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Pedos Down Under Radio #6 Dean Henry

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  1. Neita Pope #

    keep on keeping on!
    I am praying for all of you!

    September 26, 2016
  2. Phil #


    This information is new to me(since your press statement of Dec 2015). It makes me angry that I was so naive to the evil lurking in my community right under my nose. I have been keenly watching your reports/ interviews, and whilst I have not experienced the horrors you and many others have experienced, I am appalled and disgusted at the depravity of these smiling, two-faced bastards. May they rot in hell and pay for their crimes.

    Keep up the good work, but if I may ask, who is looking out for you. Are you protected?

    September 28, 2016

    EVIL (dark) vs LIGHT (good) energy; we are in RACE wars for our DNA so that another race survives via hybridization….they need us for their food source- not our meat but our emotional energy via abuses, wars, pains, violent crimes, sexual abuses. Many in gov, royalty (hybrids from RH neg bloodlines) who are well known are “infiltrated” gen by gen and whom are victims of this Dark Energy infiltration on Earth. Rings are global and is a form of “demonic possesion” equated into humans who are in powerful positions- they are victims of anothr Race who runs earth and its’ global events.

    October 13, 2016
  4. Well I am o negative and yes many o negs nearly all usa presidents have neg blood , but I am of the kind that stand for truth freedom and justice ,I stick up for the down trodden and stand up to the scum of this world as best as I can.

    Hats off to you Dean what a man ! thanks for surviving this horror at the hands of the most evil cult in history who I am aiming to and bringing down day by day .

    All we need is some aussies with balls to stand up but mostly they are cowards now ,and or to concerned with their own welfare to think of others ,where as I neglect myself to help others and expose evil ,I will never back down ,half jewish and o neg blood and an Aquarian to boot ,the Humanitarians of the Star signs and I fit both the traits of the Aquarian and the o neg group , to a tee . Lets get these bastards and hang them high to show we mean business . Great work Fiona !

    November 6, 2016

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