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Deep State Shills Dropping Like Flies


Well, well, well… Look at the Luciferian Left shills getting exposed. It takes a victim of CIA child trafficking to untangle the web of CIA shills employed to cover up the Tuscon Arizona child trafficking operation for the Clinton Foundation, John McCain Foundation, and Tuscon Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (of the world ruling Luciferian dynasty) who are the ultimate benefactors of child trafficking which the CIA coordinates as a single, integrated world operation. An estimated 10,000 kidnapped children were being trafficked per year between the USA and the satanic MS-13 cartel in South America, via land routes owned by Native Americans, corrupt ranch owners or renters (like KYLE CUTRELL), and Cemex cement, before a bunch of volunteer welfare workers stumbled upon a child sex trafficking holding camp near Tuscon, AZ.

Let’s take a look at the CIA child trafficking shills that have been outed recently, no doubt thanks to the public’s prayer efforts:


1. Gabe Hoffman

Woah, this was a goody. We uncovered spectacular evidence that Gabe Hoffman and his lame ‘An Open Secret’ child abuse film are shitty CIA fronts. In 2015, Gabe Hoffman threatened to sue one of the victims for outing Hoffman and his film as a fake. Here’s the lawyer’s letter in all it’s glory:

Sorry, as I pause to crack a beer…

Hoffman is associated with the following sewer rat:


2. Craig Sawyer

In mid-2017, outspoken SRA victim David Shurter outed Craig Sawyer as a fraud, after seeing Sawyer appear with fraudster Russ Dizdar on fraudster Doug Hagmann’s CIA front conspiracy show. Shurter outed Sawyer for asking the public to send him cheques to finance the multi-millionaire’s CIA front V4CR. In response, Sawyer did a Gabe Hoffman and threatened to sue Shurter for slander using the donated funds.

Here are David Shurter’s articles from mid-2017 concerning Craig Sawyer:


This is Craig Sawyer’s original wikipedia entry which he has since edited to hide his connection to notorious child traffickers Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

“After his military career, Sawyer has run specialized teams to provide security to politicians and dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Negroponte.”

This explains why Craig Sawyer covered up the Clinton / McCain / Rothschild child trafficking route in Tuscon, AZ.

Craig Sawyer’s original wikipedia entry said: “Sawyer is also a local motocross racer and local Las Vegas champion. He was also selected by Maxim as “Maximum Warrior.” That’s interesting coz, despite his $20 million empire, Craig Sewer hasn’t rescued a single child – BUT, he pumped public donations into – NASCAR!


3. Melissa Zaccaria (aka “HoneyBee”)

For starters, “HoneyBee” is an MK-ULTRA term that victims like me reeeeeally find suspicious.

Melissa Zaccario chose an apt nickname because her role is to use sickly sweetness to lure us into believing the CIA lie that Craig Sawyer’s a hero. Hence the saying, “catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

When Shurter outed Craig Sawyer as a fraud mid 2017, HoneyBee tried to friend him and convince him that Craig was a nice guy. She did the same thing to me a few months ago when I started outing Sawyer. I immediately detected her manipulative ways which did nothing but anger me and make me suspect her as a shill:

And boy was I right! Turns out, Melissa Zaccaria is a member of the notorious GAMBINI Mafia Family who specialize in heroin trafficking and producing child rape material. Let’s look at what HoneyBee’s relative-by-marriage, Michelle, says about this fraudster:

“The Bee is the same chick that works with Sawdust. The dirt I have on Bee is that she is cousin to Andrea Costello Dagger [the woman who stole Michelle’s kids]. Andrea is married to my first cousin Richard Heimburger. Her uncle by marriage is Dr. Peter Favaro of Port Washington, NY. Dr. Favaro is an internet legend. He created the first online game called “alter ego”. He is Gambino mafia originally from Howard Beach, NY. Peter Favaros cousin John FavarA lived on the same block as head boss John Gotti. One day while driving down the block FavarA struck and killed John Gottis youngest son. Not long after Gotti had FavarA killed. Peter Favaros family left for California and changed their names to FavarO. 25 years later Peter Favaro returns to NY. He hooks up with his cousin Dominic Gasparro who is a ny city administrative judge. They hatch a plan to start a fathers rights movement in family courts. Which is how they target many of the children they traffick. Bee knows this. Because that is what Gambino are known for child porn and heroin. The new generation of Gambinos are all highly educated especially with computers. Involved in the arts. Politics.”

Here is a photo of HoneyBee’s Gambino Mafia relative:


4. Corey Lynn (aka CoreysDigs)

And while I’m at it – let’s out this one too. She posts a couple of flag and prayer emblems – and hey presto! Thousands of Christian Patriots are conned by the Luciferian Left.

Here is communication between Michelle (the mom of child trafficked kids) and so-called victim advocate Corey Lynn who promised to help Michelle expose her child’s perpetrators. But Corey pulled out AFTER she obtained all of Michelle’s story. Tut, tut… Another information gatherer who is friends with the other CIA information gatherers.


Corey recommends Doug Hagmann, a JESUIT who trained with the 300 priests recently outed for raping 1000 kids in Pennsylvania. Hagmann’s alternative media conspiracy show is just another fake CIA front used to control the child trafficking narrative and prevent victims like me from having a voice. They NEVER interview real CIA child trafficking victims or whistle-blowers – just CIA fakes Russ Dizdar and Craig Sawyer.


5. National Guard assisting Tuscon, AZ child trafficking Cartel

Oh, but I’ve saved the best ’til last! Thank God for exposing these evil bastards. We prayed the KRAUSE Cartel would implode – and the Lord answered our prayers.

National Guard employee Rachel KRAUSE and her “Law enforcement” husband Keith KRAUSE are self-confessed Luciferians who, along with their anti-American traitor gang, committed multiple crimes in their victimization of volunteer veteran soldiers who are trying to stop the Tuscon, AZ child trafficking route. Here are just some of the crimes these maggots committed:

  • Slashed car tires,
  • Fired weapons at volunteers,
  • Made false reports to CPS that the volunteer veterans were abusing their kids, such that one child was sent to Alaska,
  • Stole the casket flag of a war widow (KYLE CUTRELL did this, the same one who brought false charges against Lewis),
  • Tormented a double amputee veteran to suicide.

Here’s Rachel Krause’s reference to the double amputee war veteran’s suicide attempt:

Here’s a photo of ‘Law Enforcement Officer’ Keith KRAUSE with the stolen war veteran’s flag – as Rachel Krause boasts about it online:

Since we started outing these evil bastards – they have turned on each other. Grab a cuppa tea and I’ll explain how this satanic soap opera began:

So, Cassie was Rachel Krause’s side kick who was as evil as Rachel in all she did. Cassie is the one who lodged false CPS claims with Rachel Krause on Lewis and Flora.

John Jacob (“Jayjacob”) is the dude in the fake red beard who did all the parody videos of volunteer Lewis, with Rachel Krause flaunting the stolen soldier casket flag:

John Jacob is the boyfriend of Ashley Walling, whose husband was murdered last year. Ashley has a 10 yo daughter from her marriage to the now deceased dude. Here’s a photo of Ashley and John Jacob (I could have posted the 10 yo daughter too, as they did to my Aussie mates, but I’m not that low):

John Jacob, the pedo protecting scumbag behind the beard, and his witch-eyed beau…

Rachel Krause and Cassie mocked Ashley’s 10 yo daughter online, and posted a photo of the man who murdered her father, as described here by Ashley:

In retaliation, John Jacob began outing Rachel Krause’s cartel and their criminal actions. Cassie’s husband threatened Jacob. So, Jacob went to town.

Jacob works next to a military base. Rachel Krause showed up at the Base’s security and flashed her NATIONAL GUARD IDENTIFICATION to the security guards – who basically told her to piss off. Rachel Krause then she attended the local Sheriff to lodge a complaint of harassment by Jacob – but the cops told her to piss off. Then Rachel Krause attended the court house to obtain a restraining order against Jacob – but they told her to piss off also. That’s my interpretation of the story. Here’s Jacob’s account:

Rachel Krause is obviously confident that she has held some kind of power over others – the kind of confidence that stems from working for the Deep State.

Things got uglier. JayJacobs then outed Cassie for the long-term affair she’s been having with some lucky bloke:

Consequently, Cassie is reportedly suicidal – just like the double amputee veteran she harassed to suicide. Cassie took down all her troll accounts. Cassie’s cousin April then represented Cassie on Facebook, to try and get the former Krause cartel to stop attacking Cassie.

So, the whole of Rachel Krause’s cartel have abandoned her – except LEON JAMES (aka “Angel” on social media). Leon James is the one who composed all the death threats against veteran volunteers, which were sent from Rachel Krause’s accounts. Here’s a photo of bat-shit crazy “Angel”:

Leon James looks up to Rachel Krause like a coven slave would:

Rachel Krause pulled down her own pages, but she and Leon James continue their paid trolling work form other accounts. They seem to be paid by the government for their work to support the child trafficking cartel. The others were all volunteers who were sucked into Rachel’s gang.

These people are reaping what they sow. They sure dished it out – but can’t handle being hit with a fraction of the evil they committed against innocent volunteers trying to stop a vile foreign cartel from trafficking and murdering kidnapped USA kids.

Rachel and Keith KRAUSE ought to be reported to every relevant authority, and stripped of their positions with the National Guard.




Update: Gabe Hoffman attacked Marianne Barnard for blowing the whistle on her VIP perpetrators:




Updated update:

‘Christian’ Joe Hagmann killed himself with heroin…




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  1. Break Away #

    National Guard Creds 😏 Hmm, there is a way.

    October 6, 2018
  2. Krissi #

    Thanks for this Fiona! I didn’t know about Corey Lynn so I will be more careful & aware! Blessings in abundance angel A true #hero #Truthwarrior

    October 6, 2018
  3. Cynthia Sue Konopasek #

    I also was not aware of Corey Lynn. I have often had this thought that her research is always missing something, like the conclusion or connection is very general. Just a sense that I have and now I realize this could be why.

    October 7, 2018
  4. To all the DeepWebbers who set to deceive unto deception it will become your snare and will flow like a flood into the “Lake of Fire” soon..aha!

    October 8, 2018
  5. Joe D DeMoura #

    So what shall be the people’s actions on the matter?
    This is all part of this NWO & their Satanic ways and all associated with Rothschild.
    For 300 years no one’s been able to take that family down
    This also goes for the Royal Family as well who are all in cahoots.

    October 13, 2018
  6. What needs to come is true protection of children! When people want to stop people who are protecting children, it leaves you to think enabler! #nomoresra

    October 16, 2018
  7. I never understood the fuss over ”An Open Secret”, had to watch it twice and still thought it was lame. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    I also agree about the Hagmann’s, i tuned in and out pretty quickly years ago and was also warned about them by a friend. They have had one legitimate guest on that i know of and that was Lori Handrahan, it was the first time in years i listened to them and the last.

    October 25, 2018
  8. I never understood the fuss over ”An Open Secret”, i had to watch it twice and still thought it was lame. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    I also agree about the Hagmann’s, i tuned in and out pretty quickly years ago and was also warned about them by a friend. They have had one legitimate guest on that i know of and that was Lori Handrahan, it was the first time in years i listened to them and the last.

    October 25, 2018
  9. comtenalezcichocki #

    Reblogged this on Peuples Observateurs Avant Garde Togolaise et Africaine.

    November 3, 2018

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