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Breaking news: The daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is said to be the mystery brunette waving at pedo Prince Andrew while leaving child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion in 2010 – following Epstein’s 2008 conviction for raping kids. Evidently, the children of VIPs have no moral objection to pedophilia.

Prince Andrew waves goodbye.

Pedo Paul Keating’s daughter filmed leaving child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion after waving at Prince Andrew.

The 2010 video footage shows a young girl leaving the house with Jeffery Epstein, followed by Paul Keating’s daughter.

In 2014, Katherine Keating interviewed Epstein’s child trafficking partner Ghislaine Maxwell for the Huffington Post.

IN 2015, I reported Paul Keating to the NSW and Federal Police regarding my having witnessed the aftermath of Paul Keating’s rape and murder of a young boy on a remote Kurnell beach in Sydney’s south-east.

Know them by the company they keep…

For a detailed account of my experience of the child sex trafficking network that Jeffrey Epstein procured kids for, and which services VIPs like Prime Minister Paul Keating, download my FREE book here:

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett 2019

Read the SMH article here:


Update: The following article provided additional information relevant to the global child traffic operation:

When privilege becomes a curse: How Katherine Keating used her status as PM’s daughter to befriend royals and infiltrate New York’s high society – and why she has gone into hiding since being linked to Jeffrey Epstein, Josh Hanrahan, Daily Mail, 24 August 2019

Ms Keating’s involvement with Epstein came courtesy of the connections she has cultivated through her family name. In 2002, at just 20 and while studying arts at the University of New South Wales, she became a member of then NSW Premier Bob Carr’s personal staff. She left that role in mid-2003, but remained an advisor to the NSW Labor government until 2005…

Premiere Bob Carr attended the Bohemian Grove pedophile revels in 2012 at Australian tax payers’ expense.

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