded for so long. I have and will continue to share.


    December 15, 2015
  7. Gary Blyth #

    How many of the disgusting creatures are being protected and what can we do about it?

    January 13, 2016
  8. David Telfer #

    Truely you are a national asset. The simple word thankyou can’t convey my gratitude.
    Most people cannot accept that those running many of our cultural institutions could be so two faced, but the evidence is hidden in plain site. It wasn’t until 2013 while living in Wooloomooloo, I would go out onto the roof of my building I realized that HARRY SIEDLERs Horizon building in Forbes St is an enormous effigy of moloch/satan. It stands alone on a hill overlooking NSW parliament house, the reserve bank opposite, and the financial district beyond. Only after reading of bohemian grove did I understand what that entailed. I realized that their game wouldn’t be complete without a sacrifice at the feet of their idol, and began warning people there would be a terrorist attack or car bomb in Martin Place. All such events are orchestrated by these El-ite.

    January 24, 2016
  9. Phil Hingston #

    Hi Fiona,

    I don’t know what exactly to say about the revelations you have provided. I feel sick to my stomach at what what you (and many other CHILDREN) have had to endure at the hands of these monsters.

    Today they will nominate someone to be “The Australian Of the Year”. They may or may not deserve it.

    I would like to nominate YOU as THE AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR!!! Firstly, for what you have endured. Secondly, for having the strength to have survived this terrible ordeal. And thirdly, for having the courage and guts to seek justice for the other victims of these atrocities, and to pursue the culprits until society sees that there is an perverse evil within, masquerading as the “protectors” of all that is decent and wholesome in our society, while victimising the most innocent members of society- namely helpless children.

    Jesus said something along the lines of, “whosoever touches the hair on their heads, he will burn in hell for eternity”. I fully subscribe to that sentiment.

    January 25, 2016
    • It is unfortunate that so many People still rely on “God” or “Jesus” to answer prayer and solve man-made problems. They don’t and they wont because they can’t. It will only be when those who persist in relying upon figments of their imagination, which were put into their heads by like-minded souls(even if well meant), get up and take meaningful action to change the system under which we have all succumbed to, to run and ruin our lives, that actual change for the better, can and will result.
      The most usual way as history attests, that real social change against those in power takes place, is by a Civilian Revolution. Those in authority of course, will call it Anarchy….so that they can then punish anyone who dares to challenge their authority. Check out the history of the French Revolution with a Google and search, and you will get the picture.
      Those in power want to hold onto it for dear life. To ensure they do, they put in place an antagonistic system of society. That is, they pit each of against the other, in every aspect of life. Profiting at the expense of others, is the system we live under. It started in Australia America, with creating separate states within what you are then led to believe is “Your own country”, each with different civic and civil control structures. That is why when you go “Interstate”, you can never feel that you are other than a “foreigner” while there, unless you settle there and change all your documents, licences, permits etc, and comply with your “NEW STATES LEGISLATION”.
      I mean…for starters, why the hell do we all need a different driving licence and vehicle rego regimes in each state? Then look at Local council regulations etc !!!!
      The way that the social services and law, Military forces and Police are set up, is on a Federal Level first, then on a State Level, this keeps a power barrier between “Those with local authority, and those with the ultimate authority at the Federal Level”.
      It is within this “Administrative nightmare” between States, that we all still willy nilly go along with what suits THOSE IN POWER. Politicians spend all their time amending legislation calculated to punish the plebians and to protect the self-interests of themselves. Those who become politicians, are like mistletoe on the tree………Parasites. The “work” they do is all about keeping people in suspense as to who between them wins the next round in Parliament.

      No wonder Australians are so disempowered that they immediately fall foul of authority when things go awry in their lives.
      Yet, like the sheeple they are, they just keep on going along with the system that controls every aspect of their lives, as if there is no alternative.
      They are right…….there never will be as long as the masses just keep on paying lip service to their authority masters.
      It should be obvious by now to those who follow a “Blind Faith” that it is of no use to keep on praying for the miracle of “meaningful change for the better”……ONLY CONCERTED AND MASSIVE HUMAN UNDERDOG INTERVENTION EVER CAN AND WILL REMEDY IT.
      So who is going to start “The Revolution we have to have”????

      Do the words of Paul Keating and the revelations made by Fiona come to mind ?

      January 3, 2017
  10. Just read your piece on The Relevance of Intelligence.
    I thought I could go on and on about a topic I’m passionate on..
    I consider myself a divergent thinker.
    The patterns I interpret and threads I draw together are derived from my ability to decipher the gestalt I innately see.
    If I had of went to school after grade 3 I may have been labelled a “gifted” child.
    I thought my ability to read faces/body language and inflection/tone of voice as an aspect of a trauma imbued brains hyper vigilance. .
    Same for the speed in which I think.
    I assumed because my reticular activating system is stuck on full throttle on threshold oscillation and peak gamma band. (and beyond).
    “Gifted” isn’t the word I would personally use to describe this condition.
    Some may perceive it as a gift. Those that endure it learn to navigate the world on their own as they come to the terms that they just don’t think like most of their fellow pilgrims on life journey. Also just like any other placental mammal we learn how to engage the world from watching how others go about it, and my ability to orientate my moral compass in the moral/ethical void of the total institutional environment that was my lot, I put down to more mirror neurons than most. Maybe a denser grouping of mirror neurons in the denser brain of those with the right genetics. Did you write the psychology 101 article ?

    January 28, 2016
    • Mate…you should be on the stage…….THE NEXT ONE OUTA TOWN !

      January 3, 2017
  11. this site is so needed,but please check spelling of pedophile!,the American way may make people skip it x

    February 2, 2016
    • Gary Blyth #

      I agree entirely that people not politicians should make any decisions regarding homosexual behaviour and homosexual marriage unfortunately, most Australians know little or nothing about this freely chosen, extremely dangerous culture. In my most recent post, I presented a number of publications which do expose this disgusting lifestyle.

      February 2, 2016
  12. Fred Bloggs #

    I believe you 100% I am a sceptical atheist who at 50 has come into contact with a group like this…who groomed my now ex-girlfriend. We have to organise. The trouble is that many have been driven mad by their experiences and so hard to pick through the pieces of the what they have to tell. It is also, even if still sane, to try to relay something in a coherent way when so much pain is involved. Well done the videos are superb because people just don’t get that these things can happen on an ordinary housing estate. If this site goes down please get in touch via email with all of us. Store emails off your computer please.

    February 5, 2016
  13. Phil #


    Further to the terrible subject of this site, if anyone is still doubting the veracity of the testimonies and evidence provided, you may like to draw this video to their attention.

    Skip to 1hr 19min mark (unless you are interested in financial/economic collapse)

    February 16, 2016
  14. Sorry I called myself Fred Bloggs last time as I thought it would be a screen name. My name is Tom de Havas. Here are links to two important videos that won’t be up for long.

    Good luck and thank you for being so brave as to make your story public.

    Tom 🙂

    Also a bit American but there is some good radio here

    February 18, 2016
  15. Hello Mrs Barnett. i am your supporter in Adelaide. i wrote an article about you at an American website on February 22. Here is the link. I cannot thank you enough, on behalf of society.

    “The Satanism Situation, per Fiona Barnett, and YOUR Campaign for Political Office” (views: 444)

    P.S. The title of the article means I am asking my American compadres to run for ofice to replace the current legislators. Please email me. Address:

    or please see my Youtube video “The Fodder note” (my show at Adelaide Fringe on Feb 16) at a channel called Flipsidenews. Thank you. Your video is the best thing that ever happened to us.

    February 26, 2016
  16. Neita Pope #

    Thankyou so much for your incredible bravery in speaking out. I will always pray that the one true and living God covers and protects you from any sudden death.
    Pray that you continue on speaking out and that God keeps healing you spirit, soul and body.
    Shalom (Gods greatest Peace)
    Neita Pope

    March 3, 2016
  17. As a staunch supporter of yours I have to bring it your attention the I have been BLOCKED from either viewing your tweets or posting any of my own to you.
    Hmmmm……very strange. No who could have done that?


    March 9, 2016
  18. Joshua Turner #

    You are the first person I have experienced that calls people out to the depth needed to turn this self seeking world on it’s head. Don’t ever stop doing what you do so well!
    If ever you need my support in any way I will be there.

    July 16, 2016
  19. Peter O'Connor #

    Dear Mrs Barnett,

    Thank you very much for everything!

    Have you heard of Tory Smith, who recently died?

    Kind regards,
    Peter O’Connor

    July 31, 2016
  20. We bumped into a few pedphile judges in Canada and managed to kill them by exposing their crimes to the world.

    Have a look at the Justice James Taylor page—member-of-judicial-mafia—suspected-murder-victim.html

    and the Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield web pages on out Water War Crimes web site—provincial-court-of-british-columbia—suspected-pedofile—suspected-murder-victim.html

    It gave us all a nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing we assisted to save children from these vermin

    But, their pals on the courts and the Attorney General Ministry are continuing to attack us which suggests a bunch of them are still sitting on the bench and working for the Government of British Columbia which is basically a criminal organization.

    October 10, 2016
  21. Gary Blyth #

    Keep up the excellent work. I would like to see names of lawyers, politicians and judges who have molested teenage boys. We all know who we are talking about! There is some brilliant credible scientific research into homosexual paedophilia. These extracts would be worth exposing as up to 70% of homosexual males have interfered with underage boys and this is admitted by homosexuals themselves. As far as I am concerned, those that indulge in this behavior are psychologically deranged!!

    November 2, 2016
  22. Never mind about name and shame……………..NAME AND SHOOT !

    November 2, 2016
  23. Lauren #

    I’m so sorry this has happened and is currently happening. I’m praying for you and all those innocent children. I don’t know how I can help, but if there is something I can do please contact me .

    November 7, 2016
  24. kirsty #

    Hi so proud of you Fiona.I support you 100% and believe your telling the truth.I also am a victim the army in Wodonga victoria protected my perpetrator he should of gone to Jail but never was arrested or questioned because the priest at Latchford Barricks hid his crime.These evil people need to be exposed.If i can help in any way i will.So very proud of you.

    November 10, 2016
  25. Elle #

    Saw your documentary today. I am astounded and amazed that you have found the courage to come-out and report these crimes against humanity. Few would. You are a credit to the world, Fiona. We need more like you. You are standing up for the innocents that cannot speak for themselves any longer as well as those who are now and possibly will be abducted, abused and murdered at the hands of these power-brokers. In the USA we are aware of the political/military/religious connections to these sects and the figures that perform such horrors. It goes all the way to the POTUS but few are willing to believe this truth. Such an admission challenges the “sleepers'” reality of iphones, fake safety from terrorism false-flags and Hollywood celebs who are a drain on society, in general. I’ve been following this subject since the story broke in the UK. Since, a man from Belgium posted a comment on He states he has been studying this criminal ring of perpetrators for over 30-years and has written several books on the subject. He did not give his name but listed one book as Child Hunters. Here is the link:

    November 15, 2016
  26. Elle #

    Paul Keating has a Wikipedia bio hailing his accomplishments. Unfortunately, right now, it does not include child rapist, abuser, murderer and cover-up artist. He, like the rest, will receive the justice they deserve.

    November 15, 2016
    • Marty Boy #

      Well said! Esp the boys from Indonesia

      November 17, 2016
  27. Helen Rolls #

    Hello Fiona, I was in shock after seeing Cathy Obrien In America, I’d heard of you over there, but have just listened to a few of your vids, but my question is – How do you know If there is anyone in this country that could hold a proper inquest about all this, ?

    November 17, 2016
  28. Niamh #

    I think you are amazing! It is a wonderful thing that such ferocious and tenacious (and kind) souls come to this earth to live through the greatest darkness and drag it into the light. You are truly a force to be reckoned with!
    All of the children that have survived this evil and have the strength now to fight this fight as adults, could quite possibly be Angels in disguise. I think you are all truly extraordinary human beings.
    The great (and wonderful) irony here, is that you were chosen for your strength and IQ to be part of MKultra and it is these very qualities that have equipped you with tools to fight this phenomenal fight. I wish you all the best and may you be loved and protected all the days of your life 🙂

    November 20, 2016
  29. Gary Blyth #

    According to credible scientific research into the homosexual lifestyle up to 70% of male homosexuals have interfered with a boy under the age of consent.

    November 21, 2016
  30. Wei Lin #

    Dear, dear people on this site and Fiona, my sister under Creator God and through Messiah Yeshua,

    Thank you all for your obedience to the call of revealing unpalatable truths to unwilling ears. It’s hard for you but you have been faithful. The enemy is in damage-control but this will provoke them to violence. The message on my heart is large but I will trim it down to two statments:
    * The Papacy IS THE BIBLICAL Antichrist (ie.fake Christ) evil to the core and always has been.
    * Abandoning faith in the Father God and his intermediary Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) is a mistake. It is exactly what your enemy wants you to do. New Age Enlightenment, Kabbalah, Satanism, Witchcraft, Mormonism or Interfaith is what they live and die for. This link is exactly what they DON’T want you to explore…

    November 29, 2016
  31. Danielle #

    No words could tell you how deeply sorry I am to each and every single one of you amazing human beings that these horrific, despicable events took place especially at such an early stage in your lives. It breaks my heart to read you words, i feel pain through them just imagining how awful it all must of really been. I can’t believe this is the world we live in and I have been blind sighted for so long. So much respect and love to all of you for speaking out and trying to help raise awareness for other people this is happening to as well. I have the utmost respect for every single one of you and hope you nothing but utter happiness and closure for the rest of your lives. x

    December 3, 2016
  32. visitor #

    re: Kidman connections….

    re: A little vindication goes a long way…

    Are you following the US pizzagate / spirit cooking scandal ??? This is vindication with a capital V. Crowley black magic rituals, cannibalism, animal sacrifice and child trafficking exposed at the highest level of government by whistleblowers within the government. Mainstream corporate TV & internet outlets are scrambling like mad to censor, downplay and discredit the revelations. The US / EU establishment media cartel is so scared they are now labeling all independent investigative journalism* as “fake news” while the size of their audience is dropping like a rock. Career politicians are moving quickly to create a “ministry of truth” with USD ~$200,000,000 budget in the hope of preventing more leaks. The establishment will censor and spin but they can no longer ignore. They are now on the defensive, freaking out, in full damage control mode.


    December 3, 2016
  33. Ricky Kennedy #

    Dear Fiona,
    You have gone through so much and yet still have faith. Not many do these days. God does not allow these things to happen. He allows men to dig their own graves. You choose to exercise you free will. Jesus does hold you near and dear.
    Those who hurt you will not be allowed to be forgiven. Those who witnessed and assisted will have there day with the one they serve. The victims you speak for, their place in heaven awaits them. There are some people who read this who may not understand faith. Be restful knowing He will be your salvation.

    December 25, 2016
  34. db #

    A message to each and all who have been so greviously abused and are seeking healing.
    The revelations of these horrific crimes against our children and humanity as a whole (pizzagate etc.), has now being picked up by Global Mass Consciousness.
    Very soon, shall we all, but particularly you beautiful souls who have survived the Worst kind of abuses the rest of us can bearly imagine, be ‘riding’ a sunami wave of Truth and Full Disclosure. I previously thought an economical collapse would be the catalyst for humanity rising out of this darkness. No. Turns out each and all of us, together with ‘invisible help’, are not only exposing the heinous crimes of child abuse and pedophilea. Not to mention Devil Worship. It is being revealed to all, to what degree we, as a Species have been Completely enslaved for Eons by these very same dark forces.
    For those of you who are suffering the past. Dont just hang in there. Get your surfboards out and ride this wave home to a New Earth , a new reality. A Truly Fearless world.
    Justice Truth Love. Do Not ‘check out’ before this Is our reality. This is it, for real. X

    January 2, 2017
    • Andy #

      db, you are spot on, everything you say is correct, you are a light worker for sure, good work!!

      January 3, 2017
  35. Andy #

    Hey Fiona, you are a shining light in this world of putrid lies and cover ups, I have known about this shit for many years, it all started in S.A. with the notorious family murders and after a bit of research it didn’t take long to put the pieces together.
    I have tried many times to warn people about this and they just don’t see it because its not on the nightly news. When it is they just think its a one off.
    Also David Ike has been saying this since the nineties in Britton.
    This is such a huge problem all over the world and the truth needs to come out.
    Now that Donald Trump has been voted in things are going to change pretty quickly,
    Steve Bannon, who is in Trumps cabinet ( one of his first picks) was the CEO of Breitbart after the founder Andrew Breitbart got murdered when he said too much about John Podesta, Steve knows everything about these sick perverted scum of the earth and so does trump.
    As soon as they are sworn in they will drain the swamp ( that’s what they mean when they say that). One reason is because Andrew Breitbart was Steve’s best mate and he wants pay backs.
    Trump also knows a lot about this as well and they and their team who are not a part of this filth want to really clean it up once and for all!
    That’s why the MSM and Washington and just about everyone with skeletons in their closet hate trump, and tried everything to not get him elected because they knew if he does get in their days are numbered.
    I have been watching, studying this for years and just wanted to let you know so that you can sleep a bit easier knowing that it will all come to an end soon and these bastards will get what’s coming too them. Then victims of these heinous crimes will finally have some closure and can start the healing process that is long over due while these sumbags rot in prison for the rest of their lives.
    I hope this information puts a little smile on your face for now and you can watch this unfold before your eyes.
    You deserve it after what you have had to endure.
    I take my hat off to you for your bravery and courage for coming forth and telling the truth.
    You are an angel in human form and have helped so many.
    Lots of love and light too you.x


    January 3, 2017
  36. Elle #

    Oh, Andy! If only you are correct. I suppose we’ll find out.

    January 3, 2017
  37. Lina #

    Fiona, you are one in a million and I admire you greatly for standing so strong for justice and truth among so much opposition. Your courage is not of this world (neither are the odds for you being where you are today health wise after literally being in hell on earth for so long). It’s very evident you walk with Him who has over won all the powers polluting this world. Thank you for being who you are, a great inspiration. My prayers are with you and your family!

    January 6, 2017
  38. yes I got the right royal treatment from about 5 to 12 ,Edward hearth in uk and wa m.kirby
    the family
    are protected but I did have all there abn at one time freemason family fund pty ltd
    My Regemental Number 5104795
    Dear Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor General of Australia.
    I am a Dyslexic Man. Pt Alan Hamer 5104795. served Her Majesty, signed Enduring Deeds in 1994 awarded national and international security clearance ,Started 1990 as a Medic 7th Field Ambulance Barracks in Fremantle WA & acted as a Chaplain 1990 to 1994, a security driver with a contracted private company to and did drive Generals, members of the Royal family & VIPs. & Knighted and given names of honour I spent 18 years as a Sole trader building up several Business & with assets up to 6.6 million in 2005. I have been in Christian Ministry, street and some prison ministry since 1982. managed a Crisis Centre in Perth & offered my home to those in need. For over 27 years I was blessed to know a man I called Mr Integrity, my father-in-law Mr Clive Glynne Stokes who was murdered on the 22 December 2005 due to His Estate and making me Trustee of his very large and complicated Trust registered with the Probate Office/Supreme Court of WA. managed by Attorney General Mr Michael Mischins. I was phoned by someone from the Probate Office warning me of corruption, she did not give her name however it is my belief it was Registrar & Lawyer Corryn Rayney, who was later murdered. I have evidence and names of National Security and ASIC agents; I was threatened and told they had connections to ADF. All this information was sent to Dame Quinten Bryce and Tony Abbot, the Federal and State Police and others via registered mail in February 2014. While I have been on the run for several years after exposing those behind the murders and theft of Billions of Dollars from the Trust Fund, Clive Stokes Superannuation Fund and the Charitable Institution Trust. These people as you may know are very well connected and have left me penny-less after several attempts on my Life. Clive Stokes was recorded at the Perth Royal Hospital as a John Doe 22 Dec 05, I was told by Westpac there has been massive fraud and by the ATO in Canberra that my inherited Trust was in the Reserve Bank but it had been changed from a Sole Trader to a Partnership. The Lawyer Richard Bannerman who Clive set up to protect me and the Trust is in league with the murders and the people in high places who are benefiting from the Trust meant for charitable causes. Forged documents have allowed criminals to become my Enduring Power of Attorney.
    Sent to Sir Peter Cosgrove 11.11pm Sunday Dec 18th 2016

    Part 2
    Part 2 I am appealing for Justice. I am concerned for my safety and for that of my partners. Recently a Queen’s Scout named Matthew Fowler sent emails out showing where I currently live. To the people who are responsible for covering up the murders of Clive Stokes and Corryn Rayney and the transfer of the Trust Fund into ASIC in the RBA. I was reported as a missing person and then my business income rental was no-longer put into my Westpac account. When I tried to make a Police Report as instructed to do by Quinten Bryce and Tony Abbot’s deputy and other corps of commissioners I was blocked and turned away. Hammond Lawyers in Perth who were prevented from getting the Trust documents from Probate Office informed me I had a pending Federal Warrant against my name that was previously unknown to me. I am appealing to you for help and assistance as the Governor General and a fellow knight of honour, truth and integrity and because I know that Military Law out ranks Civilian Law. Yours sincerely, Alan Hamer.
    Responce Back From Sir Peter Cosgroves

    Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 12:34 PM
    From: “Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General”
    To: “”
    Subject: RE: My Regimental Number : 5104795 and my Stollen Identity [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
    Dear Mr Harmer

    I refer to your email of 18 December 2016 to the Governor-General. His Excellency has asked me to reply to you on his behalf.

    I am sorry to read of the difficulties that you have experienced. I regret to advise, however, that the Governor-General cannot become involved in matters that have been, or may come before a court or in the matters you have raised.

    May I suggest you liaise with law enforcement authorities and those organisations that may be able to assist you.

    I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution to this matter.

    Yours sincerely

    Mark Fraser LVO OAM
    Official Secretary to the Governor-General

    This if true will rock the EMPIRE ! On a small Island of Australia called Kangaroo Island Lives a Man !
    Possing as the Ramindjeri Gate Keeper
    I Have been commited for about 9 months 24/7 at Gate to Star Heaven We only have one gate keeper Me my Partner Vivian His a Saint I wouldent know where to start but there are those on the Land who know Vivian love at times shines like a White Dove from the Heaven above.
    Alan Hamer aka “NiteHawk” aka “Ramindjeri Gatekeeper”,
    Vivian C Bradley
    It has recently been brought to my attention that my name and Scouting Award honour since 1982, have been internationally defamed online via ie Vivian C Bradley’s and “″&HYPERLINK “″id=100014394848307
    ie Alan Hamer’s non de plume or alias
    facebook profile walls by Alan Hamer on the 23rd then today, Boxing Day, 26th December 2016, posing as Ramindjeri Gatekeeper

    RoyalJester EmpororHas NoCloths
    19 hrs 
    facebook profile walls by Alan Hamer on the 23rd then today, Boxing Day, 26th December 2016, posing as Ramindjeri Gatekeeper thus bringing Ramindjeri Heritage and Lance Gilbert (L.G.)
    Alan Hamer aka “NiteHawk” aka “Ramindjeri Gatekeeper”,
    Vivian C Bradley
    His Excellency the Governor General (GG) thus my Chief Scout of Australia. See Annexures 1,2,3&4 attached to the originating email and appended to the registered mail.
    I hereby declare (and any other associated Black’s Law Dictionary synonyms) that I am henceforth withdrawing any and all implied consent or authority to use my name and Scouting Award titles, audio and audio-visual recordings without my expressed, written permission and fully informed consent, with wet ink signature.
    Any further unsubstantiated slanderous accusations, libel, defamation will incur costs to the amount of $1 000 000 (One million dollars) AUD for each infraction. Legal proceedings will be undertaken to retrieve these costs.
    You will receive this NOTICE via registered mail as well as this email.
    Any future communication from you Alan Hamer and Vivian Bradley will need to be via a lawfully legal representative, called to the Bar Association in South Australia.
    You, Alan Hamer, have been warned once Friday 9th December 2016 when you published your weblog of the 8th, now take this as your and Vivian Bradley’s final warning.
    I shall go to the Kingscote Magistrates Court to apply for South Australian Misconduct Restraining Orders (MROs) against you both. I now formally request that you therefore remove any and all posts, comments on facebook or any other social media especially your weblog and advise you to seek legal advice.
    I trust that you will do your Christian duties on your honour to cease and desist.

    xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I have removed His name as not to incure his wrath so to speak the recording is a classic 😉 all captured every word.
    Yes I had my face book accounts blocked and information delieted and accusations unfounded because I called a scout a spy thats what the dictionary states to be true even blind fready could see what this man was up to While he is still in deniel He wright and confirms to me that what I said was true this man is aware of espinarge ,Sedition, Misprison of treason but who sent him one should ask and why to the peace full place good people adore

    His Excellency the Governor General (GG) thus my Chief Scout of Australia. See Annexures 1,2,3&
    Dear Mr Hamer
    I refer to your email of 18 December 2016 to the Governor-General. His Excellency has asked me to reply to you on his behalf.
    and those organisations that may be able to assist you.
    I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution to this matter.
    Yours sincerely
    Mark Fraser LVO OAM
    Official Secretary to the Governor-General
    The Man in a Mask is on the Land

    On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 5:44 PM, Jordan Hamer wrote:
    Hello Alan/Nighthawk/Alcatraz Man/Ramandjerigatekeeper/Vivian,
    I’ve seen some correspondence
    You have made a claim someone who cares mate with my name at the bottom of the email
    You have made accusation that you are liable
    what crap are you on about now
    Jordan Hamer Hamer airport parking why are you asking such stupid questions
    Are you the one that murdered Clive and Corryn Rayney ?
    please call 000 as im sure wa police would love to hear your story …. i on the other hand have no interest
    You call it crap ? YES!

    Forwarded message ———-
    From: ramandjiri tribe
    Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 7:38 PM
    Subject: Re: hamer parking
    To: Jordan Hamer
    NOTICE and for the Record, Please Identify who are you and who do you work for is this David the Manager or The Accountant for my business and Estate
    Are you the one that murdered Clive and Corryn Rayney ?

    this request if a lawful request regarding the false accusations made in the message from
    To International World Court
    Murder of Corryn Rayney

    My name is Florence. I am a Registered Nurse from South Australia. For the last two months I have been travelling throughout northern NSW with a man by the name of Alan Hamer. He is a dyslexic man and has asked me to write the following letter on his behalf. Although extremely traumatized, I believe this man is honorable and truthful in what he is saying. Professionally, I would say he suffers post traumatic stress, however his stories are consistent and I believe he is of sound mind.
    Alan believes that the reason for Corryn’s murder is connected to a massive amount of fraud, which involves people who hold very powerful positions in national security and the court system. He believes Corryn discovered documents in the Supreme Court and Probate office which put her life in jeopardy.
    I have written here some of Alan’s story and various numbers, accounts and phone numbers he believes are connected.
    Alan has been in hiding and poverty for several years now and in fear of his life. He has made many attempts to contact Mr Rayney, the police and various other government officials but unfortunately, he has come across many obstacles. He believes his sister in-law Jennifer Stokes, who works for national security, is a key player, and has been able to put up road blocks to prevent him from making an official police report.
    There have been documents, in a pdf file, that turned up on my PC regarding Alan. So I fear that every email or phone call I make is being monitored. I am also starting to fear for my own safety given the magnitude of this case.
    I do sincerely hope that this letter gets through to Mr Rayney and an investigation can get under way as soon as possible. I would like to see my friend have the opportunity to come out of hiding, his possessions restored, and justice be served to those who committed these crimes.
    I very much hope to hear from you soon.

    Firstly the death of Corryn Rayney is connected to the murder of Clive Glymns Stokes. A multi billionaire and father of Jennifer Stokes, the key player. He believes Jennifer and Alan’s ex-wife Julie-Anne Hamer murdered Mr Stokes to take control of his trust, worth an incredible amount of money. This is Alan’s account of his death.
    Mr Clive Stokes was my father in law. Father to Julie-Anne Hamer, Jennifer Shirley Stokes, Terry
    Francis Stokes, Darrel Anthony Stokes and Alan Stokes.
    I have known Clive since 1982. He was my father figure, my mentor and my best friend. He was a man of great intelligence and integrity, a peace keeper, a gentleman and extremely compassionate. A man I would risk my own life for. He was also a billionaire.
    In early 2003 Mr Stokes asked me to be the trustee of his estate. Originally I declined as I was myself a multi-millionaire; I had retired, had enough money and didn’t particularly want the drama.
    Later in June after further conversation I accepted the offer to be his trustee on the one condition that I could give every cent away.
    Mr Stokes then set up a huge trust with my accountant, Wayne Martin Sanderson, who had been my accountant since I started business in 1993. Mr Stokes attached the trust to my business
    Parklane Limousines. I was a sole trader, sole proprietor, and sole beneficiary. I was warned by Clive not to have a partnership. Clive basically made me a check book that I could give the money away to people, in secret, who offered me a kindness or I felt required the money to get out of debt.
    Darrel and I were both aware at that time there were a lot of heated arguments between Jennifer and
    Clive. Darrel and I, not aware of what was going, on stayed out of these disagreements.

    On the 19th of December 2005 Mr Stokes came to my home. He seemed agitated, which was out of character for him. He said to me ‘Alan I am gravely concerned what Jennifer is planning to do to you’. I did not tell anyone of this conversation. I could not believe what he said.
    Three days later he died.
    On that day, Thursday the 22nd of November 2005, we played badminton at the Victoria Park
    Recreation Centre. We had been doing this every Thursday for a couple of years, with my wife Julie-Anne.
    That morning was very strange. Julie-Anne normally carried one water container. That morning she had two. I asked her why she had two. She explained that one was for Clive because he doesn’t drink enough water. Clive didn’t drink water usually. He didn’t like the taste of it.
    Normally we played from 9am till 12noon, and then Clive would have a shower and then go see his accountant, Wayne. That day Darrel played with us too. Strangely at 10 minutes to 12 my wife stated she was leaving to go shopping. Perplexed I left with her.
    We sat at Hans Cafe in Victoria Park. Julie-Anne heard an ambulance go past. She turned to me, looked me straight in the eye and said ‘that’s for Clive’. I didn’t take much notice because
    I believed if she really thought that, she would jump up and go back to the recreation centre. It was a very strange thing for her to say. I can also remember Julie-Anne receiving a phone call on her father’s phone while we sat at the Cafe.
    We finished the meal and got back home about half past 12. The home phone was ringing. I picked it up. Darrel was on the line and told me that Clive was dead. He told me that they were playing badminton, and he just fell down. He tried to resuscitate him but he did not revive.
    The ambulance turned up and took him to the hospital. Darrel explained that the paramedics took all his gear. In shock I told Julie-Anne about the phone call from her brother.
    I then proceeded to ring the three major hospitals around Perth trying to find out where the ambulance had taken him. With no luck I tried Royal Perth Hospital a second time. I explained to the person on the line that he arrived by ambulance and possibly dead on arrival. Someone in the background shouted ‘that’s the John Doe’.
    I rang Jennifer next. She said she was in Fremantle. We made a plan to meet at the hospital.
    When I arrived at Royal Perth Hospital I spotted Jennifer already there. Her husband Robert also turned up with Jean, Mr Stokes wife. We were taken into a room. Clive lay naked on a bed except for his badminton shorts. All other personal items were gone. There was bruising around his jaw. I also noticed his cheeks were sucked in, and his teeth missing. Previously he had all his teeth smashed playing squash so he had new teeth drilled into his jaw bone. His teeth were intact when I saw him earlier that day.
    I invited Jean back to my house, but Jennifer refused saying she would take her mother back to her house, at 16a Wrexham St, Bicton. Jennifer handled all the paperwork and I went home. I can’t remember anything else that happened that night.
    The next day Julie-Anne went to her father’s house. On returning home she told me that Darrel had stolen Clive’s Will, all the deeds, and the associated paperwork. Darrel knew nothing of these false allegations until two months later on Australia day. I spent years trying to figure what happened to Clive’s Will and the trust deeds.
    Later I discovered documents that Jennifer had a St Johns Ambulance Licence and was in the ambulance the day her father was taken to the hospital. She also had Clive cremated a few days after his passing, against his spoken and written will.
    The following is Alan’s account of his connection with the Rayney case. He believes that Jennifer attempted to set him up as a patsy. And when this failed, she went after Lloyd Rayney.
    In 2007 I was living at 55 Bank St East Victoria Park Western Australia. This was a warehouse that I converted into a home. The phone number at the house was 08 9361 9251. I was living with my wife Julie-Anne Hamer and my two daughters Tessa May Hamer and Leah Jean Hamer.
    I first heard of the disappearance of Corryn Rayney from the media and my wife who appeared quite obsessed by the case at the time. She got the papers daily and read to me.
    At the time I had a business associate by the name of Clyde Lyndon Allen, who assisted me with one of my businesses, and In return I set him up with a business called Airport Car Detailing.
    In 2006 I accused Clyde of stealing my British passport. Clyde admitted to me at a previous time that he was a mercenary and an ex SAS (Special air service), with an expertise in forgery. He made a comment that my passport was worth $20,000. It vanished on the same day. My wife told me that
    Clyde took it.
    I reported this to my sister in law, Jennifer Shirley Stokes, who I was told was high up in customs.
    She informed me she would take the appropriate steps and monitor his every move with Interpol.
    I also reported a stolen passport to the British Embassy. Two or three months later a passport turned up in my wife’s car, which I believed was not the original.
    A night in early august 2007 Clyde turned up at my house and invited me out for a drink.
    He had already been drinking quite heavily and I felt uneasy given the disappearance of my passport. There were also several other upsetting events which took place over the years. One of them being Clyde falsely accusing me of having an affair with an employee by the name of Jane Dixon.
    Despite my misgivings I felt that Clyde was attempting to make amends with me that night. We walked across the road to the Carlyle Hotel. Unexpectedly my wife came with us. It was strange because she made all the original accusations towards Clyde.
    After a couple of drinks my wife informed me that she just heard that Corryn’s body had been found in a shallow grave in Kings Park. She explained to me where exactly. I assumed that my wife, and Clyde who appeared to also know about the grave, got this information from the media.
    Also strangely that evening a woman who I did not recognise or had any interaction with, randomly stood up and started singing. She pointed to us and invited Clyde and I joined to join in. My wife also joined in, which was completely out of character for her. We were all getting intoxicated by this point. During the song the woman intentionally grabbed my groin briefly, and then carried on singing.
    On returning to the house I offered Clyde to sleep in Leah’s bedroom for the night as he was too intoxicated to drive. Neither one of my daughters were home that evening. I did not sleep in the same bed or have sex with my wife that night. We did not have a physical relationship, so I more often than not slept in my office or a separate bedroom.
    I woke well before dawn and checked on Clyde. There was no one in the room. I felt sick like there was something very wrong. Although I have no evidence, when I look back I do think it’s a possibility that my wife had sex with Clyde that night.

    I jumped on my bike and headed towards Kings Park. I often went to Kings Park for an early morning ride. That morning I had an intuitive interest in the Rayney case and wanted to see the grave for myself.
    I felt extreme compassion for Mr Rayney and his two daughters and felt I needed to pray for them.
    I first rode to the ANZAC memorial and watched the sun come up while I prayed. I had my earphones on and found it strange that there was nothing on the radio about the body being discovered.
    As I rode past the site, my wife indicated to me the night before, I spotted three people stood there. They were wearing dark trench coats with the collars up. I could not make out their body shapes. They all saw me. Two looked away but the third person, a female, stared at me intently. She had blonde hair tucked into her coat, and a phone at her ear. There were no police, media or any signs of a crime scene investigation.
    None of this made sense to me. I kept riding around Kings Park. About 20 to 40 minutes later I found myself back at the site where I saw the three people. There was nobody there. Nothing that I could see. I rode my bike right up to the grave site. I saw the tire tracks from the car in the sand.
    When I got off my bike I walked around the site. The grave was indented, concaved, with sheok spread over the top. My impression was that the grave site had not been dug up or disturbed in anyway. There were no footprints that I could see, only my own. I saw tire tracks and oil. It smelt like automatic transmission oil. By the look of the tire tracks, the large oil leakage, and a nearby stump, my impression was that the car had backed into the stump and started to leak oil. There was only one oil track, which went from the grave site away.
    Again…For the record. I found myself at a grave site which appeared undisturbed. I found an oil leak and I followed it for about a kilometre, to Rokeby Road, Subiaco. I assumed at the time that the car would not be able to go far given the large amount of transmission oil it was losing. I was very confused, and felt sick and a bit overwhelmed. I decided to ride the 5km home.
    On returning to the house my wife was up. She asked me where I had been and I explained that I rode to the grave site on the information she gave me the previous night. I told her it was very strange that the grave site had not been dug up, and that I believed the car would be in Subiaco somewhere. I felt something was very dodgy. Julie-Anne didn’t say much but made me a cup of tea.
    About half an hour later my sister and her husband were at the front door, Jennifer Shirley
    Stokes and Robert Harry Wales, whose son Mark Wales works for national security. They drove an unmarked white commodore.
    It was strange that they would turn up so early in the morning. They told me they were on duty, which again I thought was strange because they told me they had retired from customs after 30 years of service. They started asking me questions as I explained that I had been to Kings Park.
    They told me that they were driving past Kings Park that morning and got the call. I had the impression that they were trying to determine whether I had seen them. I said nothing.
    After another cup of tea made by my wife they asked if I would assist them in the investigation by taking me back to the grave site. As I got into the commodore my wife said to me ‘you better take your favourite toy’. This was a common jest in the family. A year or so earlier I attempted to abandon my son’s dogs, who had gone crazy. Before I left the house I said to the dog, ‘c’mon Buddy, we are going for a walk, bring your favourite toy’. I believe my wife was not expecting me to come back that day.
    In the car Jennifer gave me an opened packet of Benson and Hedges cigarettes and a red lighter.
    On the way to the site I saw two big vans about 200m from the site. One blue and one white with no windows.
    As I walked around the grave site, I smoked a cigarette that Jennifer offered me. She also gave me a piece of fruit. When I finished I pushed the butt and seed of the fruit into the ground. I had the sense that something was very strange. I felt very nervous, like I was being watched or listened to.
    I said to Rob and Jen that I’m going to have a quick wee. I walked away from the grave site about
    15ft and started to wee on a tree.
    I spotted something on the ground. It was a plastic water proof bag with a seal on the top. Similar to a bag Jennifer had given me in the past. Inside the bag was my British passport along with other documents and cards of mine. In shock I shouted out to Jennifer, ‘I found the passport that Clyde stole’.
    I remember shouting out and holding the passport in my hand and then nothing. My memory was wiped clean. I cannot remember the events after or being taken home. I can only assume that I was either knocked on the head or had been drugged. I have been drugged by my wife on previous occasions.

    In the months later I heard very little of the Rayney case from my family. I carried on with my life with very little memory of the event. It wasn’t until late in 2014, when I lived at Mount Warning in northern NSW, did these memories come flooding back.
    The following information is Alan’s account of how these two murders are connected. He has spent years trying to understand what happened to his father in law Mr Stokes and what happened to the trust fund. When he remembered the Rayney case, he tried to put the dots together.
    What I discovered in the years following the death of Corryn Rayney left me traumatised, completely disempowered, and running for my life.
    Firstly, I found several documents that Jennifer Stokes was an undercover agent for national security, with the name of Isobel Fletcher. She was involving in training other agents in Fremantle. She had also worked for ATO, Customs and fraud investigations, bank security, lectured at United Nations, and been involved in East Timor, among other things.
    On the 25th of December 2005, three days after her father’s death, Jennifer was in the ASIC building in Perth. I was able to track the change of business names and the transfer of billions of dollars in funds. She was moving funds into the Reserve Bank of Australia, and various other trusts, with the assistance of ASIC Director, Wayne Martin Sanderson. They used my wife to open up bank accounts all around Australia. The superannuation cash flow chart was set up in the Bendigo Adelaide bank in South Australia, under the name of Ms J Hamer.
    I did not start looking into all of this until 2012 when my wife requested a separation of assets. I got a summons to the family law court and the federal law court, Hamer Vs Hamer. Documents relating to me and my assets are in the Supreme Court and the Probate Office.
    I discovered hundreds of businesses, bank accounts and porthole keys. All my tax returns were being sent to Jennifer’s address. She stole my identity. I discovered hundreds of documents with my forged signature. She had taken her father’s trust fund and hidden it. It also occurred to me that she had been using Clive’s identity as well, as I discovered later that he had not been issued a death certificate.
    I believe that Corryn Rayney may have discovered these documents, and in doing so uncovered a hidden society within the court system, and a web of fraud and deception, which goes right to the top. This would explain her murder and the numerous attempts on my own life. They tried to set me up as a patsy for Corryn’s murder as well as Clive Stokes.
    I believe the three people that stood at the grave site that morning was Jennifer Stokes, Robert Harry Wales, and Clyde Lydon Allan. I believe the mobile phone number that connects these murders is 0458 330 038. This is also connected to 0400 000 001, 0428 893 608, and 0422 535 328.
    When they failed to peg the murder of Corryn on me they went after Lloyd Rayney. At one point in time I remember my wife telling me that Jennifer was after Rayney’s job as Chief Prosecutor.
    In 2012 I challenged Jennifer. She told me she would crucify me in court, which is exactly what happened. I was left without a cent. She then organised for three boxes of documents to be planted on my property which would implicate me in the murders and the transferring of the funds.
    On Australia Day 2013, in Bridgetown WA, I was drugged and set up to be ambushed by heavily armed men, driving 8 unmarked vehicles. They were tracking me through a GPS that my son had given me. I managed to bury the GPS and elude the men. I recorded their registration numbers; IDHE 017, IDSR 827, IDZ1 985, IDOA 601, IDYE 150, IDYT 104, IDNI 058, IDS? 232.
    In Cannington on the April 2nd another two men attempted to enter hotel room. I evaded them but all my evidence was stolen, including my passports, credit cards, video camera and video evidence, and all the documents I had paid for from the Probate Office.
    I went to the police station in Canington to make a statement with four witnesses. The hotel manager had them on video breaking into my car. Their registration number was ICJG 441. The police refused to help me. They told me the registration number was ‘ghost cars’.
    On April 4th on the corner of Bullfinch St and Southern Rd, Gosnell, Jennifer had another attempt on my life. She came in person this time with three other officers. Jennifer carried a drawn weapon. She was unable to find me. After they left I found a packet of 8 insulin syringes, one with blood inside.
    I phoned 000 that night after they left, and I went to the Gosnell police station the next day but again they refused to write up a report. They said everything had been done, and it was advisable that I leave. I was chased up to Broome by federal agents. I met a couple in Broome who bought me a bus ticket under an alias name and found myself in Queensland, adjusting to living on the street with no money.
    As I mentioned earlier I didn’t connect all this fraud to the Rayney case until the end of 2014 when I stayed at Mount Warning in NSW. My memories of the event came flooding back and I started to connect the dots between the two cases. On Christmas day 2014, two police officers, the head of Lismore Psych department and his assistant came to arrest me at 183 Mount Warning Rd, the Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre. I sat with twelve Aboriginal Elders at the time, who protected me from being taken away.
    Since that time till now I have tried every possible way available to me to contact Mr Rayney. I have been stitched up and blocked at every turn, till the point now that I am basically living in hiding, on my last legs.
    I also passed information onto the then ambassador of the Queen in February 2014. She resigned in March. I passed it onto the chief of the fraud squad in WA, sent letters to crime stoppers in every state, and to different government generals and federal politicians. I also posted information on the internet and within half an hour all the information was wiped clean.
    In time I can provide the names and locations of the various people who have my remaining documents, what’s left of all that has been stolen from me. I pray to God for justice. Without justice the people suffer.

    Below are various numbers and accounts Alan believes are all connected to this case.
    Alan Hamer PTY LTD and Hamer PTY LTD
    DOB 26/07/1956
    Army Regimental no. 5104795 (National security clearance – enduring deed document signed)
    Australian Tax file number 53 514 915 (body deed)
    In 2012 Alan found his tax returns were going to Jennifer’s address. The following TFNs and ABNs were used.
    TFNs: 26 216 111 ; 625 259 635 ; 621 529 944 ;
    ABNs: 11 108 812 321 ; 64 936 822 402 ; 35 008 664 999
    Birth cirtificate DJ232098 / BXCG125212 / application licence 5499818-1
    Soul trader / soul benefactor / soul director
    Amending Deed that is held at the supreme court of Western Australia probate office
    The Clive Stokes Superanuation Fund
    Signed 17 June 2003
    Lodged 19 June 2003
    Stamp duty paid under section 112V
    Signed by myself by Alan Hamer, Clive Glymns Stokes, and Jean Francis Stokes
    Customer West Pac Number: 05530879
    BSB 736 121
    Account No 529738
    Hidden Port Hole Keys: HAME 0001, HAME 0003 , HAME 0004
    Other accounts found on his tax returns that he knows nothing about
    J Hamer
    BSB 736 360 / 6360
    AC 75 7156
    BSB 036 078 / 6037
    AC 10 7590
    BSB 036 037 / 6037
    AV 24 3262
    The Following are credit cards that have been planted on Alan
    5163 6100 2870 7626
    Ex 10/14
    ABNZ 516901CA
    152909 12
    ABNZ 48472 ICA 1529
    09 11 3000835
    7626 328
    5010 0760 – 02456367 084
    Ex 06/14
    ABNZ 496011211 3000014
    Ex 06/12
    A BNOTE NZ 01/1044024
    To: The International Team of Civil of Rights
    I do hope you can help in some way. Here is some additional information not included in the previous email.
    Please consider:
    In May 2014 Alan sent his story backed up by evidence to the Australian Ambassador to Queen, Quentin Bryce who resigned a month later.
    The Sydney Morning Herald, March 27th, reported on the front page that the Ambassador, Quentin Bryce had resigned from her office and that ‘HMS Navy has left the aquarium under maritime admiralty law’.
    The then Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a system of awarding Knighthoods. Two days later Alan’s life was threatened and he went into hiding in a forest.
    Note: The Online Sydney Morning Herald had a slightly altered article. Alan’s Utube videos, his several Facebk sites and Linkin were altered and removed with in hours while his outgoing emails arrived with vital information and account number removed.
    Please consider:
    In reality if the Queen is not a queen but an Empress and rules over not a kingdom but an Empire then who is the King of England?
    In pray when Alan was at his lowest point he prayed and was told to imagine the unimaginable. He has been divinely protected for the last three and a half years and believes now that the events of his life are not co-incidences and that it has all been for a reason. He is now being the Gatekeeper for the Queen of the Ramindjeri Nation while they secure Sovereignty of the land where she lives.
    Additional information:
    The Attorney General of Western Australia is head of Probate and the Supreme Court. He has been or is allowing someone to illegally act on behalf of Alan Hamer and his Trust fund. The Police have informed Alan he does not have a warrant against his name but his lawyers Hammond & Associates told him he had a Pending Warrant that was preventing them from further getting information from the Probate Office. He had no previous knowledge of this warrant. (The Attorney General has jurisdiction over Legal Aid, the Mental Health Act and Well-fare payments).
    Oxford Dictionary definitions:
    Probation Court, a court created in 1858 to exercise jurisdiction in matters touching the succession to personal estate in England. Probate is allowed to hold the Will of a deceased until verified that they are dead. As said in the last email and above Clive Glymms Stokes does not have a Death Certificate.
    Attorney General, the chief law-officer for England, Eire, a dominion, colony. etc: the king’s attorney in the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, and the country palatine of Durham: in the United States, one of seven officials who constitute the president’s cabinet, the head of the Department of Justice.
    Please note:
    ASIC, The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, is currently making accusations in Court that certain Banks have been manipulating the flow rate. ASIC has been used for laundering massive amounts of money and have used the Banks to move it around. The tide has turned, possibly due to Alan Hamer’s letters and now it looks like ASIC is going make the Banks a scapegoat for ASIC’s major fraudulent activities while the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, himself an International Banker and a Lawyer, is trying to sell off ASIC. The ASIC corporate database contains financial records from over two million companies, including business names, histories and ownership.
    Paul Cole is an international banker based in Perth WA who controls the Centralized Banking Accounts. Alan suspects that Paul Cole is manipulating the Flow Charts and is associated with ASIC.
    In 1990 Paul Cole befriended Alan.
    Cole was the manager of the Westpac bank in Freemantle, WA and was studying international banking law. Alan had a young family, money was short and he asked Paul about getting a bank loan, as it was a matter of pride that Alan never asked his father-in-law, Clive Stokes, for assistance. To Alan’s bewilderment Paul asked if he knew his Trust Fund account numbers. Alan did not know he had a Trust. Paul told Alan, he could borrow as much as he liked. (Alan found out in 2013 that Clive had set up a Trust in Alan’s name when he married Julie-Anne in 1982 to be activated when Clive died).
    In 2013 when Julie-Anne Hamer asked for a Separation of Assets, Alan paid a lawyer $16,000 to get his paperwork from the Probate Office, the Clive Stokes Superannuation Fund (Amending Deed), and also his tax returns that to his amazement included multi million dollars businesses he had never heard of before. All this paperwork was stolen from the boot of his car two days later. He thought that Julie-Anne and his accountant Wayne Martin Sanderson did his tax but in 2013 he discovered also that all his tax returns were being posted to the address of his sister-in-law, Jennifer Stokes Wales.
    When Alan looked up the director(s) of ASIC, unbelievably, Wayne Martin Sanderson was listed. He had been Alan’s accountant for eighteen years but had never mentioned ASIC. Sanderson was also Clive’s accountant and unbeknown to Clive or Alan also his daughter, Jennifer Stokes Wales’s accountant. After Clive Stokes died Sanderson was not available and his replacement would not tell Alan his contact details.
    It seems Wayne Martin Sanderson and Jennifer Stokes Wales were as thick as thieves, conspiring and colluding together.
    Jennifer Stokes Wales lives on a corner and she used the same box number 16A but not Wrexham the correct address but 16A First Street when she registered the business name of Clive Glen Bransby Stokes in 2000. This was without her father’s knowledge and also five years before her father Clive Glymms Stokes’s suspicious death. Clive was brought into the hospital as a John Doe even though his son gave all his details but Jennifer was at the Hospital and filled in all the paperwork. It is suspected she may have used the false name of Clive Glen Bransby Stokes and that is why Clive has no Death Certificate.

    Yours truly,
    for Alan Hamer.
    Notice and for the Record and let the Record state:
    A Plea for Justice for Mr Alan Hamer and others.
    A Pardon is humbly offered by Mr Alan Hamer, by presenting, in person to Alan, one’s confession in writing, accompanied with a one dollar, gold coin, donation, to be given to a charitable institution trust at Alan’s discretion.
    To Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth II, and her Royal Protection Unit SO14, the Prime Minister of Australia, and the Australian Royal Defence Force Regiments, and Associates of the Commonwealth. This List is not completed as yet!
    Mr Alan Hamer meekly asks for your assistance with investigating the given information previously sent and included in this letter.
    Information on this matter, fingerprinted in blood, registered and signed by a Justice of the Peace, has been previously sent to:
    The then Ambassador of the Queen, Quentin Bryce, in February 2014 who resigned in March 2014.
    Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister
    The Governor of the Federal Bank, Mr Glen Stephens,
    The High Court Judges plus to the legal firm of Mr Richard Bannerman & Associates WA,
    The Attorney Generals of Australia,
    Police Commissioners,
    The Chief of the Fraud Squad in WA
    And letters to Crime Stoppers in every State
    Plus to different Government Generals and Federal Politicians.
    Also to the UK cold case investigators and forensic team for the Corryn Rayney case in WA.
    Plus some honourable people, including Church Ministers.
    Referring to the following:
    Alan Hamer, Superannuation Trust: ALAN HAMER PTY LTD: ABN 11108812321 BSB 036-037/6037 (body deed) with amending deed of Clive Stokes Superannuation Trust Fund, business name Charitable Institution Trust ABN 35 008 664 999, and the illegal change of names but in particular 1-27BRGS BZREG A, and the transfer three days after Mr Clive Stokes death (22.12.2005) of eighty nine corporations into the ASIC receivers and collectors account in the Reserve Bank of Australia on Christmas Day 25.12.2005. Reserve Bank of Australia Contact No: 1300300630 BSB: 093003 Account No: 317118 Reference No: 8591618123178 Recorded Dun and Bradstreet UK. (The name was changed to ASIC PTY LTD after his death. The funds were channelled through Redcliffe Earth Moving Equipment PTY LTD. Greg Hails (ex fed) stole these documents from me).

    Evidence indicates that the Attorney General of WA, Mr Michael Mischin, has permitted or is exercising jurisdiction to allow someone to work on Alan Hamer’s behalf without Alan Hamer’s knowledge or consent.
    The Banks have told Alan Hamer that, ‘he is a non performing asset and obsolete’. The evidence indicates that someone is illegally using the corporate name of ALAN HAMER PTY LTD and his tax file number: TFN 53 514 915 (body deed).
    Contact Tax Department, Canberra.
    The fraudulent and illegal acceptance of funds of eighty-nine corporations created without Alan Hamer’s consent using variations of the name, Alan Hamer, into the Reserve Bank of Australia on Christmas Day 25.12.2005 for which the Governor General, Mr Glen Stephens is accountable.
    The case of Hamer verses Hamer being ‘stone walled’ in the Family Law Court and Supreme Court of WA.
    John Hammonds Lawyers advised Mr Alan Hamer that there was ‘an issue of a Pending Federal Warrant against his name’. This was previously completely unknown to Mr Alan Hamer. Hammond Lawyers advised that they were, at that time, unable to get documents for him from the Supreme Court Probate officer.
    The suspicious death of Mr Clive Glymns Stokes on the 22.12.2005 and the murder of Western Australian Supreme Court Lawyer and Registrar, Corryn Rayney in 2007.
    Birth Certificate discrepancies of Alan Hamer, Born 26.7.1956, Birch-hill Hospital, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK. Originally Hamlet of Hamer, Land of Hamer. The last birth certificate requested in 2014, BXCG125212 Application No: 5499818-1 was watermark with GRO and crowns.

    Army Regimental no. 5104795
    National Security Clearance – Enduring deed document signed 1994/5
    Sole Trader / Sole Benefactor / Sole Director
    Amending Deed that is held at the Supreme Court of Western Australia Probate Office
    The Clive Stokes Superannuation Fund
    Signed 17 June 2003
    Lodged 19 June 2003
    Stamp duty paid under section 112V
    Signed by myself Alan Hamer, Clive Glymns Stokes, and Jean Francis Stokes
    Special WestPac banking Number 05530879.
    BSB 736-121.
    Account number 52-9738
    I discovered the following Australian Tax File Numbers connected to me.
    My tax returns, without my consent or knowledge, were being sent to Jennifer Stokes (married name is Wales) of 16a Wrexham St, Bicton / 16a First St, Bicton.
    TFN 53 514 915 (body deed).
    TFN 625 259 635.
    TFN 621 529 944.
    TFN 626 344 948.
    TFN 262 161 111. 2
    ABN 11 108 812 321.
    ABN 64 936 822 402.
    Port hole keys coded:
    HAME 0001, HAME 0002, HAME 0003
    The Attorney General, Mr Michael Miskins,
    Supreme Court Probate Office, phone no: 08 94215152
    Port Hole Key:
    This number came up as my personal contact number. 0400 000 001 I have not owned a mobile since 2002.
    The following are other accounts that I had no knowledge of:
    WESTPAC, E-SAVER 036-037/6037 AC 24 -3262
    20/02/2013 WESTPAC, CHOICE ACC 7361121529738 HAMER ALAN 19934080
    BSB 036-078. AC 10-7590. Customer No. 05530879
    WESTPAC MAX ALL ACC 036-037/6037. AC 24-3262
    BSB 736-121 AC 52-9738
    CENTERALISED ACC WA, WESTPAC 736-360/6360. ACC 75-7156
    Merchant VIP CAR STORAGE ANSETT 0121299664.
    In conclusion, we trust this information will be received with an open mind and heart and will be useful in seeking justice.
    I Alan Hamer Do hope and pray as God is My witness please consider my free pardon Thanking you for your time and consideration to this Grace full offer.
    Kindest Regards And Prays Kahool Alan Hamer

    January 16, 2017

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