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Communism, Pedophilia and the Luciferian Left

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  1. comtenalezcichocki #

    Reblogged this on Peuples Observateurs Avant Garde Togolaise et Africaine.

    November 3, 2018
  2. Janet Gibson #

    HI Fiona, First let me say that I’m a former scientist, NOT a marketing person. I hate marketing and that it has an effect on us. But when I got my 1st email from your site I had a visceral reaction to the title “PedDownUnder” which was horror, then I remembered, Oh, that’s Fiona. Then I started thinking how the algorithms would target me knowing I was on a mailing list titled this, where it SEEMS like I’m soliciting this rather than opposed to it. If it were something like “NIX PEDS D U”, or “EXPOSING PEDS D U”, or even your name, it would have dispelled both of these concerns (my initial reaction and the algorithms). So there ya go, a marketing tip from someone who hates marketing.

    I signed up because I want to get your blogs, and learn as much about this as I can stomach. For now, though, I’ll just remember to come back to your website rather than the emails. Can’t believe how pervasive this shit is, or that Cathy O’Brien and David Icke have been telling us for decades! Or that you’ve all had the courage to keep going and endure what you did to tell the rest of us. Thank you (I know, that sounds ridiculous under the circumstances, but it’s heartfelt anyway).

    Love and light,

    Janet Gibson 707-758-7212 (cell)


    November 3, 2018

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