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A warning to all VIP pedophile network victims:

The Bible says: ‘Ye shall know them by their fruits.’  This means that a person’s underlying intention is not necessarily indicated by the words that initially come from their mouths – but by the ultimate impact of their actions over time.

Support groups (including international advocacy group SNAP) have an unwritten policy regarding VIP pedophile network victims.  Their policy is to not support VIP victims unless the victims already achieved a conviction against their perpetrators.  Some groups are worse than this.  For example, multiple VIP victims report that Australian child abuse advocacy group Bravehearts collected their evidence under the guise of providing this to authorities.  But the end result was that the victims’ information never made it to the intended destination, or in its original form.

VIP pedophile network Sleepers exist within these advocacy institutions.  Individuals typically align themselves with these support groups to gain access to victims.  There they sit in waiting, sometimes for years, for VIP victims.  During their wait, they may well engage in activity that appears to support victims; for example, publicising Royal Commission hearings on YouTube that would otherwise remain inaccessible, turning up to rallies and court hearings, writing statements and complaints for victims, and providing phone support to victims.  The sleeper may lie dormant in this capacity for years – but then suddenly spring into action at the sight of a VIP victim.

To demonstrate, a certain Sleeper’s behaviour has ensnared the Wood Royal Commission victims.  The NSW Boys Homes victims (who were prostituted to VIP pedophiles at Kings Cross Sydney) have recently been persuaded to abandon a decent lawyer in favour of a lawyer who is vicious and contemptuous of VIP pedophile ring victims.  The following are some quotes by this sleazy lawyer:

  • Survivors who name VIP pedophiles are fantasists.
  • VIP victims will name anybody that’s currently being investigated.
  • VIP victims undo all the good achieved with the real victims of Catholic Clergy abuse.
  • Touching the VIP victims cases would prevent one helping real victims of clergy abuse.

A team of advocates worked solidly for 3 months to gather the Wood Royal Commission victims’ testimonies, publish their witness testimonies and supporting evidence, and pressure the police and Royal Commission to act on these testimonies.  Consequently, the Royal Commission handed to their Referral Team within the NSW Police, 106 VIP case files that they had wrongfully withheld from this Team for 1.5 years.  Further, the NSW Police assigned a Task Force to the investigation of the NSW Boys Homes.

The lone efforts of a Sleeper who infiltrated this group effectively undid the group’s efforts.  The Sleeper aligned herself with an advocacy organisation.  It was this Sleeper who convinced the Boys Home victims to swap lawyers.  This lawyer excluded some of the VIP victims, when the original plan had been to keep the victims together in a ‘class action’ format – as there was support and safety in numbers.  The Sleeper succeeded in separating the Boys Home victims from their original support team, badmouthed the original support team members, and convinced the victims to abandon the initial advocacy methods that proved extremely effective.  For instance, the Sleeper campaigned to have any reference to the Boys Home victims’ articles removed from the internet.  She resorted to phoning and screaming hysterically for social media pages to be taken down from the internet.

It was the Sleeper who originally introduced two perpetrators who are currently under police investigation for posing as victim advocates who liaised with the Child Abuse Royal Commission, and using that guise to drug and rape VIP pedophile network victims and steal their witness evidence.

Tips for identifying a ‘Sleeper’

Ask yourself: What is the so-called advocate or lawyer trying to achieve?  Are they trying to corral the information and keep it contained?  Or are they trying to expose the information and get it publicly and properly investigated.  In their claims of helping people in the past, has the so-called advocate helped the victims secretly with the result of the abuse case being settled out of court and withheld from public view?  Have they excluded from their advocacy efforts VIP pedophile network victims, or aspects of a case relating to VIP pedophilia?

A good indication that an advocate is genuine – is that their efforts bear fruits.  That is, their methods have successfully and widely publicised the VIP pedophile ring network and its offending members.

For a comparison between good and bad lawyers working in a child abuse capacity, see the recent movie ‘Spotlight’ about the media and legal fraternity’s involvement in the Boston Clergy abuse scandal.  Ask yourself – Is the advocate or lawyer behaving more like Eric MacLeish or Mitch Garabedian?

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