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Support the Arizona Vets who stumbled upon CIA child traffickers

The Arizona Veterans were searching for fellow homeless veterans shacked up in the desert when they stumbled across a child trafficking operation involving VIPs including the Clinton Foundation and a Rothschild family member. Please support them by campaigning against the local VIPs who are benefiting from what is a massive operation that is linked to the CIA.

Here’s their website:


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  1. JulieH #

    I am so very relieved that you are safe and well. I have worried about you nearly everyday since saw your documentary a year and a half ago. The Hampstead children too….I am sick for them…and all those who I don’t know the faces of.

    All those video interviews you conducted with other victims, I wish were never taken down. And you’re integration video was amazing and full of important information. Maybe someday they can be reposted

    I do have hope now that something finally will be done to dismantle this vast network and bring these monsters to justice. I don’t expect you to hope necessarily with the betrayal from all sides that you have experienced and continue to experience. But as you know, all things are possible through Christ. ❤

    Watching what is currently going on here in America, it is more clear everyday that there is an under the radar human organization that is working against the cabal and working on bringing them down. There has been a noticeable increase of arrests of scores and scores of low level people for pedophilia and trafficking of late. They are working their way up to the elite scumbags.

    The patriots are closing in. This is going to be a world wide scandal and uproar. I think the pedo shake up in Saudi Arabia last November was the beginning, and also the death of Hugh Heffner was another huge evidence seizure. And, don't dismiss Anthony Wienerls laptop and the DNC server. They have the evidence…it's just how to bring it all out without causing mass rioting and death.

    There have been a lot of high level resignations, people feigning sickness, and suicides. In the last 1 1/2 years there have been 9200 arrests concerning human trafficking and they haven't even got to the big name people yet. Well they did a little. The Nxivm cult was trafficking people and had links to Hollywood and high level politicians. Even still, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The battle now it seems is to raise public awareness so they can believe when the evidence comes out. It is a war of the hearts and minds of the public.

    I am full of hope that something will be done…that's these monsters will hang. If you can not bring yourself to hope, I will hope for you.

    Just know you are not alone. There are many like me. And most importantly God is with you.

    July 16, 2018

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