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VS Internal Review Letter

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  1. Margaret Gidgup #

    I am concerned for Fiona Barnetts safety but what is more disturbing is the fact that the Victim Services in NSW is trying to cover up what has been happening and how Fiona has attempted to get support and the ball moving towards justice for the abuse that happened to her, naming the predators and perpetrators, that includes some high ranking officials in Australia and Overseas. This is explosive stuff and it needs to be addressed not covered up. I am apppalled at how Victims Services is covering up for the elite who are covering up.

    Why do you have a Victim Services if you are the ones victimizing the victim.
    Fiona has asked for help from you and you have turned her away just as the Police have done, does this mean that there is more to the story than meets the eye. I know what Fiona Barnett has said is true and she is one brave woman and I stand behind her 100% in the truth that she is bringing to light for the sake of all the innocent children that were killed that have been killed and that will be killed to appease the sick desires of those in high places.

    I am holding you Victim Services accountable and there has to be transparency now on how you deal with Fiona Barnetts case and her complaints to you. You must do the right thing,you cannot turn away from this and pretend it hasn’t happened.

    Fiona will not stop brining the truth out and I will not stop in my support of her to do that.

    Victims Services, NSW you must do the right thing here.

    I am going to advertise this wherever I can until you do your job right and just for Fiona and all children at risk of the pedophile network in Australia and overseas.


    Ms Margaret Gidgup

    May 8, 2018
    • I am shocked to the core by the allegations of Fiona Barnett. I do not think anyone can make this stuff up ! I believe Fiona Barnett’s testimony. Why am I not surprised the ‘Victims services’ of New South Wales is trying to squash these allegations? Is it because Fiona names several VIP’s and implicated them, along with delegates involved in CIA programming? The situation Fiona has found herself in is what i would call a perversion of justice for victims of child sexual abuse
      (perpetrated by prominent VIP circles in the echelon of Australian society) I am writing in support of Fiona Barnett and all other child victims to receive a properly conducted court hearing.These crimes are going public regardless! You can not hide this evil forever !!!

      May 27, 2018
    • trish #

      No surprises here as to why no-one wants to deal with it, all too scared ! will guess what, perfect love casts out fear! Come on, don’t be wimps, you or daughters/sons could be next! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These abusers aren’t famous for anything, and riches aren’t forever! Jesus Christ is just! I say repent or you shall perish! Christ died for the sins of all mankind, so that we might have life and life more abundantly! I for one am so over all these evil greedy lustful power crazy idiots. If you have the God given ability to help Fiona and you fail to do so then load up on Zoplicone cause your going to loose some sleep. Seek and encourage the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth so help you God. Sans peur to you!

      June 11, 2018

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