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I copped a lot of crap for exposing Craig Sawyer 6 months ago. David Shurter copped a lot of crap before me, for calling him out in 2017 when Vets for Child Rescue (V4CR) was first launched.

Well, I finally obtained the irrefutable evidence of Sawyer’s fraudulent and highly lucrative child advocacy business. Multiple former V4CR staff have blown the whistle on Sawyer’s crimes. And I mean crimes. Sawyer is only licensed to gather donations to his not-for-profit in 5 USA states. Yet he collects moneys from multiple states in which he is unregistered, and in which he is legally mandated to register. His latest target was Idaho.

Craig Sawyer conned approximately $80,000 per month in donations from what he called “uneducated $5 a month donors”. But we wouldn’t know the true figure because Sawyer never kept the mandatory paperwork. V4CR kept no records of donations nor expenditure, no minutes of Board meetings – nothing. His recent tax return documents were fabricated.

Sawyer owes money to his employees, and this is why his promised film ‘Contraland’ was never released. He owes $10,000 to the Detective he hired to plan and execute all of the 14 stings. He owes $45,000 to the staff who produced the film. Another reason the film will never be released is the detective withdrew the right to display her image in the film. Since she did all the stings, and her image featured throughout the film – this means there is zero film. Sawyer made out that the ‘Contraland’ film was going to be released by Netflix. This is another deception. Netflix were not involved.

Sawyer blamed staff John Jacobs and Christian Caballero for the ‘Contraland’ film not being released. He publicly accused John Jacobs of embezzlement, something he wrongly accused his original CEO Jill Trammell of when she chose to resign from V4CR. Yet there may be some truth to the accusation against John Jacobs who himself is a shady character. Jacobs and his wife were apparently fired from his step-mother’s business for embezzlement. Jacobs is the one who insisted Craig Sawyer retract his public declaration that a homeless vets support charity called VOP stumbled upon in the Tuscon AZ desert. This is because Jacobs is heavily involved in politics, and is close with Tuscon Mayor Jonathan ROTHSCHILD of the child trafficking dynasty.

Sawyer told a lot of lies. Sawyer lied about the rescue of children. The so called rescue of Allison (prostitute street name ‘Candy’) was not a child rescue. Allison was 17 years old when Tressa Sawyer dumped her on the V4CR Detective Lori and her husband Bill (who was wrongly called a ‘pedophile’ by V4CR for speaking out about Sawyer’s fraud). Tressa used the excuse that she already had one crazy teenager to deal with a couldn’t handle another. After Allison nearly destroyed Lori and Bill’s house ($3,500 worth of breakages) and relationship, and once she turned 18, Allison returned to her 32 year old child trafficking pimp named Richard James Allen. V4CR then supplied donated money to one Grace Tang, to house Allison and her 32 year old pimp in a motel.

Sawyer lied about his daughter Aspen being the reason for V4CR’s formation. V4CR were in fact way into their initial stages by the time of Aspen’s alleged assault.

The Sawyers are drug traffickers. Tressa supplies drugs she obtains from Mexico, to her friends and to V4CR staff – even if they don’t want them. V4CR Board Meetings were pot smoking gatherings in which Aspen joined. Aspen is a drug mule. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, hanging out with drug dealers and gang members. She often disappeared to California for weeks at a time. Aspen started off as a straight A student, but she went off the rails after Tressa forced her to undergo a nose job, after telling her she wouldn’t get anywhere in life without one. And it didn’t help that Craig Sawyer beat her, as she posted on Facebook. Sawyer is a steroid user and the family dog is visibly terrified of him. Staff witnessed his bursts of roid rage.

The donations provided to V4CR were not spent on rescuing children. They were spent on the Sawyers who had no alternative means of income. Tressa makes almost nothing from her real estate work. The family lived the high life on V4CR donations. Craig personally took $11,000 per month from V4CR donations, on top of all the extras V4CR donations paid for. V4CR donations paid for the Sawyers to attend sporting events and gun shows all over the USA. For example, Craig and Aspen Sawyer flew to Dover and to Martinsville for Nascar events, on October 6 and 21. They attended another Nascar event in Phoenix AZ. Worse, a party of 6 people (Craig, Tressa, Aspen, Aspen’s boyfriend, TJ Smith, plus some random brunette friend) flew to a Louisiana State University Game. During his trips away, Craig has sexual affairs with Blonde Barbies. With the knowledge of staff members including Jeannette Carlisle, Craig hooked up with a Barbie lookalike named ‘CJ’ at an NRA show in Atlanta in 2017, and with another at the Vegas gun show.

Here is some evidence of Craig Sawyer’s fraudulent activity:

Read worse that Craig Sawyer has done for money:



Here is a clip in which 19 yo Aspen (in black top) is underage drinking:



Victorian Liberal Party throwing the election to get Labor in!

Here’s the latest in Aussie Pedo Politics news:

The Victorian Liberal Party are deliberately throwing the election so that Labor get in. This is to stop a conservative group within the Liberal Party who actually want to do good by society (including exposing pedo politicians) from gaining power & exposing the pedo puppet masters who control the major parties. The Age newspaper and other media are flooded with pro-Labor Party propaganda. Everyone behind the scenes are saying Labor will win the Victorian election. Senior Liberal members sabotaged their chances of victory by making bad preference deals & deliberately running a poor campaign.

All major Victorian parties (Greens, Liberal and Labor) are now controlled by extreme Leftists. The Greens are set to drop from 5 to 3 seats. Labor will do anything to gain control, and as much as Labor and the Greens pretend to hate each other, behind the scenes they share a common agenda and are doing deals to preserve this. Remember, the Greens were originally called the Australian Communist Party, and their policies reflect extreme Marxist doctrine.

The public are upset and reject Daniel Andrew’s pro-pedophile Labor government; however, the Liberals have deliberately provided no alternative and are running a non-campaign with a person who is generally disliked (Matthew Guy). The Liberal Party made disastrous preference deals behind the scenes; for example, they listed an independent Domestic Violence party second last out of 40+ candidates, which is a publicity disaster.

My inside sources are telling me Scott Morrison’s a good guy. But he aligned himself with everyone bad, to get through. All conservatives who would vote against pedophilia matters were pushed to the back bench, and all the leftist scum were placed on the front bench, as part of the deal to get Scomo in as PM. The way that he got up in politics – and the only way to do it – was to get support from leftist Malcolm Turnbull’s bad apples who preside over the front bench. Consequently, Scomo can’t do anything about child abuse without the support of his pro-pedo front benchers – and he will never gain that. He can’t completely swap teams now, even if his intentions are correct.

There are factions within the old Labor Party, and factions of the new wave of Liberal Party that are good people trying to make a change; however, while the pro-pedo puppet masters are pulling the strings, the public’s best interests will not be reflected in the actions of the major parties.

After this Victorian election, the pedo puppet masters behind the major parties will successfully shut down the preference system which currently allows independent parties to block pro-pedo policies. So, I suggest Victorians ensure independent parties retain a voice, and after seeing the policy that the AUSSIE BATTLER PARTY produced regarding Mandatory Sentencing and the establishment of a public Sex Offender Registry, realise that this independent party are aware of the Australian public’s Number one concern – child health and safety.

The Age newspaper did a hit piece on the AUSSIE BATTLER PARTY directly after they released their anti-child abuse policy; however, this worked in the new party’s favour because the public saw through this propaganda attempt to discredit them. Who doesn’t care about kids? It seems we finally have a party that prioritises Aussies’ main concern.

The AUSSIE BATTLER PARTY only need 2,500 votes in each region, to win 3 seats in Victorian Parliament. This could potentially give them the balance of power (or, as much power as the Greens have over Labor) in what is set to be a tight election but is likely to swing Labor’s way due to the Liberals throwing of the election. No wonder the puppet masters are using the pro-pedo press and preference system to attack this new party.

Victorians can resist the pedo puppet masters by voting 1. for the AUSSIE BATTLER PARTY, and 2. for the Liberal Party – while placing Labor and Greens last on their ballot forms.

That’s my pedo politics tip for the day!

Alice in Wonderland & Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked

English cricketer Greg Thomas was bowling against West Indies batsman Viv Richards. After Viv missed a few balls, Thomas taunted him with: “It’s red, it’s round, and it’s fast.” Viv responded by smashing the cricket ball out of the ground, and telling Thomas: “You know what it looks like, now you go and find it!” At that moment, Thomas learned what other cricketers knew – don’t sledge Viv Richards because he bats better when he’s angry.

Similarly, when I was recently attacked on all sides by Cult scum, I got angry, more focused, and more determined. I used the emotion that the attacks on me triggered, to unravel an aspect of the MK-ULTRA Matrix – i.e., where Alice in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz featured in ‘Comrade’ John Gittinger’s programming.

The more creative and visual the child victim, the more highly skilled the programmer, the more sophisticated the technology used – the more seamless the result. Gittinger was the greatest brainwashing genius the world never knew. My programming took place at the top CIA / Military Intelligence facilities in Australia and the USA. And I possessed maximum creative and visual-spatial capacity. These factors combined may explain why I have always been co-conscious during the memory retrieval process, and how I managed to basically self-direct my recovery. Plus I had God and His Holy Ghost guiding me.

All mind control programming is a variation on a theme, determined in part by the victim’s own imagination and their set role in the Cult. Hence, while Oz and Alice programming are uniformly employed, their application differ for every victim. Think of this process as a computer game in which the player can partly determine its design. The recovering victim has the ability to subvert the program, like Neo in The Matrix, because everything is occurring within the recovering victim’s mind in the absence of the original programmer.

In DID, what is commonly called a ‘multiple personality’ or an ‘alter’ is nothing more than a brain area sectioned off by trauma induced amnesia walls. A group of behaviors and memories may be separated from the victim’s general brain functioning. As a result, different ‘personalities’ within an individual can possess independent neural circuitry.

MK-ULTRA deprogramming Pioneers Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler wrote of how the Illuminati conducted research on what might happen when the victim’s Core was introduced to their trauma-induced personality splits. The result was instant integration. The Core Self is the victim’s Soul or consciousness, i.e., the bit that leaves a person’s physical body during astral projection or death.

I experienced this integration phenomenon when I recalled the Eastern Star pentagram configuration that Antony Kidman laid over Dr. West’s basic color programming. I was able to open the five, multi-colored pentagram doors (blue, green, red, yellow, white) and meet the myriad of personalities who emerged from behind the doors.

To quote Gittinger, Antony Kidman was “a fucking idiot.” Kidman’s tampering with my programming caused it to malfunction and eventually break down. That is why he was sentenced to death by the Cult’s Grande Council. And die he did. I know because I witnessed his judgement. My therapist and my husband were both present for an experience that blew their minds.

I believe that the initial 5 DID splits are laid inter-dimensionally. I will explain why I believe this. Springmeier and Wheeler documented that the individual’s brain naturally splits into five basic components, and that this process is achieved using John Lily’s sensory deprivation tank combined with LSD. Lilly famously dabbled in inter-dimensional research, and this research contributed to the Gateway Process employed by Western Military facilities and the CIA (as documented in released CIA documents).

When I opened the 5 pentagram doors, I was actually in another place. I physically walked through a dark pentagon-shaped room, and physically opened 5 doors.

Immediately after this integration experience, I began to scream for justice. I was lying on a couch during this process, with my husband adjacent to me. As I screamed to God for justice, I reached my hand in the air. My husband thought he should support me and tried to hold my hand – something I didn’t want. Every time he touched me, I returned to the room he and my therapist were in. But each time he released my hand, I entered another dimension. I oscillated between two dimensions.

In the other dimension, I stood in a long, rectangular shaped room that looked like an ornate palace ballroom. Tall elders were seated alone the two long sides of the hall. They wore stately robes and gold crowns. They looked down at the floor in solemn concentration as I delivered my witness testimony against Antony Kidman. My screams in this world were translated into a language in the other dimension. These elders listened with reverent silence at my testimony. Then I saw them pass judgement against Kidman. I saw the elders condemn Kidman to Death and Hell. I witnessed how reluctant they were to condemn a human being to eternal Hell, and their reverence for human life, despite Kidman being the most wicked type of person to have ever lived.

I explained everything I saw, to my therapist and my husband who thought I was simply emotional and imagining things. Yet to their astonishment, the following day, the mainstream media reported that Antony Kidman was dead. As it turned out, Kidman died immediately after my bizarre inter-dimensional experience of witnessing his judgement.

I concluded that I was able to access that judgement hall because my core programming had been laid inter-dimensionally, and I entered another dimension in order to rupture the programming.

People are so smug. We live for what we can see, the here and now. But how many of us have seen eternity? Who knows the fate that awaits the Luciferian pedophiles who delight in tormenting innocent, helpless children? Or those who were themselves victims but now devote their energies to attacking survivors like me? Be warned: Jesus Christ is Lord and will not be mocked. You too will suffer the same fate as Antony Kidman.

What my enemies intend for evil, God uses for good.

Triggers are necessary for prompting the mind to cough up forgotten memories. They are to be embraced, not avoided. This is the secret to integration. So when I was recently triggered by my enemies’ threats, I used the feeling that trigger induced, to explore my past, make more connections, and further integrate.

One of my previously therapy drawings featured a treasure chest that contained a key. This was the key to the back door that Gittinger installed, and which he kept secret from Antony Kidman whom he rightly described as a “fucking idiot” following an incident that occurred at age 10 years.

At age 10, I was present at a ritual in which children were being thrown over a cliff in the national park bush land near Engadine. I had had enough of the killing and so I ran at the cliff and jumped – to be caught by one of the men who risked his life to stop and catch me. If I had died, all in attendance would have paid with their lives. It costs the government 1 million dollars to train a modern soldier. It cost many millions to train a child MK-ULTRA soldier. As Gittinger told me, I was a “national asset.”

I was aged 10 and 11 years old when my mother spent a year in hospital, paralyzed with lead poisoning. I spent most of that year at my Luciferian grandparents’ Engadine home. I have relatively little memory of that time because the Cult had unlimited access to me during that year.

Following my suicide attempt, Gittinger himself was called to Australia from the USA to repair my programming. The problem was that the bit he had to fix was an integral component of my programming – Intellectual Alice. Gittinger reassigned Intellectual Alice as the Gatekeeper in rabbit hole foyer. There she had limited access to the green door which led to the Mad Hatter’s tea party garden setting.

Gittinger’s remedy consisted of his flat lining my heart, to bring my heart into submission. He explained that the heart and brain work independently of each other. The heart is connected to the right, visual side of the brain, and to emotion.

There were 5 different colored doors in the Wonderland Foyer, based on Dr. West’s color programming. Here is my drawing of these 5 doors:

Each door represents an amnesia wall. Behind each door sits a personality with their own neural circuitry. As the Gatekeeper, Intellectual Alice was able to unlock the doors. To access the doors and these compartmentalized brain sections, I did as follows:

I visualized falling backwards through the rabbit hole with 10-year-old Intellectual Alice. I knew the landing on the checkered floor to be hard and painful, so I said to Alice, “The landing doesn’t have to be hard. We can make it soft because we are in our head and can control what happens in our head.”

After landing, I asked Intellectual Alice to locate the key to the green door, which she did. Alice unlocked the door and I accompanied her to the fully laden Tea Party. I used my redundant counseling skills to communicate with Alice and win her trust. I asked her, “Have you ever actually sampled this spread?”

She shook her head.

I suggested, “Why don’t you pour yourself a cup of tea? You like watching the way the tea comes out of the spout and into the cup. I know that because I am you.”

We watched the black tea arc into the cup. Then I said, “Why don’t you eat something? Go on, try a doughnut. I know they are your favorite.”

Long story short – we returned to the foyer. There Alice retrieved a second key from beneath a mat in front of the red door. She opened the door and released 6-year-old Ritual Alice. Ritual Alice stood on Intellectual Alice’s shoulders to retrieve a third key hidden in the chandelier. Ritual Alice opened the blue door to release 14-year-old Soldier Alice. Note that all three Alice’s were created at ages at which I interacted with Gittinger.

Together, the three Alices opened the white door to reveal a cloud of hypnosis. When this cleared, 12 year old Dorothy appeared. She had a fourth key in her right pocket. All four keys were designed according to playing cards: heart, club, spade and diamond.

Dorothy opened the final, yellow door which contained the spiraled yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Here is a drawing of the opened doors:

The 3 x Alices plus Dorothy joined hands and followed the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. We avoided all obstacles on the way, including:

  • Poison apples
  • Winged monkeys
  • Tin Man
  • Cowardly Lion
  • Scarecrow
  • Poppy field

When we reached the Emerald City gate, I recalled and tapped a sequence and sang a five-note tune to gain entry. Once inside, the spiral turned green. We boarded the carriage pulled by the horse that changes colors. We avoided the Wizard which is a trap, and the Ruby Slippers – the final trap.

Once we reached the end of the spiral, Glinda appeared in a bubble. Glinda is the final programmed alter. Here is my drawing of the Oz maze:

Glinda is the Grande Dame program, she is ‘Illuminated’ which indicates she is a member of the Illuminati. Glinda was attached to Disney Princess Programming, including the following characters:

  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping beauty
  • Snow White
  • Snow White & Rose red

In the context of Grande Dame preparation, the purpose of the Princess Programming is – ‘The end justifies the means.’ I will explain. Every princess loses her mother, father, or both. Each endures hardship of some kind, usually at the hands of a wicked step-mother (the original Sleeping Beauty suffered an evil mother-in-law). But at the end of their ordeal, each marries a prince and becomes Queen.

In a Cult context, this story line translates into the journey a Grande Dame candidate undertakes. The child victim’s attachment to their birth parents is severed and they are reattached to a Grande Dame and a new ‘Family’ who put the victim through a grueling, torturous training regime. But in the end, the victim is ‘rewarded’ for all their pain and suffering by being crowned Grande Dame.

Here is my illustration of this:

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Dorothy, Alice and Snow White all wear pale royal blue, indicating their training status. The wicked step-mothers wear purple, a color indicating royalty and high Cult status. The Disney wicked step-mothers are dressed like real-life Grande Dames:

So, that’s what I cognitively processed within 24 hours. This demonstrates the complexity of MK-ULTRA programming and my understanding of it. I hope this post helps other victims of ritual abuse and mind control tackle and unravel their own programming.

Communism, Pedophilia and the Luciferian Left

The Secret Side of Halloween

Halloween is not about dressing up and eating sugar. Halloween stems from an ancient Luciferian ritual which is still practiced all over the globe today. The focus of the Halloween Ritual is child murder.

Here are some drawings I did following my therapy session in which we focused on my childhood experiences of Halloween.

My trauma therapist felt vicariously traumatized by my description of these rituals, and stopped the session short. He said he couldn’t process any more images in his head.

I commented: “How do you think it is for me, on this side of the couch?”



So, do you still feel like eating candy? My therapist doesn’t.

Deep State Shills Dropping Like Flies


Well, well, well… Look at the Luciferian Left shills getting exposed. It takes a victim of CIA child trafficking to untangle the web of CIA shills employed to cover up the Tuscon Arizona child trafficking operation for the Clinton Foundation, John McCain Foundation, and Tuscon Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (of the world ruling Luciferian dynasty) who are the ultimate benefactors of child trafficking which the CIA coordinates as a single, integrated world operation. An estimated 10,000 kidnapped children were being trafficked per year between the USA and the satanic MS-13 cartel in South America, via land routes owned by Native Americans, corrupt ranch owners or renters (like KYLE CUTRELL), and Cemex cement, before a bunch of volunteer welfare workers stumbled upon a child sex trafficking holding camp near Tuscon, AZ.

Let’s take a look at the CIA child trafficking shills that have been outed recently, no doubt thanks to the public’s prayer efforts:


1. Gabe Hoffman

Woah, this was a goody. We uncovered spectacular evidence that Gabe Hoffman and his lame ‘An Open Secret’ child abuse film are shitty CIA fronts. In 2015, Gabe Hoffman threatened to sue one of the victims for outing Hoffman and his film as a fake. Here’s the lawyer’s letter in all it’s glory:

Sorry, as I pause to crack a beer…

Hoffman is associated with the following sewer rat:


2. Craig Sawyer

In mid-2017, outspoken SRA victim David Shurter outed Craig Sawyer as a fraud, after seeing Sawyer appear with fraudster Russ Dizdar on fraudster Doug Hagmann’s CIA front conspiracy show. Shurter outed Sawyer for asking the public to send him cheques to finance the multi-millionaire’s CIA front V4CR. In response, Sawyer did a Gabe Hoffman and threatened to sue Shurter for slander using the donated funds.

Here are David Shurter’s articles from mid-2017 concerning Craig Sawyer:


This is Craig Sawyer’s original wikipedia entry which he has since edited to hide his connection to notorious child traffickers Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

“After his military career, Sawyer has run specialized teams to provide security to politicians and dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Negroponte.”

This explains why Craig Sawyer covered up the Clinton / McCain / Rothschild child trafficking route in Tuscon, AZ.

Craig Sawyer’s original wikipedia entry said: “Sawyer is also a local motocross racer and local Las Vegas champion. He was also selected by Maxim as “Maximum Warrior.” That’s interesting coz, despite his $20 million empire, Craig Sewer hasn’t rescued a single child – BUT, he pumped public donations into – NASCAR!


3. Melissa Zaccaria (aka “HoneyBee”)

For starters, “HoneyBee” is an MK-ULTRA term that victims like me reeeeeally find suspicious.

Melissa Zaccario chose an apt nickname because her role is to use sickly sweetness to lure us into believing the CIA lie that Craig Sawyer’s a hero. Hence the saying, “catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

When Shurter outed Craig Sawyer as a fraud mid 2017, HoneyBee tried to friend him and convince him that Craig was a nice guy. She did the same thing to me a few months ago when I started outing Sawyer. I immediately detected her manipulative ways which did nothing but anger me and make me suspect her as a shill:

And boy was I right! Turns out, Melissa Zaccaria is a member of the notorious GAMBINI Mafia Family who specialize in heroin trafficking and producing child rape material. Let’s look at what HoneyBee’s relative-by-marriage, Michelle, says about this fraudster:

“The Bee is the same chick that works with Sawdust. The dirt I have on Bee is that she is cousin to Andrea Costello Dagger [the woman who stole Michelle’s kids]. Andrea is married to my first cousin Richard Heimburger. Her uncle by marriage is Dr. Peter Favaro of Port Washington, NY. Dr. Favaro is an internet legend. He created the first online game called “alter ego”. He is Gambino mafia originally from Howard Beach, NY. Peter Favaros cousin John FavarA lived on the same block as head boss John Gotti. One day while driving down the block FavarA struck and killed John Gottis youngest son. Not long after Gotti had FavarA killed. Peter Favaros family left for California and changed their names to FavarO. 25 years later Peter Favaro returns to NY. He hooks up with his cousin Dominic Gasparro who is a ny city administrative judge. They hatch a plan to start a fathers rights movement in family courts. Which is how they target many of the children they traffick. Bee knows this. Because that is what Gambino are known for child porn and heroin. The new generation of Gambinos are all highly educated especially with computers. Involved in the arts. Politics.”

Here is a photo of HoneyBee’s Gambino Mafia relative:


4. Corey Lynn (aka CoreysDigs)

And while I’m at it – let’s out this one too. She posts a couple of flag and prayer emblems – and hey presto! Thousands of Christian Patriots are conned by the Luciferian Left.

Here is communication between Michelle (the mom of child trafficked kids) and so-called victim advocate Corey Lynn who promised to help Michelle expose her child’s perpetrators. But Corey pulled out AFTER she obtained all of Michelle’s story. Tut, tut… Another information gatherer who is friends with the other CIA information gatherers.


Corey recommends Doug Hagmann, a JESUIT who trained with the 300 priests recently outed for raping 1000 kids in Pennsylvania. Hagmann’s alternative media conspiracy show is just another fake CIA front used to control the child trafficking narrative and prevent victims like me from having a voice. They NEVER interview real CIA child trafficking victims or whistle-blowers – just CIA fakes Russ Dizdar and Craig Sawyer.


5. National Guard assisting Tuscon, AZ child trafficking Cartel

Oh, but I’ve saved the best ’til last! Thank God for exposing these evil bastards. We prayed the KRAUSE Cartel would implode – and the Lord answered our prayers.

National Guard employee Rachel KRAUSE and her “Law enforcement” husband Keith KRAUSE are self-confessed Luciferians who, along with their anti-American traitor gang, committed multiple crimes in their victimization of volunteer veteran soldiers who are trying to stop the Tuscon, AZ child trafficking route. Here are just some of the crimes these maggots committed:

  • Slashed car tires,
  • Fired weapons at volunteers,
  • Made false reports to CPS that the volunteer veterans were abusing their kids, such that one child was sent to Alaska,
  • Stole the casket flag of a war widow (KYLE CUTRELL did this, the same one who brought false charges against Lewis),
  • Tormented a double amputee veteran to suicide.

Here’s Rachel Krause’s reference to the double amputee war veteran’s suicide attempt:

Here’s a photo of ‘Law Enforcement Officer’ Keith KRAUSE with the stolen war veteran’s flag – as Rachel Krause boasts about it online:

Since we started outing these evil bastards – they have turned on each other. Grab a cuppa tea and I’ll explain how this satanic soap opera began:

So, Cassie was Rachel Krause’s side kick who was as evil as Rachel in all she did. Cassie is the one who lodged false CPS claims with Rachel Krause on Lewis and Flora.

John Jacob (“Jayjacob”) is the dude in the fake red beard who did all the parody videos of volunteer Lewis, with Rachel Krause flaunting the stolen soldier casket flag:

John Jacob is the boyfriend of Ashley Walling, whose husband was murdered last year. Ashley has a 10 yo daughter from her marriage to the now deceased dude. Here’s a photo of Ashley and John Jacob (I could have posted the 10 yo daughter too, as they did to my Aussie mates, but I’m not that low):

John Jacob, the pedo protecting scumbag behind the beard, and his witch-eyed beau…

Rachel Krause and Cassie mocked Ashley’s 10 yo daughter online, and posted a photo of the man who murdered her father, as described here by Ashley:

In retaliation, John Jacob began outing Rachel Krause’s cartel and their criminal actions. Cassie’s husband threatened Jacob. So, Jacob went to town.

Jacob works next to a military base. Rachel Krause showed up at the Base’s security and flashed her NATIONAL GUARD IDENTIFICATION to the security guards – who basically told her to piss off. Rachel Krause then she attended the local Sheriff to lodge a complaint of harassment by Jacob – but the cops told her to piss off. Then Rachel Krause attended the court house to obtain a restraining order against Jacob – but they told her to piss off also. That’s my interpretation of the story. Here’s Jacob’s account:

Rachel Krause is obviously confident that she has held some kind of power over others – the kind of confidence that stems from working for the Deep State.

Things got uglier. JayJacobs then outed Cassie for the long-term affair she’s been having with some lucky bloke:

Consequently, Cassie is reportedly suicidal – just like the double amputee veteran she harassed to suicide. Cassie took down all her troll accounts. Cassie’s cousin April then represented Cassie on Facebook, to try and get the former Krause cartel to stop attacking Cassie.

So, the whole of Rachel Krause’s cartel have abandoned her – except LEON JAMES (aka “Angel” on social media). Leon James is the one who composed all the death threats against veteran volunteers, which were sent from Rachel Krause’s accounts. Here’s a photo of bat-shit crazy “Angel”:

Leon James looks up to Rachel Krause like a coven slave would:

Rachel Krause pulled down her own pages, but she and Leon James continue their paid trolling work form other accounts. They seem to be paid by the government for their work to support the child trafficking cartel. The others were all volunteers who were sucked into Rachel’s gang.

These people are reaping what they sow. They sure dished it out – but can’t handle being hit with a fraction of the evil they committed against innocent volunteers trying to stop a vile foreign cartel from trafficking and murdering kidnapped USA kids.

Rachel and Keith KRAUSE ought to be reported to every relevant authority, and stripped of their positions with the National Guard.




Update: Gabe Hoffman attacked Marianne Barnard for blowing the whistle on her VIP perpetrators:




Updated update:

‘Christian’ Joe Hagmann killed himself with heroin…




UniRock Exposed as a Deep State Shill

This video is classified as comedy. What a dickhead…


Robyn Gritz, Craig Sawyer, George Webb & Jenny Moore’s Death

Research by Steve Outtrim



This 3-Part Special Report looks into the recent alleged death of Jenny Moore, aka “Task Force.”  In the days before her mysterious death, Jenny Moore went on a tweet storm, calling out some powerful people plus Craig Sawyer.  She turned to her supposed “friend” Robyn Gritz for help.  But did she fully understand who Gritz really is?  Task Force said Jenny Moore had information that could get her killed. What was it? Where is it now? Was it related to child sex trafficking networks in Tuscon, Arizona and the #BackyardBrawl operation? What is real and what is a govLARP?

  • Part 1 Jenny Moore aka “Task Force”
  • Part 2 Robyn Gritz aka “Valiant Defender”
  • Part 3 Craig Sawyer aka “Sawman”



Interview with Researcher Steve Outtrim which was gate-crashed by an unconvincing George Webb.


What’s Happened to Craig Sawyer’s Daughter?!




ANONYMOUS wrote an article exposing Craig Sawyer. This was posted by ‘Truth Cat’ along with screenshots from his daughter’s 2010 Facebook account. These screenshots show a conversation between Craig Sawyer’s daughter Aspen Ryleigh Sawyer and her family, in which she accuses her father of abusing her. This may be true – or it may be their 4th attempt to engage me so that Sawyer has material to attack me with. I am being accused of having fabricated / photo-shopped these screenshots – which I merely took from Anonymous / Truth Cat’s FB post.



The above article by Anonymous reads:

More Truth that cannot be made up:

AP: Daughter of U.S. Navy SEAL Sawman Sawyer Begs For Help, Claims Her Hero Father Abuses Her.

Facebook Posts Promptly Removed as Mother Covers up Violence at Home

September 24, 2018

Tucson, Arizona

Child victim advocate Craig Sawyer, Founder of Veterans For Child Rescue may not be the hero some Americans think he is. An inside source close to Sawyer shares that he regularly lashes out at staff and family members and that almost all of the employees of his organization have quit after what is being reported as a hormone induced fit of rage by Sawyer.

Sawyer, a U.S. Navy SEAL trained sniper has threatened a “violent massacre” in an August 9th, 2017 unhinged viral rant in which Sawyer wrote: “Anti-American subversives involved in ANY WAY in an unconstitutional coup against our President will be run down and executed immediately by the world’s most supreme warriors. There will be nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, no mercy, no sense of humor. Harsh examples will be made. My prediction is it will be a gruesome massacre.”


The whistleblower breaking this news states that they were with Sawyer’s daughter Aspen Sawyer (Aspen Ryleigh on Facebook) when her father Craig forced her to film a video about allegedly being raped or she would be kicked out of her home.

The source states that Aspen was embarrassed to share her story but believed if she did not help her Dad save his failing “front” non profit (that pays him tens of thousands of dollars a month), he would be very mad at her. “Moving to Tucson to work with Craig Sawyer was the biggest mistake of my career and I can’t move away fast enough” states the confidential inside source after learning of Aspen’s abuse. “Getting away from Craig is not easy, if you try to leave you’re his enemy… This is a man that only knows violence and learned how to be a professional manipulator from the military and CIA”.

On the night of August 17th, 2018 Aspen Sawyer finally went public with the dysfunction occurring at home as she took to Facebook in a plea for help. “Anyone in Tucson have a place I can stay? I’m leaving for the army in like 4 months and getting a job soon I just can’t live with my abusive father any longer I’m really not safe”… Aspen Sawyer set up a PayPal link asking her friends for money to pay for a hotel so that she could escape her “Abusive dad”.

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As her plea for help continues her Mother and Grandmother attempt to silence Aspen on Facebook by calling her a liar. Aspen responds, “Nana I realize you haven’t experienced my situation but I’m not a liar. My dad beats me and throws things at me, screams at me and breaks my things. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

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Tressa Nolen-Sawyer, Aspen’s Mother joins the thread for damage control as she attempts to spin Aspen’s cry for help as just misguided anger: “You can be angry at your situation and the courts and the tragedy.. But please don’t take that anger out on your family. We are undeserving of this” writes Tressa. Aspen’s response tells the rest of the story as she points out the cover up that has been going on in the household: “Shut up you will cover up your abusive husbands tracks ANY day. You’d rather lose your kid over your husband who hurts your children. Get help.” writes Aspen with a final statement that Tressa Nolen-Sawyer is not her mother.

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In the age of the #MeToo movement more young women are standing up against oppression and abuse. The irony of the Craig Sawyer and Veterans For Child Rescue situation is that this is a man that claims to save children while abusing his own kids… There are numerous claims that V4CR is a front organization but now it’s clear that there is far more to the story than what Craig Sawman Sawyer wants to the public to know.

We are Anonymous we are Legion


Here are the attached FB images referred to in the article:

The accounts are real, according to this post from 5 years ago in which Aspen’s 2010 FB account is tagged, along with a picture of her prom night, plus comments from friends and family:



Here are the verified FB accounts of friends and family who appear in the FB family fight:


And here’s Aspen’s response from that same account after Anonymous & Truth Cat published her outing Craig Sawyer for beating her:


There is a possibility that the FB fight was staged, to bait me and use this to attack me. Or this could be real and CIA Sawyer is in damage control, trying to cover it up. I support Aspen who is seemingly a victim of some kind of abuse – including being used as a PR prop by her CIA father. I don’t know exactly what’s happening, but I think she is being used and abused in some way. The accounts are real, the dialogue did happen. ANONYMOUS did write the article and did post the FB screen shots – which TRUTH CAT did re-post.

In any case, Sawyer has lost credibility for covering up the USA’s major land child trafficking route through Tuscon Arizona, which is used by Clinton and Rothschilds, and for slandering the men who accidentally found it while they were going about their usual business searching for homeless veterans in the Arizona desert. Sawyer must explain why he first supported these vets – but then labelled them nuts and pedos. Or else the public will continue to question his turnabout:



Update: Craig Sawyer denies the verified Twitter account is his daughter’s:

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