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Yet another Daruk victim comes forward

I sign this petition because these pedophiles need to be brought to justice and I myself am a victim /survivor of DARUK boys home was was raped and abused by 2 pedophile officers that were working at Daruk boys home, I have been fighting for justice for nearly 20 years and still have been blocked by all departments the corruption and cover up of all these institutions still continue to this day by the Australian commonwealth government and the state government of NSW, I will post a response I got from Penrith police in this article where I kept demanding what is going on about Daruk boys home, Windsor NSW, I was told nothing will be happening because the #royal commission into child sexual abuse have not sent any records or recommendations to them about all of those of us who told our story of the rapes and abuse suffered at this children’s home Daruk boys home, Windsor NSW. This is the response I got back:

RE: Re : Daurk Boys Home
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To: micheal brown,

Hello Micheal,

This information has been considered in the past and closed. We are not in a position to give you feed back about this matter as we can not breach privacy considerations.
Grant Healey (

Now I sent him a copy of this news article and also the article naming politicians and also sent him this news article of which involved Barracluff one of the pedophiles who raped and sodomized me at Daruk boys home, Windsor NSW that when the above reply came back to me saying they can not breach privacy laws what about our rights when we were only children being raped and abused by these sick pedophiles they broke the privacy law by raping us and making us their slaves but once i sent this article and a the article and they other article naming politicians I was shut out immediately so who is protecting who in the government and how are these pedophiles being protected by the government… The Molester Who Preyed On Those He Was Paid To Help

Illawarra Mercury, Saturday July 27, 2002 by JODIE DUFFY

He was paid to help them but, like a vulture, convicted child molester Neil Francis Barton swooped on the most vulnerable of lost souls at Keelong Detention Centre. Yesterday he was sent to jail after a District Court jury found the former senior youth worker and team leader guilty of 16 child sex acts. It took the six men and six women 11 hours to decide that Barton was a paedophile, but they could not decide on two of the 18 counts involving one of the six victims.

Masquerading as a friend, 53-year-old Barton would prey on the weakest of inmates, dishing out extra lollies, chips and cigarettes to children as young as 12. The boy in the photograph (right) was one such victim. As a 12-year-old state ward he was an easy target for Barton.

It began during his first visit to Keelong, when Barton would tuck the boy’s shirt in – on each occasion brushing his hand against his genitals. When the child was 13 he was again sent to Keelong.
Scared of once again being with older, more street-wise youths, the teenager began to cry uncontrollably on Barton’s shoulder. After comforting him for a while, Barton had turned the boy around, brought out some lubricant from his pocket and had sexual intercourse with him. It had been the boy’s first sexual experience.

“It hurt,” he told the court during the trial. “I said (to Barton) ‘stop’ and he said `you’ll enjoy it’.” Afterwards Barton had told him he was “a good boy” and that it would be “our little secret”.

But the victim, who is now 25, said he still liked Barton, because he was the only adult who had paid any attention to him during his youth. “I used to talk to him about my problems. He treated me like an equal,” he said. “Even when those things had happened he showed me affection and love at a time when I had no-one. He cared for me and loved me and even now I like him.”

The boy, who suffered from attention deficit disorder, had been sent to Keelong because he was deemed uncontrollable under the old Child Protection Welfare Act.

In the 1980s a child could be sent to Keelong because their parents could not care for them or they had nowhere to go. A child was also sent there if he or she had broken the law.
Barton would often let himself into a child’s locked room and watch them as they showered.

Most youths believed at the time Barton was a nurse, but he had only ever worked as a wardsman. He would rub them with lotions, including their genital areas, and regularly check them for pubic lice.

After being molested by Barton, one youth absconded. He said he had been “freaked out” after Barton had fondled his genitals while checking him for “crabs”. When he returned the next day, he had been placed in a holding cell where Barton told him “to keep quiet” and threatened that, if he didn’t, he could be charged with escaping the centre.

Some of the victims had made complaints about Barton’s behaviour to management, as did several of the other youth workers. But each complaint had fallen on deaf ears.

Detective Senior Constable Garry Cuthbertson and Detective Senior Constable Peter Hill had arrested Barton after a long investigation into the Unanderra juvenile remand centre.

The court was told that when the officers had attempted to gain access to some documents at Keelong they no longer existed.

The two superintendents who were in charge of centre at the time of the offences, between 1985 and 1991, Liam Guilfoyle and Bob Barracluff, refused to help police with their inquires, as did acting superintendent Bill Wright. All three managers had already left the centre at the time of the police investigation.

Another youth worker and good friend of Barton’s, Carol Felvus, who gave evidence at the trial, allegedly assisted him in having a youth drop a complaint. She denies the allegation but a witness told the court that she and Barton had asked him to “stand-over and heavy” a boy.

The man told the court he had been 14 at the time and was paid a packet of cigarettes for persuading the boy. “They wanted me to go up and bounce him, to get him to pull the pin so he doesn’t make the allegations,” he said. “I said to (the boy) it’s up to you what you want to do. I said he (Barton) is high up here, he’s the boss man and it could cause problems. He could cause a lot of trouble.”

Ms Felvus had let the boy into the victim’s room, which she told the court she now believed was the wrong thing to do.

Barton, of Dimond Ave, Kanahooka, was found guilty of four counts of having sex with children without consent and 12 charges of acts of indecency. He was supported in court by his wife and two children, who cried yesterday as he was taken into police custody. He will be sentenced on August 30.

© 2002 Illawarra Mercury

From: micheal brown
To: Grant Healey
Date: 22/12/2015 13:17
Subject: Re Daurk Boys Home

Micheal Brown
Argenton, Australia


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  1. I can recall the day it open ,by alderman at Time ,a boy rapist as well. Dick Smith another senior staff also liked to visit rooms after lock in

    July 7, 2016

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