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Irish Foster Boys Trafficked to Royal Mountbatten & his Close Friend Jimmy Savile

Prince Charles’ favourite uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was close friends with Jimmy Saville. Mountbatten and Saville are linked to the investigation of Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Joseph Mains, the Warden of Kincora Boys’ Home, prostituted boys to British VIPs. He drove Kincora boys to Classiebawn Castle on Mullaghmore Harbor in County Sligo, on Ireland’s West Coast, for Lord Mountbatten to rape. Mountabtten holidayed at Classiebawn Castle every summer for 30 years – until the IRA assassinated him in 1979 by bombing his boat in Mullahgmore Harbour. Rumours persist that Northern Ireland’s IRA assassinated Mountbatten because he took advantage of northern Irish care home boys.

Consistent with their VIP child trafficking coverup, the British press completely ignored this Saville-Mountbatten-Kincora connection when reporting on the August 2019 launch of Andrew Lownie’s sensational biography, The Mountbattens: their Lives & Loves.The following article typifies what the UK press focussed on:


Lord Mountbatten ‘was a homosexual with a lust for young boys’ claims secret FBI dossier compiled by agents seeking dirt on British statesmen during World War Two and the Suez Crisis

Connor Boyd, Daily Mail, 18 August 2019

  • Intelligence files describe Lord Mountbatten as person of ‘extremely low morals’
  • 75-year-old documents say he frequently had homosexual extramarital affairs
  • It comes ahead of the 40th anniversary of his death at hands of the IRA in 1979

Prince Charles’ uncle and valued mentor Lord Mountbatten was a ‘homosexual with a perversion for young boys’, according to a secret dossier compiled by the FBI. The intelligence files describe the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma and his wife Edwina as ‘persons of extremely low morals’ who frequently had extramarital affairs. One source said Mountbatten’s penchant for young men made him ‘an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations’.

The files paint a very different picture of the last viceroy of India – who was hailed as a war hero who led allied efforts in southeast Asia before he was assassinated in 1979 by an IRA bomb. 

 It is not known why agents began compiling the dossier, but the FBI has long been known to keep compromising material on high-profile figures, most famously Martin Luther King. 

The 75-year-old FBI documents were obtained through a freedom of information request by British historian Andrew Lownie, who has written a biography of the couple. In the book, The Mountbattens: their Lives & Loves, Mountbatten’s former driver Ron Perks reveals that one of his boss’s favourite destinations was ‘an upmarket gay brothel used by senior naval officers’ called the Red House near Rabat. 

Agents began compiling the file, which spans more than three decades, in February 1944, shortly after Mountbatten became supreme allied commander of southeast Asia.  Following his appointment, the FBI interviewed Elizabeth de la Poer Beresford, Baroness Decies, about another matter, and she brought up Mountbatten. The file reads: ‘She states that in these circles Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are considered persons of extremely low morals. She stated

that Lord Louis Mountbatten was known to be a homosexual with a perversion for young boys. In Lady Decies’ opinion he is an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations because of this condition. She stated further that his wife Lady Mountbatten was considered equally erratic.’ It was signed EE Conroy, head of the New York field office, who wrote that she ‘appears to have no special motive in making the above statements’.

Agents opened more files on Mountbatten after World War II when he became Nato commander of allied forces in the Mediterranean, then admiral of the fleet, and later chief of the defence staff. But the FBI’s interest in Mountbatten peaked around the Suez crisis, with the Bureau opening files in November 1955 and November 1956.

Rumours about Mountbatten’s sexuality have long swirled following his death 40 years ago… fuelled by his comment: ‘Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds.’ The royal kept a large group of gay friends, including Noël Coward, Terence Rattigan, Ivor Novello and Tom Driberg, who reportedly referred to him as ‘Mountbottom’.

Lownie’s new book, to be published on Thursday, contains an interview with Anthony Daly, a rent boy to the rich and famous during the 1970s. Daly claims: ‘Tom said Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms — handsome young men in military uniforms (with high boots) and beautiful boys in school uniform.’

*          *          *

By contrast, Irish news sites certainly focussed on Andrew Lownie’s coverage of the Saville-Mountbatten-Kincora connection. For example: A  Kincora Boy Abused by Mountbatten Committed Suicide a few Months Later, by Joseph de Burca, Village, 18 August 2019.


Edward Prince of Wales & his cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten


Let us review the nature and extent of Jimmy Saville’s Luciferian pedophilia via UK news articles that search engines typically block:


Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring, James Fielding,, 13 January 2013

JIMMY SAVILE beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual in a hospital.

The perverted star wore a hooded robe and mask as he abused the terrified victim in a candle-lit basement. He also chanted ‘Hail Satan’ in Latin as other paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire. The attack, which happened in 1975, shines a sinister new light on the former DJ’s 54-year reign of terror.

Savile, who died aged 84 in October 2011, is now Britain’s worst sex offender after police revealed he preyed on at least 450 victims aged eight to 47.

The girl kept her torment hidden for nearly 20 years before finally opening up to therapist Valerie Sinason. Dr Sinason told the Sunday Express she first spoke to the victim in 1992. ‘She had been a patient at Stoke Mandeville in 1975 when Savile was a regular visitor. She recalled being led into a room that was filled with candles on the lowest level of the hospital, somewhere that was not regularly used by staff. Several adults were there, including Jimmy Savile who, like the others, was wearing a robe and a mask. She recognised him because of his distinctive voice and the fact that his blond hair was protruding from the side of the mask. He was not the leader but he was seen as important because of his fame. She was molested, raped and beaten and heard words that sounded like “Ave Satanas”, a Latin­ised version of “Hail Satan”, being chanted. There was no mention of any other child being there and she cannot remember how long the attack lasted but she was left extremely frightened and shaken.’

Savile was a volunteer porter and fundraiser at the hospital between 1965 and 1988 and had his own quarters there. Five years after the hospital attack, he abused a second victim during another black mass ceremony held at a house in a wealthy London street. The woman was 21 at the time and was made to attend an orgy, which later took on a darker twist.

Dr Sinason, director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London, said: ‘A second victim approached me in 1993. She said she had been ‘lent out’ as a supposedly consenting prostituted woman at a party in a London house in 1980. The first part of the evening started off with an orgy but half-way through some of the participants left. Along with other young women, the victim was shepherded to wait in another room before being brought back to find Savile in a master of ceremonies kind of role with a group wearing robes and masks. She too heard Latin chanting and instantly recognised Satanist regalia. Although the girl was a young adult, who was above the age of consent, she had suffered a history of sexual abuse and was extremely vulnerable.’

Both victims contacted Dr Sinason, who is president of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability, while she was involved in a Department of Health-funded study into sexual abuse committed during rituals and religious ceremonies. She said: ‘Both these witnesses did speak to police at the time but were vulnerable witnesses and on encountering any surprise or shock did not dare to give all the details.’ Dr Sinason added: ‘Savile was still a huge celebrity in the early Nineties, let’s not forget, and there was never any action taken against him or any of the others involved. Neither girl knew one another, they lived in different parts of the country and contacted me a year apart yet their experiences are very similar. Whether Savile was a practising Satanist or merely enjoyed dressing up to scare his victims even more will perhaps never be known but he left those two girls mentally scarred.’

Dr Sinason has passed details of the abuse to officers from the Savile inquiry, Operation Yewtree…

 *          *          *

Scandal of Jimmy Savile’s 50 years of sex abuse, John Twomey & Mark Reynolds,, 12 January 2013.

THE vast scale of Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse was revealed yesterday as the BBC star was unmasked as a monster who raped and molested children for nearly six decades. Former Top Of The Pops presenter Savile preyed on at least 450 victims at schools, hospitals and at other venues including a hospice and the BBC TV Centre. Using his celebrity status and the popularity of shows such as Jim’ll Fix It, the paedophile gained access to victims and committed horrific crimes at will, a report revealed yesterday. Savile hoodwinked his bosses, hospital and school officials and millions of viewers and listeners to gain almost saint-like status. Commander Peter Spindler, who led Scotland Yard’s £450,000 inquiry, said: ‘He groomed the nation.’

Detectives believe Savile spent every waking moment thinking of ways to gain access to victims. He also attacked vulnerable adults but 73 per cent of his victims were under 18. The youngest was an eight-year-old boy. He also abused a dying child at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The child, aged 11 or 12, told relatives Savile had touched him or her inappropriately. The DJ committed at least 34 rapes – mostly on women. Some victims were hospital patients who had pleaded with him to visit because they had no one else. Victims were attacked in 14 different medical establishments including mental health units.

His sickening activities were exposed in a landmark joint report by the Metropolitan Police and the children’s charity NSPCC. His earliest recorded offence was in 1955 and the latest in 2009, when he was 82. He died in 2011. Police recorded 214 crimes across 28 forces from Avon and Somerset to Northumbria. The peak of the offending was from 1966 to 1976.

Scarcely any victims complained. The few who did were not taken seriously by police, prosecutors, hospital and school officials – or even their own parents. At least five chances were missed to put Savile in the dock – the most recent in 2009 when four women reported assaults while in their teens or early 20s. But detectives mishandled the investigations.

Lawyers representing victims are preparing multi-million damages claims against Savile’s £4.2million estate, the BBC, hospital and education authorities. Solicitors said they had not ruled out suing the police…

*          *          *

Savile abused a dying child, John Twomey & Mark Reynolds,, 12 January 2013

JIMMY Savile’s 54-year reign of sexual abuse was revealed yesterday as it emerged the disgraced BBC star’s victims included a terminally ill child and an eight-year-old boy.

 … he abused a dying child at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The allegation was made by a patient aged 11 or 12 who told relatives before dying that Savile had touched him or her inappropriately. He committed at least 34 rapes, mostly of women. Some victims were desperately lonely patients who had pleaded with Savile to visit because they had no one else to comfort them…

*          *          *

Is any surprise that Prince Andrew refused to cut ties with convicted pedo Jeffrey Epstein? He’s addicted to raping sex trafficked kids – just like Uncle Lois Mountbatten.

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