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What People are Saying About EYES WIDE OPEN

I published the raw manuscript of my book Eyes Wide Open online 1 month ago. The feedback from readers has been remarkable. Here are some choice comments:

I’m just over halfway through reading Eyes Wide Open. Truly paradigm-shattering stuff!! I’ll never be the same and, for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My eyes are now wide f*cking open!!

Just finished Eyes Wide Open. Brilliant!!!! Harrowing but brilliant. I’ll seriously NEVER be the same again. Like I said in my first message to you, it is utterly paradigm-shattering. Nothing is as it was.

I’m not a crier (ok, except for animal documentaries) so even though parts of your story were confronting to say the least (let’s be honest – horrific!) and my heart rate was elevated while reading certain scenes, I didn’t well up until I read this sentence on page 403: “I integrated too late to do something constructive with my life.” Then I started to cry.
Don’t you see? THIS is the ‘something constructive’! THIS – your book, your speaking out – is your life’s purpose! And it is critical! All the pain, the suffering, the betrayal – all of it led to this. Your evil perpetrators were right – you arethe chosen one, the one chosen to bring light to their darkness, a voice to their victims, and an END to the secrecy. You are an absolute powerhouse of courage and resilience. How many people on the entire planet at this time do you think could have pulled this off?? Sweet FA.
Apart from the historical detail of yr book, the huge range of topics you cover so generously, the style of yr writing is really easy to take in.
This book is his story breaking and Herstory making. The safety of our young is much more possible now and yr consideration for others is pure love in action. Bless you
Just want to say a big SUCKED IN to everyone named and outed in this book. This is GOLD . Dare you to make some noise, you pieces of shit.
Love you Fiona Barnett
I am only 18 pages in but the amount of info you’ve put in this is unbelievable! The dot connecting. It’s amazing. It would have been very easy for you to just say “this happened” and not back it up with anything substantial (even though I know you are telling the truth) but you actually back it up with detailed sources/references. Some of the stuff I already knew from your previous interviews/talks but much of the stuff I am reading I’m learning for the first time. This is going to help educate people and arm us with valuable knowledge.
I read 15 pages last night and found your attention to recall in details by naming names and their cohorts , titles and connections is simply amazing.
I started to “flip” through until I felt a pull and landed on The Programming Matrix, what a mind blower for me in so many ways. I have been going through a very unique experience in my recovery process and have found very few people whom I can even relate to or could even comprehend who or what I have come to now know. The way in which you describe your personality compartments, their costumes and props, your core essence, the arian aspects and what you are able to experience on the inner planes and in the amount of detail.
Thanks for writing this. It’s a wealth of info. I’ve been warning the church about Hillsong for a while,but not the child trafficking aspect. They already don’t want to hear and are blinkered to their dodgy doctrine,let alone child sex abuses! You’ve provided so much info you could go down so many rabbit holes aside from the book. I’d love to see you write a biography too. I’m only half way through but I can’t put it down.
I cannot stop reading. I feel every speed bump and want to teleport into the rooms with you when you are staring down the authorities as they participate in yet another containment exercise. I want to look them in the eyes with you and warn them. We are an army building behind you Fiona and we are growing daily. Soon they will not be able to show their faces in public. We know their caper, all of them…
I’m still in the process of reading your book. Thank you for all the time and research you put into it. I am amazed at all the documentation and info you have collected. You really show how common and rampant the mk ultra mind control, satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia runs within government, education, and religious systems.
I like the point you make, where the elite are supported by the CIA in drug running and child sex operations. It all makes sense, now if only to wake the sleeping to this depravity, Fiona, that’s the biggest conundrum.
I have spent evenings reading your book!! Well done and very thorough! Amazing info. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 🇺🇸. Thank you for all this much needed information and education… I was deeply touched when you had the nde of seeing those precious children in heaven……so happy and free. To come back to this planet must’ve been a horror…
I love the factual info you provide. You’ve given plenty of leads for seperate research that could last a lifetime! I also like personal background info,retelling of events from your personal perspective Fiona. End chapter fantastic and nicely rounded off.
I have started reading. Fiona, you have a mind like a steel trap door! You are amazing! Not even a third of the way thru it and you have me in total awe the entire read! Thank you for your bravery and trying to help and save others!
I read all through the night. It’s good Fiona Barnett.
The book is magnificent and very truthful.
I am enjoying what you said about the earth and body’s electromagnetic field and also how the human brain works.As for as your abuse (and many others), It’s so sad that as knowledge has increased in this world , wisdom has decreased along with all morality and love. Peace to you.
Amazing book. I couldn’t put it down. You connect all the dots!
THE most important fact your book demonstrates overall, for me, is how totally infiltrated and controlled a victim’s world is, both at the time of the initial horrific abuses, and throughout our entire life!
When we speak out, so many assume and attack us that we haven’t gone to the police, or, FBI, etc.. Which makes me so angry! As if we would let these atrocities happen to any other child, or living being! We DO go to the police, and the FBI, here in the USA, and you DID go everywhere you could, Fiona, to make reports to AUS police, commisions, et al…
However, the Perps are everywhere! Doctors, therapists, police, commisions, colleges, church, pharmacists, local government right on up to the highest Office of the land! To whom can we go?… Furthermore, in doing so, they get us fired from our jobs, stalk us, fry our computers, attack pets and family members, tap our phones, and on and on it goes; we pay with our lives, for our entire life!
It is apparent that you are a highly intelligent person who is gifted in conveying your horrific experiences…
I began reading yesterday over half way through and no words can describe how much you and your unfathomable journey impact me and undoubtedly the collective!
Your dedication and research is astounding!
Extremely well written book. I’m in total admiration of your courage and I’m sure this book will help to wake more people up and give hope to other victims and the parents of victims. Bible prophecy is truly playing out now. Thank you for sharing your story Fiona! It will be spread far and wide I’m sure.
I am ashamed to say that at first, I thought your claims of a government coverup were highly exaggerated, but after doing a little googling myself, I’m beginning to recognize that everything you say you saw and experienced was all true.
…gotta say ur book is brilliantly written (not thru it yet) , very well researched & detail is amazing …
I read your book in one sitting last night, incredible! I was totally transfixed.
I can’t wait to read …  your memories make sense of mine
Well done thou good and faithful servant.
Click on this Eyes Wide Open link for your free copy of my book.
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