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Russ Dizdar is Another Michael Aquino Butt Boy

Russ Dizdar has joined the war path with Bill Chapman and Craig Sawyer. No surprise there, since he is mates with both of them. Chapman, (the one who emailed Aquino directly about me) apparently bragged about dining with Dizdar. And Sawyer did interviews alongside Dizdar.

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I contacted Russ Dizdar over 5 years ago, to tell him about my experiences of ritual abuse and mind control. At that time, I was the ONLY Australian naming the people and places that I did. I had no support in Australia, so I contacted USA ‘experts’ for assistance and confirmation. Dizdar dismissed me back then. I knew from his reaction to me that he was fake. Because only fakes ever ignore me.

David Shurter has experienced the same phenomenon. We and the other genuine victims who name Aquino and the CIA child trafficking operation don’t get invited to be interviewed by the circle of ‘experts’ and podcast hosts that Dizdar associates with. This little group of money-chasers promote each others merchandise that they continually plug. For example Doug Hagmann who was trained as a Jesuit alongside the 300 priests found to have raped 1000 kids in Pennsylvania.

Dizdar is hiding something. He just complained to Facebook about an innocuous post I made in response to his Facebook posts that slander and try to discredit me, victim. Who are all these FAKE advocates who attack victims? They all know each other, they all works for the CIA who run child trafficking as a single, integrated world operation.

His Facebook comments about me contain blatant lies. He accuses me of not having any evidence for my testimony. This is the type of accusation that trolls make the most. “Where is the evidence?” I say to Dizdar the same thing I tell trolls:

First you tell me what precisely constitutes evidence of ritual abuse, mind control, and CIA child trafficking?

I have made multiple formal witness statements to state police. I reported to federal police. I took photos of a military thug that chased me, and presented this to police. My researcher Steve McMurray took my witness testimony and found overwhelming evidence for what I experienced, including the identity of the perpetrator I only knew as ‘Dr Mark’ – Leonas Petrauskas. We even obtained photos of Petrauskas’ Nazi Doctor papers. The overwhelming circumstantial evidence that McMurray found can be read on this site.

The public are waking up to Dizdar’s CIA script:

Dizdar accuses that I copied my testimony from books and websites. How preposterous, since I am the first person in history to name the Australian perpetrators, and ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA sites that appear in my documentary, articles, interviews and police witness statement. None of that information was in any book or website.

For example, I was the first to name Antony Kidman as a primary perpetrator. Kidman died under suspicious circumstances within weeks of my formally notifying against him.  I have subsequently been contacted by other victims of Kidman and therapists who work with victims of Kidman.

What new information has Dizdar ever raised? He has never said one thing that victims don’t already know. He simply rehashes the same ‘black awakening’ crap over and over and over. It’s called projection. He is projecting his flaws onto me, accusing me of what HE himself is guilty of.

In fact I was contacted years ago by victims who sought counseling from Russ Dizdar, and they told me that he abused them, and that he is actually a perpetrator of mind control. I have also heard from the souse of a deliverance minister who worked with Dizdar that he is a fake.

Dizdar aligns himself with Preston Bailey. Reina Michaelson warned me to run from Bailey. She attended one of Bailey’s conferences over a decade ago. She said during this conference, Preston Bailey mocked victims, and that he had a sex slave dripping off his arm. Reina and her therapist girlfriend were offered a lift with Preston Bailey. They took it and said they feared for their lives in Bailey’s company.

I’m not the first to see past Russ Dizdar’s BS:

CIA operative Russ Dizdar is a liar and false accuser – just like his CIA Clinton Foundation mate Craig Sawyer who made disgusting accusations against a hero child rescuer:

Unlike Dizdar and Sawyer, there is public record of the victims I have assisted over the decades, since 2004 when I took on and exposed a pedophile ring within my State’s Education Department.There is also a record of the numerous attempts on my life, and the infiltration of fake advocates and mind controlled survivors into my personal space.

Take a bath, Dizdar. Your CIA stench is overwhelming us victims.

Here’s Russ Dizdar doing Luciferian Hand Signals! And he calls ME fake!


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  1. Mary Gill Keir #

    He went after the wrong person Fiona, when he went after YOU…..what an idiot.

    September 6, 2018

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