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chan dogs

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  1. Nadia Tkaczynski #

    I have read about Multka experiments and also sex slaves Arizona Wider and Cathy McDonald. I couldn’t believe that it happened here as well. Then again, power corrupts. Nothing happened to the English pedophile ring either because a lot of males in high places were involved. I can’t believe that Keating was responsible for the death of a little boy. I used to admire him for his passion. Not any more. As for Hawke, well enough said. One day it will all come out, just as the Me Too backlash has happened. What needs to be done is for everyone to come together who has ever been abused. They like to isolate people so that they will feel helpless. I don’t know how you have survived, honestly. Arizona Wilder’s programming broke down after her handler died and a male friend helped her to escape. Read her book called Trans-Formation. or maybe it was Cathy McDonald, I think. I couldn’t finish reading the book as it was too upsetting, even knowing that George Bush senior would rape her daughter in the next room whilst she was being raped by “big dick” Cheney. They are monsters not men and probably half reptilian. But that’s another story.

    February 27, 2018

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