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Craig Sawyer Frames ‘Rapist’ to Attract V4CR Donors

Veterans for Child Rescue was NOT formed due to Aspen Sawyer’s alleged rape. Craig Sawyer had already been shooting his documentary with Bandito Brothers Production Co. New York (who he kicked to the curb and replaced with Magnitude Management in early to mid-2017) when the alleged rape took place.

The supposed assault occurred on 10 March 2017. See below why many believe the ‘assault’ was woven into the V4CR story line to provide an air of legitimacy which the organization otherwise lacked. V4CR was formed in April 2017, just 3 weeks after the alleged assault, yet many months after Sawyer started building the fake organization to fund his lifestyle.

See evidence of Craig Sawyer’s fraud and exploitation here:

Relevant is Aspen Sawyer’s mental health meltdown in September 2018. Revisit evidence of that event here:

KEY POINTS to refute the Aspen Sawyer ‘Rape’ Allegation

  1. Aspen Sawyer’s ‘rape kit’ evidence showed multiple “donors” to her vagina and rectum, only one of which belonged to Salazar. Statements by Aspen’s mother Tressa document that Aspen is mentally unstable, improperly medicated, and has a history of impulse control issues and engaging in risky, dangerous behaviours.
  2. Only a couple months after the alleged assault, Aspen returned to the ‘Hub Apartments’ where she was allegedly raped, to attend another Hot Tub party. Traumatised victims typically avoid the rape location.
  3. In September 2018, Aspen appeared in a rap video where she is clearly seen under-age drinking, and dancing provocatively.
  4. Aspen Sawyer’s account shows a rather brazen response inconsistent with being a wounded victim, to the subject of her alleged rape and alleged perpetrator Salazar being named. Another comment indicates she would accept money for a blowjob.
  5. Aspen’s meltdown in September 2018 occurred shortly before one of Salazar’s scheduled competency hearings. Was Aspen beginning to crack under pressure from her Dad to play the innocent poster child for a human trafficking rescue, knowing that she was NOT a rape victim but representing a fraudulent organization that funds her family’s lifestyle?

Salazar may have history – making him an easy target – but his criminal history does not include any sexual or related offenses. Let us see if the Arizona Judge presiding over Salazar’s fate is connected to the Arizona child trafficking operation that Craig Sawyer helped coverup, by condemning an innocent man to prison.

Craig Sawyer posted on social media that Isaac Kappy reached out to him just before he died under questionable circumstances, next to an Arizona NSA base, after helping me expose the involvement of Tuscon, Arizona NSA, FBI, Police, and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild in the global child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA.

RELEVANT COURT EVIDENCE Contradicting Aspen Sawyer Rape Allegation

Statement of Probable Cause (p 14/469):

Alleged rape occurred 10 March 2017

Grand Jury Transcript begins on p 57/469

Page 45/469:

Grand Jury Transcript begins on 57/469

Motion for hearing to Admit Evidence relating to the Victim’s Chastity (pp 279-280 / 469)

Social Media Posts by Aspen Sawyer 5 Weeks After Alleged Rape:


Craig Sawyer’s Home-Made PR Bullshit:



Videos of Aspen Sawyer Underage Drinking and Dancing Promiscuously:

Video featuring Aspen Sawyer:
Same video hosted by the original artist:
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