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Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher led Bathurst City Hall Ritual Murder

Have you ever wondered why there is so much injustice in the world? Ever wonder why the courts favour monsters who rape and kill our kids? I’ll tell you why…

Newly appointed Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher ruled that Suncorp must compensate a man convicted of child pornography (who lied on his resume to about his kiddie porn conviction) for refusing to hire the pedophile. Listen to the story here:

Does this make sense? No? I will tell you why…

Who is Rosalind Croucher?

I know who she is, and why she would support a pedophile. Rosalind Croucher is one of the cold witches who presided over the ritual murder, and pedophile orgy, held at Bathurst City Hall when I was a minor. Rosalind Croucher was one of the high priests who stood on the Bathurst City Hall stage along side Australian cricket captain Richie Benaud, shit actor Bruce Spence, NSW Police Commissioner John Avery, and head of ASIO child trafficking Kim Beazley Senior.

Rosalind Croucher watched on as Bruce Spence raped me on stage. Rosalind Croucher looked on as a fully pregnant ‘breeder’ was sliced open and her baby ripped as part of the black mass ritual. Rosalind Croucher watched as a line of children were ritually murdered. Rosalind Crouch looked on as the entire crowd broke out into an orgy in which she participated.

Rosalind Croucher’s biography bears the hallmarks of my other abusers, including Patricia Anne Conlon, Leonas Petrauskas, John Bell, Antony Kidman. Clues include her association with the evil Sydney University, 1950’s MK-NAIOMI bio-weapons project conducted in Papua New Guinea, Sydney theatre scene, a teacher named Conlon, north shore upbringing, and the classical music scene… What a coincidence! (

Aren’t you tired of the pedophiles getting away with it? Then do something about it. Get rid of this pedophile protector! Get rid of my abuser!

I’m not the only witness to ritual abuse conducted in Bathurst City Hall. Tor Nielsen, the victim who broke the St Stanislaus College pedophile ring witnessed 60 kids being raped by priests and police, and being subjected to ritual abuse, in the same hall.

Watch my testimony regarding the Bathurst City Hall ritual here:


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  1. Neita Pope #

    It’s madness, just doesn’t make sense, should ring peoples warning bells….

    July 6, 2018
  2. Mary Maxwell #

    Dear Dr Rosalind Croucher,

    Fiona Barnett long ago told the public that she watched a murder scene (6 died) that was committed by “a sports star, a police commissioner, a lousy actor, a politician, and a university lecturer.” All the killing was done to applause by an audience of high-society at Bathhurst. Later she identified the sports star: the late Richie Benaud and the police commissioner: the late John Avery. Now she has named you (I am assuming that was the “university lecturer.”)

    There is a likelihood you will be killed, as was Anthony Kidman after Barnett named him. I hereby offer you society’s protection. That’s not out of kindness; it’s that we want to hear your testimony. In fact, it would be good to see you and Fiona square off.

    But speaking for myself rather than for society, kindness IS involved. I feel sorry for all the people (perhaps you?) who as children were tortured and were taught that satanic stuff is “proper.” Wendy Hoffman shows in her book, Enslaved Queen, how she had to do horrible things. No one could possibly blame her; maybe you, too, will be found at trial to have very diminished responsibility.

    Dr Croucher, it is sensational that you are accused, as you talk the language of law and of human rights. That would not have been true of Kidman or Benaud. So, for once – if you will now come forward and address the Bathurst issue – the public will get the amazingly enlightening experience of finding out how deep cognitive dissonance can go. I honestly beg you to put on your human rights hat and talk to us about your memories. Australia is desperate for the chance to get off this doomsday path and live again. Please, will you do it?

    July 6, 2018
  3. You are every bit of HERO!!!!!! You are vindicated in ALL of us who believe you, which are so many it could make an army. We stand with you, behind you, and bind justice to these evil doers in Jesus mighty name.

    July 6, 2018
  4. David Marwick #

    I must contend with Neita above (but without any hostility) that it does make sense if you accept that Nothing turns itself into Everything by conflict and competition according to the “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” paradigm. Accordingly, “progress” depends on the “strong” or the privileged “eating” or otherwise exploiting the “weak” for their pleasure, advantage or gain.

    Anyone who does not accept that all of Creation has a sublime purpose is ultimately complicit in the diabolical perversion that “those who can do and those who can’t wear it”.

    It would be revoltingly cruel if the predators were eternally exalted for their perversity and the prey were eternally bound in servitude. Not so! Man is free in truth and virtue even if he is in chains. Man is only willingly enslaved by vice even if his vices afford him worldly wealth and grandeur.

    I would still like Fiona to contact me at and I only promise not to be a usual sycophant.

    July 7, 2018
  5. elissa hawke #

    Great post Fiona and thankyou again for standing up and sharing. I am happy to see Mary Maxwell in your corner again, I love watching the feminine peace, and wisdom Mary uses as she works. I feel very much that the abusers are also victims and what a world if they could free themselves in some kind of honesty amnesty… their whole lives must be hell. In some way, all life is hell when this kind of elitist yet self hating energy delusionally, but “legally” rules over the uninitiated. I feel people are gathering strength and numbers every passing day, so many more aware than comment, there is a strong undertow, a drag growing…thank you both for always keeping on going

    July 8, 2018

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