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Luciferian group ‘THE FAMILY’ linked to BEAUMONT Children Murders

Rachel Vaughan says Beaumont Children were abducted and murdered by her father ANTHONY MUNRO, and MAX MCINTYRE – who were connected to Luciferian child killers THE FAMILY. Max McIntyre’s son Andrew also witnessed this famous crime.

The connection between the Beaumont Children and Luciferians would explain why this case was never solved. In fact, all of Australia’s most famous and abhorrent crimes involved Luciferians, organised pedophilia, and VIPs.




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  1. Anna Bertalli #

    Can I say Rachael, I’m truely touched to hear such a clear, concise, testimony. I have been educating myself on SRA, and related topics for the last few years. The heartfelt love and pride I feel for you can not be expressed in words, and I would like to offer my full support. And whilst I have not been a victim/survivor, I seriously think I can sometimes feel the pain, feel the horror you had no choice to endure, and it breaks my heart. There are more people, systems, and governments involved with this insidious abuse than I can believe, evil has infiltrated every level in society to keep these atrocities hidden. Please know I would do anything to help expose and stop these monsters. A very interesting point made too about people who have been abused, and in turn, become abusers, and how to get these people to come forward. Big love to you xxx

    August 27, 2018
  2. Stavros #

    I bet you these 2-legged rock spiders in high places are right now ruing the day someone decided to invent the internet, social media and youtube, because now that Rachael’s testimony is up there for the whole world to see, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. People will use tools like youtube downloader to make copies for offline viewing, or share on dropbox accounts the whole world over.
    I never knew we lived in such an evil world.
    Kudos to Rachael and Fiona for exposing this wickedness.
    PS: maybe a coincidence, but after commenting on Fiona’s facebook page the other week, Someone using a computer in the USA tried to break into my facebook account.
    Thankfully, my very very long password proved a major hurdle.
    I was notified that there had been suspicious activity on the account, so I changed the password again.

    August 28, 2018

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