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Scott Morrison Attended Pedo Frank Houston’s Waterloo Hillsong Church

In 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stood onstage with Brian Houston at a Hillsong Cult conference. At the time, Brian Houston was under criminal investigation for covering up his father’s violent pedophile rapes.

At the 13:00 mark, Scott Morrison’s wife Jenny states:

“It’s an honour to be up here in the middle of Hillsong conference, and we have been coming here a long time, and we used to attend Waterloo congregation.”


Waterloo congregation was pastored by pedophile Frank Houston. Waterloo was also where two young children witnessed the ritual murder of a child named Helen Karipidis and subsequently received NSW Victim Services compensation for this trauma.

As AOG Pastor Bob Cotton demands to know: WAS FRANK HOUSTON SCOTT MORRISON’S PASTOR?! Did Frank Houston marry the Morrisons?! Did the Morrisons serve in a church leadership role under pedophile rapist Frank Houston?

I urge journalists to investigate this bombshell that we all seemingly overlooked.

Scott Morrison’s father was a NSW police officer. Scott Morrison lives next door to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. The Child Abuse Royal Commission recommended the NSW Police prosecute Brian Houston for covering up Frank Houstons pedophile crimes. But something stopped the NSW Police from doing this. Was there political interference in the police prosecution of Brian Houston? Did the Prime Minister call upon his mate Mick Fuller to interfere in the arrest and prosecution of Brian Houston?

Investigative journalists ought also to look into Tim Stewart, his AOG background (which he told me of), and his influence on the Prime Minister. Why did Scott Morrison ban Australian media from reporting on Tim Stewart?

The Guardian had the balls to ignore the media ban, but stopped short of naming Tim Stewart in the following article:

Here are some more articles that explore the Stewart-Scumo link:

Why are we not discussing Morrison’s link to a right-wing conspiracy group?

PM defied his own expert panel during apology speech to child sex abuse survivors

Is Tim Stewart really a QAnon conspiracy theorist? Was his role in getting the PM to fulfil my request to mention the words ‘ritual abuse’ in his apology speech to abuse victims honourable? Or does he in fact work as one of the agents connected to Commissioner Mick Fuller’s Fixated Person Unit, only pretending to be a right wing extremist in order to lure and entrap whistleblowers who threaten to expose the links between Hillsong, organised child sex trafficking, VIPs, and Costellos Boy Brothel?

Is that a chubbier Tim Stewart in the notorious ‘Holiday in Hawaii while Australia burns’ snapshot in which the Prime Minister flicks a hand sign that makes ritual abuse victims cringe?

Scott Morrison’s mishandling of our bushfires has been a PR disaster which ensures the Australian public will vote for any fucker but him in the next election. But it would be nice to see his career sink into the miry depths of the child trafficking cut-out we know as Hillsong…

The USA False Memory Syndrome Foundation just announced that it has disbanded, so who knows what 2020 brings.

Happy New Year…

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