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Pedophile buddies Reverend Billy Graham & President Richard Nixon


THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES RAPE KIDS TOO.  Much of our focus has been on the pedophile antics of the Roman Catholic Church.  But victims are increasingly speaking out against all religious denominations in response to Fiona Barnett’s testimony against the most famous Southern Baptist Reverend Billy Graham.

Paddie says:

“I grew up in a Christian family.  Looking back over my life, all my abuse began because of protestant churches.  The Reformed Church my family attended had a gang of young men who would stalk, verbally abuse all the girls, and rape us…  The church elders’ (their fathers) typical response was ‘boys will be boys’.  Any girl whom happen to fall pregnant was made to publically repent of their sins before the church membership.  The boys were never made to repent.  No, it was us girls’ fault.  

“My father, being aware of Freemasonry and Illuminati, was very outspoken.  The gang of boys were connected to biker gangs and it was bikies who ended up abducting me and sexually abusing me over a 6 month period.  Afterwards, my father received a warning letter from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, telling my father to shut up or else.  These bikies killed another young girl on the first night of my abuse, to make sure I would shut my mouth – letting me know that is what will happen to me if I did not comply to their demands.

“I was sexually abused and raped by hundreds of men over that time period.  Afterwards, I managed to escape my mind blocked out all the trauma for 25yrs.  

“I remained a Christian and married a Christian man whom I had two sons with.  After 23 yrs of marriage I found out this man was having an affair with his best friend since Boys Brigade days whom my sons called Uncle.  

“All my Christian life I was abused for being a victim of sexual abuse and speaking out when my memories returned.  I was made to feel that I was the greatest sinner out.  The Church I attended for 20 yrs whilst married to my ex believed the lies my ex told them about me; after all, his family were founding members of the Baptist Churches in Australia.  Having Pastors within the Baptist Churches, I was crucified.  I lost my children because both my husband and his homosexual lover undermined me all the time and because the Church also brainwashed my children.  

“I no longer am a Christian and cannot even walk into a Church.  The evil within these organisations is huge…

“Thank you Fiona for sharing the truth about Billy Graham and other big time religious leaders because this just affirms for me a victim that the reason I was so despised was because they had to silence me and continue their abuse.

“Since leaving the Church I began to heal rather than being subjected to numerous exorcisms for being sexually abused.  

“I know that from the childhood church, a few of its wealthy old time members, a few of them have become high end prominent criminal lawyers which bikies use to fight on their behalf. Another part of that same family line are involved in criminal activities.  

“Fiona, I know that some high ranking men came to some of the parties and abused me as well, and I found it interesting how the bikies were afraid of them.  These men were well dressed to this day I still do not know whom these men were.  Plus I also know that a couple of these bikies were training to become police officers at the police academy.

“Yes people find our life’s experiences way too far fetched to be real, and our life’s experiences scares the crap out of people.  

“Some people who were also victims and are denying that they were also distance themselves from our experiences, because then they too have to face the reality of their haunted memories which they have put to must have been dreams or something.”


The child sexual abuse in Australia’s HILLSONG church did not stop with pedophile founder Frank Houston.  Victims have shared their knowledge of links between Hillsong and the VIP pedophile ring network.  “I am proof of that,” Lillian shared.  “I was abused within Hillsong.  I  have told my story to the RC but not all of it.  LONG story.  It would take me years to write 22 years worth of being sold, raped, mind controlled, experimented on and tortured.”

Lillian’s scathing criticism of the approach of money ministry or prosperity churches like Hillsong seems justified, “You need to pray and ‘God’ will provide for those $400 jeans you must have!  Manifest and believe and the money will appear.  BUT don’t forget your ten percent gross.  Guess what!  We have b-pay, credit card, eftpos – and offering collection bowls with holes in them, since we don’t like people giving coins.  But hey!  ‘Jesus Loves You!'”








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  1. Thank you Paddie and Lillian for sharing your stories

    December 13, 2015

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