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Parents to Challenge Child Abuse Court Reports by Accused Bond Psychologist Bob Montgomery

BOND UNIVERSITY Psychologist and former President of the APS, Bob Montgomery, who was charged with the historical rape of 3 x 12-year old Boy Scouts, has had his matter adjourned until October 2019. He remains on bail.

Dr Bob Montgomery was extradited to NSW from Queensland.

Bob Montgomery wrote court reports that helped determine custody disputes, namely where a parent was accused of sexually assaulting their own child. The accused pedophile psychologist wrote reports that influenced the courts to place the abused child with the alleged pedophile parent.

The Australian government tried to bury this case and hide the fact that Bob Montgomery is a psychologist. The pedophile protecting ABC failed to reveal that Bob Montgomery was one of Australia’s most high profile psychologists. Instead, the ABC called him a ‘scout master.’

According to a recent ABC article:

One mother, who was sent to the psychologist in 2013 after alleging her three-year-old daughter was abused by her father, told the ABC the psychologist had made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Greta* said he implied she may not be satisfying her husband sexually and even if he had abused their daughter it did not mean he couldn’t have a relationship with the child.

“He was kind of overly physical with me. He kept touching my arm and my leg. It made me feel creeped out. He said weird things. He kept telling me that he knew about real paedophiles and that they would show up on [psychometric] tests,” she said.

“My first impression was ‘this isn’t going to go well’.”

The psychologist’s family report was never provided to the court.

However, in another casethe psychologist’s report recommended the child “continue to live with [the father]” after the mother raised allegations of sexual abuse, saying he “found no significant evidence” the abuse had occurred.

At the time of the family report interviews the psychologist had not been charged with any offences. It is alleged the offending occurred many decades ago.

University of Queensland professor Patrick Parkinson, said a child sex abuse conviction could “absolutely” give a parent grounds to seek to quash custody rulings linked to the psychologist.

Bob Montgomery has a history of being ‘overly physical’ with female clients. The pedophile protecting Queensland Psychology Board gave Bob Montgomery a rap over the knuckles for having sex with a female client. The same Queensland Psychology Board targeted abuse victims for removal from the psychology industry for blowing the whistle against pedophilia in the Bond University Psychology Clinic.

Bob Montgomery is the second BOND UNIVERSITY psychologist and court report writer to be charged with historical child rape. Bond Forensic Psychologist Professor Paul Wilson served 6 months in prison for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.

Paul Wilson

Both BOND UNIVERSITY psychology lecturers were regular guest experts on ABC radio.

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