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Franklin Graham Supports Voodoo Doughnut Child Traffickers?

This one takes the cake – or rather, the doughnut!

Just hours after Michael Whalen told the world he was a victim of child sex trafficking, and testified that he witnessed Portland Voodoo Doughnuts being used as a front for child sex trafficking, and just after I published an article about this, Billy Graham’s son tweeted photos of him feasting at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. Franklin Graham also stated in the caption of this tweet, “Take a look at these killer doughnuts!”

So, there are a few possible explanations for this. Either it’s a coincidence (like, a HUGE coincidence. I mean, click bait GOLD coincidence). Or else he knowingly dined at a doughnut store that had just been outed as a pedophile haunt.

For now, let’s ignore the fact that Franklin Graham’s father was a multi-generational Luciferian, 33 degree Freemason, who drugged and raped me at Bohemian Grove when I was a kid. And let’s put aside that Billy Graham raped Kathy Sullivan who went public about this years ago. And let’s shelve the fact that Billy Graham promoted Catholicism and other non-protestant concepts. And we’ll just forget about UK pop star Cliff Richards being charged with pedophilia for allegedly raping a child at a Billy Graham Crusade. Let’s just forget ALL of that completely irrelevant material for a minute – and just take a look at the doughnuts:

I have no problem associating with and supporting gay folks – but I’m not sure whether Billy Graham’s disciples, who defend him like he was Jesus incarnate instead of the satanic monster he was, might agree.

If the Voodoo Doughnut menu is not inappropriate enough for Billy Graham’s worshippers, let’s take a look at the restaurant sign that Franklin Graham (son of the Luciferian pedo who raped me when I was 6 – but that’s totally irrelevant) posed in front of:

The name ‘Voodoo Doughnut’ itself is kinda anti-Christian. Christians are traditionally against voodoo, witchcraft, and evil stuff. At best, it certainly seems odd to me that such a high profile protestant figure would boast on social media that he dined at venue named ‘Voodoo’ which sold doughnuts named after sexual acts and satanism – things protestant ministers are supposed to publicly oppose, right?

Then there’s the obvious FBI pedophile triangle symbol located in the middle of the Voodoo sign. That’s not cool. But then, maybe Frank hasn’t done his conspiracy homework… So, let’s help him out, coz I’m sure his PR team will be reading this article, as part of their damage control strategy.

“The Magic is in the Hole.” Frank, this is a double entendre. It refers to the Luciferian tradition of employing sodomy as a means of accessing spiritual power. Your dad knew all about that.

“Good things come in pink boxes.” Frank, this is another double entendre. It’s pedo speak for: “It’s good for pedophiles to ejaculate inside a little girl’s vagina.”

And ouija boards are very Christian.

Voodoo doughnut crucified Jesus

Yep, extra Christian with extra topping…

Someone on Frank’s team realised his Voodoo Doughnut posts were inappropriate, because they were immediately deleted after I tweeted at Franklin Graham and subtly raised awareness:

Yep, I was a tad emotional…

But so were many of the 11,700 twitter followers that I had accrued in a few days. The public responded with discontent. Even the non-Christians demonstrated a basic understanding that it is inappropriate for a protestant Christian leader to dine at such a place.

Some even took Franklin Graham’s “killer doughnuts” comment as a threat, considering the timing of his posts, and the fact his father was a child raping kiddie killing Luciferian. But I digress…

Yeah, I don’t know whether Franklin Graham knew that he was dining at a Luciferian pedophile doughnut cafe which sold doughnuts in the shape of penises and pentagrams – or whether this was all just one big PR cock-up.

There’s one way to find out. Franklin Graham can respond to his father’s child rape victims. That would dispel all doubt, and convince me that that his visit to the Voodoo Doughnut Portland store that the FBI raided in 2016 for it’s part in child sex trafficking, was just a BIG coincidence…

I’m waiting, Frank.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Nightingale Files.

    August 7, 2018
  2. Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 486c34 No.2355103 📁
    Jul 30 2018 11:16:47 (EST)

    Those you are taught to TRUST the most…..📁📁📁
    Dark to LIGHT.

    Trust no one unless proven reliable and TRUSTWORTHY.

    August 7, 2018
  3. Astorh #

    I knew for sure Billy Graham was 33 grade freemason. But this?? I’m in shock!!! As a pentecostal christian from Puerto Rico I have to say that I’m sonsorry that happened to you.
    I knew since I saw the TBN intervew he was a fals prophet dealing with ecumenism but never thout the evil was inside within him and his son.
    Horrible. That is why his been called the preacher of the oresidents or something like that. Corruption all the way until the Trumpet of God arribe to the White House. Aleluya.

    August 10, 2018
  4. Kevin Laszewski #

    I left a message concerning biblical truthabout what happens to these people when they meet Christ the savior, and you take it down?Vengence is mine say the lord ,go do work to hem up as many as you can THROUGH The power of the Blood of the only lord. But it wont ever completely stop,they will throw so many demon oprested BstrDs under the bus wich will be GREAT,But even after the, leaving of the great restrainer,Holy spirit and his sheep,are taken out of the way,these Demoniacs will continue thru the tribulation ,Doing the unspeakable.BUT When JESUS comes in the clouds with sword and fire from the clouds with us who have been raptured All will perish.Tribulation wll be peace plan for 7 Years but only last 3 an a half,then Jesus will come as a warrior with the bride and throw all these Demoniacs strait to the lake of fire with there demons.But dont stop, God is behind you to take down as many as you can. Just rember find solice ,that I know everone can be forgiven by the blood of Christ , That being said,I believe these who Do the unspeakable Have denied the Holy spirit for ever,just like if someone takes the mark of the beast to survive are damned FOREVER.So i know we are supposed to not want anyone to go to HELL-I CERTAINLY DONT BUT THIS BRINGS SOLICE TO ME IN MY LIFE-THAT GOD-JESUS WILL JUGE ALL WHO FOLLOW THE LEFT HANDED PA-TH.I have come close to mrdern CHO MOS in incarceration,but because i Have restraint from Christ Jesus not gonna happen,that goes for other satanic Demoniacs i run in to ,from the highest to the lowest carcuss.In my past iwould of and have,In closing fight thru christ to HEM UP as many as you can,especially Graham , and al Hollywood DEMONIACS.God bless you all and let this message bring comfort that we who believe in christ will be spared hs wrath.P.S. You dont have to be perfect to be saved, i smoke herb for chronic pain cuss like a sailor,but im not a criminal alcoholic anymore.May the blood of Jesus protect and save u all.PS sorry bad spelling,in lots of pain

    August 11, 2018
  5. Michael Sluder #

    Yeah Franklin … So am I … No way do I believe that you and
    family were not aware of your dad’s wicked evil damned ways and practices. No way !!! Question is for me how many
    of his ” preacher friends ” know. How many? Roughly. Did the one friend of his that 35 years ago I respect and appreciation for him … but this ” friend ” was different back
    then … that time during his walk where his went from 5,6,7 sometimes 10 thousand would come hear his testimony regarding a carpet cleaner named Milton Green who was Free from religious rotting rot practiced by ALL denominations left to it’s own pride’s greed. So Franklin Graham did James Robison and his wife Betty … Did they know??? ” friends ” of the wicked practitioners and child raping traffickers the Bush’s … AND Ronald Reagan is guilty TOO … he a annual guess at Bohemian Grove and his said favorite fetish porn was of the beastiality type … he was evil … AND so is that evil scum Pope Francis bitch !!! Waiting. Sincerely, Michael Sluder

    August 16, 2018
  6. Michael Sluder #

    Typos typos typos … are not only excepted by SLHnews BUT we often encourage them … we’ll address this however … ” went from sometimes ten thousand people city wide crusades to three or four to several hundred in attendance after Milton Green prayed for his deliverance and the Living God did His Thing and if ONLY for a time Liberty of the Spirit was aloud to move His Way and the crowds from before the deliverance chose religious rot above Living Truth … ” But I digress … In 2014 James Robison told a crowd after returning from the Vatican with that devil Kenneth Copeland that that child murdering baby raping punk Pope that ” he sees Jesus all over him ” !!! Tragic! F’ ing Tragic. James Robison YOU are desperately wrong. I almost believe it’s on purpose. Why? I digress. Board Member One along with the other Nine approves this message… homage to Paul Harvey … and so that’s the rest of the story … Good day!

    August 16, 2018
  7. Angela Flokstra-Sauchelli #

    Hi Fiona,

    Thank you for telling the truth. Please forgive me for not knowing.I do now. Forgive us foto not helping you

    I dont have money but I Will pray for you and tell others.
    I realise that this might mean nothing to you.Its all I have.

    Greetings from The Netherlands.
    Angela Flokstra-Sauchelli.

    August 26, 2018

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