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Pedophile-protectors Bravehearts & Bond Uni team up for dodgy research

WARNING! Do not participate in this Bravehearts / Bond University study into child abuse!

Bravehearts & Bond

Bond Uni Professor Paul Wilson published pro-pedophile material on Bond University’s website.Wilson is currently in court defending multiple pedophilia charges. He has countless more to come…

Paul Wilson’s wife Robyn Lincoln, another Bond Uni lecturer, was on Braveheart’s Advisory Board until Wilson was charged.

robyn lincoln

Robyn Lincoln with husband Paul Wilson

Robyn Lincoln was replaced by Terry Goldsworthy who now sits on Braveheart’s Advisory Board.

Terry Goldsworthy also replaced Paul Wilson as Bond Uni’s head of Criminology, after Wilson was charged.

Fiona Barnett was targeted by Bond University after she adhered to mandatory reporting laws in the Bond Uni clinic. Fiona reported fresh allegations of child abuse by a Miami (Gold Coast) DOCS foster parent against a 10 yo child.

In response, a Bond University psychology lecturer made a false & vexatious notification to the Psychology Board about Fiona Barnett. This lecturer is colleagues with Aileen Pigeon – the person in charge of this research study.

The Bond lecturer removed Fiona Barnett’s age at the time of her child abuse (ie, age 2-17 years) and reported her to police & AHPRA as an adult perpetrator instead of a child victim of her horrendous childhood abuse.

In support of this false & vexatious notification, Terry Goldsworthy used his position as a Bond University lecturer & a Gold Coast police officer. Goldsworthy did this despite never having met Fiona Barnett.  Terry Goldsworthy exchanged emails with authorities that referred to Fiona Barnett as a criminal ‘suspect’.

terry goldsworthy

Terry Goldsworthy

AHPRA refer to Bond University lecturer & Bravehearts advisory board member Terry Goldsworthy as ‘Inspector’ – proving he used his position as a police officer in his support of Bond University’s false & vexatious notification against Fiona Barnett.


Goldsworthy called Fiona Barnett’s child abuse experience “outlandish claims.”

The NSW and Queensland Police Commissioners denied in writing the content of the above email exchanges between AHPRA and Terry Goldsworthy:

Police minister NSW response

Police minister Qld response

Terry Goldsworthy’s research interests include the role of the Nazi Waffen SS… His first book Valhallah’s Warriors examined the genocidal actions of the German SS in Russia during WW2.

What a coincidence!  Fiona Barnett’s step-grandparents worked for the Gestapo and murdered Jews for a living in Lublin concentration camp…

Is Terry Goldsworthy who labels a child abuse victim’s testimony ‘outlandish’ the sort of person suited to being on a child abuse organisation’s advisory board?

DO NOT SUPPORT BRAVEHEARTS – They are false advocates who received 5 million dollars from the government to support RC victims – but multiple victims report that Bravehearts have refused to support them, have failed to lodge their RC complaints, and have actively sabotaged high profile cases.  See Sarah Monahan’s damning account of Braveheart’s sabotage of her VIP case in her biography ‘Allegedly.’

DO NOT SUPPORT BOND UNIVERSITY – they attack child abuse victims & whistle-blowers!


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