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Investigate and Prosecute the VIP Child Sex Trafficking Network

A VIP child sex trafficking network has infiltrated all aspects of Australian society & government including: parliament, state and federal police, judiciary, military, schools, media, entertainment, social services, corrective services, child protection, family law courts, health department, police, mental health, universities, religious organisations, charities and advocacy groups.

The public is calling for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to do the following:

1. Investigate and hold a public hearing into this VIP child sex trafficking network.

2. Recommend a Police Taskforce be assigned to investigate & prosecute the VIP pedophiles. Police investigate the new evidence and complaints of child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking to VIP pedophiles, including that which occurred at NSW Boys Homes including DARUK Training School for Boys, CHARLTON Anglican Boys Home, Mt PANANG Training School for Boys, and Endeavour House run by DOCS.

3. Interview key witnesses including: Franca Arena, Deirdre Grusovin, Gillian Sneddon, and Dr Reina Michaelson. Investigate the D-Section gagging order the Australian government placed on Dr Michaelson.

4. Investigate the inter/national child sex trafficking network named by Royal Commission victims and witnesses Fiona Barnett, Gordon Myers, Carl Orme & others.

5. Provide witness protection for VIP pedophile network victims who are currently in danger and under attack.

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