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Tacoma Police Implicated in Sex Trafficking Ring

My name is Alexis Crawford. I am a whistle-blower trying to expose the Freemason Sex Trafficking Cult that operates in TACOMA, Washington. My family is full of Freemasons. My father Anthony Crawford is a Freemason leader. He and other members of my family work for the government. My family are involved in a cult that stalks, spies on, drugs, kidnaps, rapes, sex traffics and murders people including children. My family are responsible for men, women and children becoming missing persons. They are also responsible for the disappearance and sex trafficking of my girlfriend Amanda Christine O’Brien-Martinez.

AMANDA Christine O’Brien-Martinez (aka AMIRAH Rose)

I was in a relationship with Amanda for 4 years when she suddenly went missing in late June 2016. Amanda’s disappearance occurred immediately after we were both DRUGGED and RAPED by my cousin MIGUEL SWAIN and my father ANTHONY CRAWFORD.

I filed a missing person report with the TACOMA POLICE Department on July 25, 2016. I messaged Amanda’s Facebook page numerous times and sent her numerous emails, yet never received a response.

I called my father and told him Amanda was missing. His odd response was: “Amanda doesn’t want to be found.”

I messaged a friend of my cousin Miguel, Faye Reynolds, via Facebook. When I asked whether she had seen Amanda, Faye told me Amanda went to Seattle. That excuse sounded extremely odd and out of character. Amanda and I were in a serious relationship. She would not leave me to begin with, and she certainly would not move location without telling me.

One day, I was in the company of another associate of my cousin Miguel named Ellie Joslyn. Ellie let slip to me that Amanda was located at Miguel’s trailer. Ellie tried to correct herself by saying, “I mean another Amanda.” Later, another girl (named Lucky) told me that Amanda was at Miguel’s trailer and that Miguel was responsible for the abduction and disappearance of three other young women.

On numerous occasions I called Tacoma Police Detective THORNTON who was assigned to Amanda’s missing person case. Detective Thornton never responded.

During a visit to my father’s house, I found a young child’s drawing book plus Amanda’s court papers in my father’s blue Toyota RAV4. Amanda’s court documents related to a child custody battle she faced against her mother, and they stated that Amanda’s mother had custody of her daughter.

I visited my father in February 2017. During this visit I noticed blood on his carpet, in his bathroom, and in his Toyota truck. I also found Amanda’s underwear, cheetah lighter and sunglasses in a drawer next to his bed. I confronted my father about these findings, and about drugging us and raping us in June 2016 right before she went missing.

I screamed at him: “You raped my girlfriend and killed her!”

My father responded, “What, you going to call the cops on your own father?”

I then attacked my father and stabbed him.

The police were called and I was arrested. I told them my father was responsible for my girlfriend’s disappearance.

The News Tribune published an article about my arrest and mentioned my allegation that my father had something to do with Amanda’s disappearance.

I was sentenced to 14 months in the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

Two Tacoma detectives visited me in jail and recorded an interview with me. During this, I informed police that my father was responsible for Amanda’s disappearance. I told them about the fake Facebook page, and the blood in my father’s house and truck. The police did not investigate my witness statement.

During my incarceration, friends of my cousin Miguel, Faye Reynolds and Kaila Nicole Borgman-Seaward, both told me that my father ANTHONY CRAWFORD, my step brother JAMES LEON ARCHIE, my cousin MIGUEL SWAIN and Miguel’s friends GABE MORALES, DOLORES MORALES and MOONEY were in a human sex trafficking ring. They said this group of people kidnapped Amanda, took her to Miguel’s trailer where they repeatedly subjected her to drugging, torture, rape, and gang rape. They said the group video tapped themselves raping Amanda, and sex trafficking her.

FAYE REYNOLDS and KAILA NICOLE BORGMAN-SEAWARD both told me in front of numerous witnesses, that they would assist with a police investigation into Amanda’s abduction. They both said they visited Miguel’s trailer numerous times and personally witnessed and spoke with Amanda at the trailer.

In September 2017, I requested the prison contact the Police. Consequently, Deputy DAN WULICK from the PIERCE COUNTRY Sheriff’s Department visited the prison and took three witness statements from me regarding three separate crimes. The first report concerned Miguel drugging and raping Amanda and I in June 2016. The second report related to my father drugging and raping Amanda and I in June 2016. The third report concerned my father and cousin kidnapping, raping and sex trafficking Amanda.

I drew a location map of the trailer for Deputy WULICK. I also reported the blood I found at my father’s house and in his truck.

Then Faye Reynolds told me Dolores Morales made her lie to me on Facebook, tell me Amanda was in Seattle.

I then wrote my family letters and told them that I knew Amanda was at my cousin Miguel’s trailer, and that I knew that Amanda’s Facebook page was fake.

In December 2017, Kaila Borgman-Seaward called Dolores Morales. Morales told her Amanda was still being held at my cousin’s trailer, and that Police never investigated my complaints.

A number of my fellow prison inmates had been sex trafficked like Amanda. They correctly predicted that my father would have Amanda contact me. In February 2018, I received a letter from Amanda which I am convinced my father forced her to write. In this letter, Amanda wrote that my father had nothing to do with her disappearance but that she admired him. She said she had been kidnapped, raped and sex trafficked, but not by my family. Amanda wrote that her father Jerry Martinez sold her to a sex trafficker because she wrecked her Nissan car. Amanda said her trafficker’s name was Marcellus Johnson and that she was somewhere hidden and couldn’t tell me where, because the FBI were now looking for her trafficker Marcellus Johnson.

I was released from prison on April 29th, 2018. I immediately called Dan Wulick and asked what he did with the kidnapping report I made to him. He said he sent it to the Lakewood Police Department because my cousin’s trailer is in Lakewood. I called the Lakewood Police Department who said they knew nothing about the report. Lakewood Police Department then refused to take any further reports from me.

I contacted Detective Thorton who was assigned to Amanda’s missing person case. Thornton told me he closed Amanda’s missing person case on October 6, 2016 because she was with her father. I told him that was false because she was being held captive at my cousins trailer. Thornton wrote the address down but never called me back.

On July 4th, I called the Seattle FBI and reported Amanda’s kidnapping and sex trafficking. On July 11th, I emailed Pierce County Sheriff’s department Internal Affairs and made a complaint regarding Dan Wulick who lost my police report concerning Amanda’s kidnapping and sex trafficking. On July 12th, I emailed the Attorney General’s office and lodged a complaint against the Pierce County Sheriff’s department. On July 13th, I emailed the Inspector General of the FBI and made a complaint against the Seattle FBI for not acting.

On July 19th, the Attorney General’s office informed me they notified the Pierce County Sheriff’s department about my complaint. On July 23rd, Melanie Harding (Chief Analyst to Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards) informed me via email that she forwarded my information concerning Amanda’s kidnapping to the Lakewood Police Department and she promised to assist me.

On July 24th, Lt. Governor Habib told me to contact Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro (because the trailer is located in Lakewood). He also told me he forwarded my information to the Washington State Patrol Criminal Investigation Division who subsequently followed up with the Tacoma Police. In response, Tacoma Police claimed they had already investigated Amanda’s case. I told Habib the Tacoma Police closed Amanda’s missing persons case back in October 2016, without any investigation or action.

On July 25th 2018, I emailed Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro about Amanda’s abduction and sex trafficking. On July 25th, the U.S. Department of Justice told me they forwarded my report to the inspection division in Washington D.C. on July 26th, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs told me I never reported Amanda’s abduction in the first place.

On August 3rd, Mayor Don Anderson and Police Chief Mike Zaro blocked my emails. On August 4th, I emailed U.S. House of representatives Denny Heck – who told me to contact the Lakewood Police Department.

On August 6th, I sent letters to Governor Jay Inslee, and Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, informing them about Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro stonewalling me. I also wrote to the FBI Internal Affairs Headquarters in Washington D.C.

On August 10th, I sent a letter to Mayor Don Anderson.

On August 11th, my lawyer instructed me to request my full prison record which contained evidence that I made the police report with Dan Wulick, request all of Amanda’s public records. I did this immediately.

On August 14th, Melanie Harding chief policy analyst to Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards, informed me via email:

“In order to preserve the independence of the criminal justice system, the Mayor is unable to intervene or attempt to influence an active investigation.”

On August 22nd, Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro told me via email:

“I have received your inquiries and complaints on this matter. All of your allegations have been investigated to the extent that we are able. I personally was at the trailer in Lakewood on April 18th when the department of corrections officers arrested Miguel Swain and searched his trailer. We have since accounted for Amanda. She has been relocated with the assistance of a program that helps victims of human trafficking. For security reasons I cannot disclose her location, but she is safe and in no way being held against her will. As such I do not know what more I can do for you.”

I told Mike Zaro that my father let Amanda call me, and during this call Amanda told me she is not in no protection program. My father had Amanda contact me via Facebook and give me the number to call her on, which was 360-932-1121. Amanda told me the sex traffickers made her legally change her name to Amirah Rose. Amanda said my father was the reason people stalked us and spied on us for a while before she was kidnapped. She said my father his her by temporarily checking her into a psychiatric unit and then collecting her. She told me there are SO MANY PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS SEX TRAFFICKING OPERATION.


Help bust this sex trafficking network wide open!

I can well believe Alexis’ account of corruption involving Tacoma Police, because the social worker who helped set me up for harm in Alaska, worked for the Tacoma Police.

 If you want to help victims of human trafficking, if you want to destroy the human trafficking operation that the CIA is ultimately in charge of – then petition the corrupt mongrels named in this story.

When you help one victim, you help them all. You can do something about the abduction and sex trafficking of Amanda Christine O’Brien-Martinez. You can cause the officials so much grief that they must act. Start writing and phoning now…



Tacoma Police Detective THORNTON
Tacoma Police Department
3701 South Pine Street
Tacoma, WA 98409

Police Non-Emergency: (253) 798-4721

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  1. Mary Maxwell #

    Dear FBI,
    You are a hopeless mob and it is my aim to bring you to book. But let’s imagine that you personally, or some of your underlings, are sick of the crimes you are performing. Good! We can do business. Start with a simple matter, a missing person named Amanda Christine O’Brien-Martinez. A girl named Alexis accuses her Dad (Alexis’ Dad) of having abducted Amanda.
    Anyway, we are not stupid here in Australia, thanks to a website called Pedophiles Down Under dot com. We are fully aware that you boys work, slave-like, for some very disturbed human beings. Have you any self-respect? Fabulous! Then give those “bosses” the heave-ho. You have the training and the weapons. Somewhere, somehow, in your training you were told that a criminal needs to be accosted and …and…whatever. Here’s your big chance. Turn this thing around.
    Read the aforementioned Pedophile website to get the dirt on the Tacoma-area case. Bring home the abductee. Wow. You will be a hero. And once you get the feel for being a real man and not a pathetic slave, you will be ready to perform history-making miracles. We can actually give you a list of what needs to be done. It will get your adrenalin going, believe me.
    So what’s stopping you? Is it that you need to protect your pension, etc. Pension? Be serious. If they like to cut up bodies or whatever it is they do (you’re not into that kind of muck, are you?), they haven’t got the slightest motive to be loyal to you. How could you have failed to think of that? Re-learn who your friends are. Re-learn that life can be a bundle of joy.
    Just go find that Amanda lady. Fiona Barnett is on the case and that doesn’t augur well for your survival. Last time she said to someone “I will be your downfall” the guy carked it. Fiona has tons of friends, and all you’ve got is maybe a few buddies whom you can’t really trust anyway.
    For special advice, write to That’s me. Creative amnesty deals my specialty.

    August 27, 2018

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