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In 2006, my Bond University forensic psychology lecturer Katarina Fritzon began making sexual advances toward me. It did not register that this female was actually sexually interested in me. If a male gave out the same hints, I would have noticed more readily. But not from a female who was not openly gay, was divorcing her husband with whom she had a young child, and who knew I was married with kids and not openly bisexual or the like.

Katarina Fritzon’s sexual interest in me began to register after the night she invited me to her home for wine and cheese. That night she initiated a discussion about women’s breasts, and she described mine as “magnificent.” But still that wasn’t enough to alarm me.

It certainly perplexed me when Katarina Fritzon grabbed my breast at her birthday party at a noisy night club. She was sitting next to her new boyfriend when it happened. I leaned over her other side to talk to her above the loud music when she suddenly grabbed my breast in a sexual manner. But I later dismissed this as perhaps alcohol inspired on her part.

Then in 2007, Katarina Fritzon invited me to a student party at her home. This was attended by her forensic psychology masters students. She told me that loads of students were sleeping. I asked her whether I needed to bring my sleeping bag and pillow, but she told me not too because there was plenty of bedding being provided to students. So, I just rocked up.

Following a night of drinking and playing sexual disclosure spin-the-bottle with students, all but three of us students went home. Two ‘open-minded’ students slept together in the spare bedroom. Then I realised there were no other beds. Katarina Fritzon then offered me her uncomfortable couch – or I could share her large bed. I was over the limit and couldn’t drive the 35 minute drive home – but not blind drunk or the like. And it was too late to get my husband to wake the kids and drive to collect me. So, I chose to share the bed.

In the middle of the night, after I fell asleep, I awoke to being suffocated. Katarina Fritzon and her student were on top of me, suffocating me with a pillow. This triggered me to dissociate. Katarina Fritzon then proceeded to rape me in her bed.

Following this incident, I began cutting off from Katarina Fritzon. I contacted her for a reference at the start of 2009. I was arranging a 2 year training program which would provide me registration as a psychologist. During this call, Katarina Fritzon told me Bond University had just had a last minute withdrawal from the forensic masters program, they were desperate to fill the position, and would I be interested. It was a much easier pathway to registration, and I agreed.

During the masters program, I avoided socialising or even speaking alone with Katarina Fritzon. My resentment toward her grew, and during her classes I spoke openly against the pro-perpetrator material she presented, including the faux research by Elizabeth Loftus, and a denial of evidence for the existence of ritual abuse. I endured mocking from other students in class for saying ritual abuse was true.

It was after I began confiding in other students about Katarina Fritzon grabbing my breast at her birthday party that I was placed under excessive scrutiny and targeted for removal from my psychology course. I had suffered a vestibular system stroke at the start of the masters course but worked through this, only reducing my workload to accommodate rehabilitation. My grades were excellent, and I received fantastic feedback from clients and supervisors. I made one stuff up while under supervision with Bruce Watt, and it was I who, against Bruce’s judgement, insisted on documenting this on our final supervision form.

Katarina Fritzon and her girlfriend of 20 years Rebekah Doley placed me under excessive scrutiny and subjected me to disability discrimination. They also set me up to fail at a horrendous placement where I was supervised by someone whom my supervisor informed me knew Fritzon and Doley back in the UK. The obstacles these women placed in front of me were horrendous and would have caused any other student to crack. But I did not break. I kept meeting their impossible expectations until finally, they simply made allegations up against me. I tried to complain to the Queensland state Psychology Board, but they refused to take my notification. However, they certainly acted on the false and vexatious notification that Rebekah Doley lodged against me.

While working in the Bond University Psychology Clinic, I had a 10 year old foster child disclose to me in front of her lovely foster mother that she had been sex trafficked by her previous foster father. This information married what I directly knew from a raid on the same DOCS (child services) office that occurred back in 2000. In accordance with mandatory reporting legislation, and with my supervisor’s knowledge, I reported this child abuse disclosure to the governing body that oversees DOCS, the Children’s Commissioner. Without consulting me, Bond University withdrew my complaint. However, the Children’s Commissioner wrote to me and informed me that despite my withdrawal, she found grounds for proceeding with an investigation. However, my notifying against this child abuse disclosure was used as one of the grounds for notifying against me to the Psychology Board.

I had disclosed my child abuse history to Katarina Fritzon and another lecturer who pretended to be my friend just to glean information from me. My child abuse disclosures to these two lecturers featured in Rebekah Doley’s notification against me to the Queensland Psychology Board, along with the accusation that I was both psychotic and my child abuse disclosures were a product of my psychosis, AND that my child abuse disclosures were true and thus I was a criminal for participating in ritual crimes. Simultaneously, a Queensland police officer who worked at Bond University named Terry Goldsworthy (whom I have never met) contacted the NSW police officer to whom I had in 2008 reported my child abuse. Terry Goldsworthy then removed the fact that I was a child at the time of my ritual abuse, and instead reported me as an adult perpetrator of those child abuse crimes committed against me, to the Queensland Psychology Board.

In response to these accusations, I submitted a formal notification against Bond University lecturers to AHPRA, the administrators for the Queensland Psychology Board. In response, AHPRA informed me that they would not be applying the Australian Psychology Society’s legally binding Practice Code and Guidelines in their consideration of my complaint about Bond University psychology lecturers, but that they would indeed be applying that same document in their consideration of the false and vexatious notification Bond University staff made against me.

AHPRA tried to have me attend a health consultation with a dodgy psychiatrist who under archaic Queensland legislation had the power to have me dragged off by police from his office to a psychiatric hospital without the knowledge or consent of my family. My doctor advised me not to attend. There ended my psychology career, destroyed because I would not consent to being sexually assaulted by my psychology lecturer.

Since I my psychology career was destroyed, Bond University professor of criminology and forensic psychology Paul Wilson, who co-wrote the first Australian textbook for these areas with Katarina Fritzon, was sentence to prison for sexually assaulting a young girl. Bond University published Paul Wilson’s Articles in which he advocated for pedophilia. I had zero knowledge of these publications when I volunteered to assist with their textbook. But it explains the anti-child abuse victim stance that Paul Wilson and Katarina Fritzon demonstrated in their shared classes.

It has taken me many years to recover from Katarina Fritzon’s sexual assaults and her destruction of my reputation and career. For years I suffered guilt, shame and blamed myself. I knew no one would believe me because adult women don’t rape other adult women, right? Yes, they do. Women can be as sick and perverted as men. Women can be sexually aroused by raping someone, just like men can. Women rape, torture and sex traffic children, just like men do. I am dumping what Katarina Fritzon did to me right back on her dirty filthy head. Eight years I have prepared for this, and here it is. Female sexual predators do exist – and Katarina Fritzon is one of them. Katarina Fritzon deserves to be charged and deported back to the UK. She should be stripped of her psychology registration and condemned to never practice as a psychologist again… unless the Australian psychology board condones this type of abuse of power.

Eight years ago, God promised me vindication, compensation and reinstatement following Bond University’s destruction of my life. Somehow this will happen. I don’t know how, but I have faith that it will.If it happens in this life, then that would make one awesome testimony concerning the true nature of God. That would give me a source of hope to share with the downtrodden. But if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, then I still won’t deny my God’s omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. I still won’t compromise in exchange for social status and the rewards on offer from a Luciferian pedophile run society.

God said that what the ruler of this broken society intends for evil – he uses for good. Much good has come out of Bond University’s attack on me. If it wasn’t for that, I would never have gone public about my own child abuse, I would never have helped the countless fellow victims who have contacted me to say thank you for going public because now I realise this was not my imagination, this actually did happen to me to. Victims thank me for helping them to find God again, or for the first time. Therapists contact me for advice in working with victims like me. Victims contact me for advice concerning how to heal. Thanks to Bond University’s vile attack on me, I was forced to confront my own abuse again and this led to my full integration. I can’t be forced to dissociate again as happened the night Katarina Fritzon raped me. Thanks to her sick assault, I tossed aside the things of this world and am storing up riches for the next. I was on a selfish path focused on a career instead of what truly mattered – my family and friends. Thanks to the attack, I am a better mother, partner and friend.

So, there it is, my #metoo moment. I am Fiona Barnett, and it was not my fault.

Inappropriate email from uni lecturer to student.

See the Independent Australia online journal for details concerning Bond University, AHPRA and the Psychology Board’s mistreatment of my case:,6689,7062




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  1. Thank you for this exposure of the truth. Like you, I have been attacked by a University. It’s no coincidence–Univeristies are among the “enforcers” of luciferian rule. The United States is run by a luciferian theocracy. Please take a look at my Facebook blog, “UF Health Shands Hospital Gainesville Florida-Unofficial” to read about the attacks on me after I became a whistle-blowing patient advocate at the University of Florida teaching Hospital.

    August 1, 2018
  2. Thank you for writing the truth about what goes on at Universities. Like you, I have also been attacked by the University hospital where I worked as a registered nurse for over 25 years. The USA is indeed run by a luciferian theocracy, something I didn’t discover until the luciferians themselves showed me, as part of my harassment. We are supposed to tremble and dissolve and commit suicide. Nope! Not us! Please take a look at my Facebook blog, “UF Health Shands Hospital Gainesville Florida-Unofficial.” Thank you, Kathleen Maynard

    August 1, 2018
  3. KS #

    Thank you, Fiona, for your eloquent and detailed post. Women can be just as evil as men, and I wish more people could see that. We are constantly told that if women ran the world, we would have no more wars, but some of the biggest warmongers in recent history have been women, of which Hillary Clinton is the most infamous example. If she had won the election in 2016, it would have been the end of most life on this planet. And as for women raping women, she could not be a finer example of this.

    I pray for you, Fiona, and I thank you for your courage. It’s always harder for the first few to speak, but when their example encourages others, the resistance gathers until almost everyone wronged feels safe in talking – which overwhelms the perps and their allies. This reminds me of an Animal Planet segment I saw years ago. It was titled “When Prey Fights Back”. God is backing you against the Satanic forces that have worked against you. Keep strong, my lady.

    August 1, 2018
  4. “… I tossed aside the things of this world and am storing up riches for the next”… that is a big one Fiona… on the spiritual journey, that is like a doorway opening… Wish you all the best…

    August 1, 2018
  5. Oldavid #

    Dear Fiona,
    To the best of my knowledge there has never been an instance of cruel and imperious perpetrators who have “reformed themselves” because of the plaintive cries of their victims.

    If there are still “good men” in Sodom they’ll have to have an effective and justifiable method in opposition to the “status quo”; but most ordinary, honest, people don’t go for parading in the streets with banners and slogans. Most of us are justifiably preoccupied with “attending to our duties according to our state in life”. That does not mean that ordinary folk would not support ordinarily honest men if they knew what they stood for.

    And that does not mean that we’re all irrevocably farkd by the ubiquitous perverts that occupy the positions of power and influence.

    Contact me at I’m nowhere near as IQ clever as you claim to be but “out of the mouths of babes”………

    August 2, 2018

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