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It Happened

Some messages from 2 more Billy Graham victims, plus someone privy to Antony Kidman’s Cult antics:

It happened. Trust me I believe you. My family grew up with them on the North Shore, tight with the Kidmans. I have been hearing about these “parties” they would throw since I was a child. And then much more in depth as an adult. And the abuse carried through. Very rich elite German “Nazi” Sycophants. Powerful people in high positions. The North Shore was rife with them. Research the controlling interest her family had and still have in Australian land monopoly. Her Father ran a child mental asylum on the North Shore. Perfect access. As I am sure you are already well aware. Stay Strong Fiona. You are not alone. You are a brave catalyst, and a necessary one. People have gone to their graves affected and permanently damaged by this heinous debauched, North Shore ring. Thank you for shedding public light on the issue. Maybe Antonia would speak out. She always seemed less cold. Good luck. Keep fighting.

*          *          *

Fiona, I just came across an article you had written about Scalia and it also mentioned Billy Graham. I was born in 1956 in SC, to a “church organist” who was in a SRA cult. I am 62 and was 55 before really detailed abuse memories became clear to me. I worked for a while with a Christian therapist who diagnosed me as having DID and being an SRA survivor. Sometimes I doubted my own memories but he NEVER did, with one exception. He did not believe me when I told him of being taken to a Billy Graham crusade as a small child, perhaps age 6 or 7, and being made to give Graham oral sex. My parents sang in the choir at several of his crusades and his music director, Cliff Barrows … my parents knew them personally… Even after his death, he is one religious leader heavily protected by the media. Anyway, may God bless you for your courage. Please keep exposing evil people… I’m 99 percent sure my abusers were Luciferians. Definitely involved some Freemasons one of whom was a Southern Baptist minister. 

*          *          * 

I was put through a satanic ritual with Billy Graham when I was 7, hung upside down on a cross, with about ten children and a half circle of men in black robes.  I think I called out for Jesus during part of it.  He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me for doing so, screaming at me something like that not even Jesus could help me. That’s one ritual. Just one. Billy Graham must have had so many victims. The man is in hell where he belongs.

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