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Another Victim of Charlton Anglican Home & Daruk Training School Speaks Up


My name is Carl Phillip Orme.  I was born on 26/7/1965.  I arrived in Australia in 1977 from the United Kingdom.  Were taken to a hostel in Villawood a Suburb of Sydney, were we stayed in a hostel, until we could be placed in suitable housing.

I was first charged with break & enter at 12 yrs old.  I was with some friends who broke into a house.  Since I was with them, I was charged as well.  One of the boys I was with told me to use a false name.  So I use the name Shane Roberts.  I was then taken to Yasmar at Ashfield, and I was then taken to Charlton Anglican Home, situated in Birmingham Avenue, Ashfield.

But to my horror I got sexually abused.  Of a night the House Father use to enter my room, and sexually abuse me, all I could do was cry.  I was penetrated god knows how many times.  I used to hear the other little boys being raped, but all I could do was cry, as I was too little to do anything, and nobody ever believed us anyway.

Myself and several other boys were taken to a place a long way from Ashfield, we were taken to a house near a river and take photos of us boys in sexual positions with each other, there were also men there watching us.

I soon ran away from this place and was constantly taken back by the Police.  Then they became fed up with me running away, so I was taken to Yasmar Boys Shelter in Haberfield in Sydney.  I was then put before child magistrate Pat O’Shane, and was asked why I continuously run away.  I tried to explain that I was constantly being abused at the Anglican home.  Pat O’Shane called me a liar, I then started to cry and was sentenced to general terms in a boy’s institution.

A week later I was taken by the escorts to Daruk Training School for boys at Windsor.  This is the place where my life completely fell apart.  The continual rapes, being dragged out of bed at all hours of the night, just so these sick people could have their fun, at my expense.  They never cared how much pain I was in.

There was a male nurse there, and I will never forget his name.  Mr Munger, he was a very sick man.  He would walk around all four houses.  I remember them being, Bunda, Woollahra, Kuma, and Duru.  He would have all the boys undressed, and only standing in a towel, he would then use his pen and touch and lift the boys genitals up to inspect for lice.  He would then continually put the pen in his mouth.

Sometimes he would tell one of the boys that he liked, especially the new arrivals, and then take them back to the hospital.  Then a couple of days later, that same little boy would come back so traumatised, everyone felt for him, as most boys had already been in the same position.

I myself was taken to the clinic, was Mr Munger, along with Officer Mr Wright, Officer Mr Murton, and Officer Barracluff, spent hours taking turns abusing me.  I was then put in the boob for a couple of days.

About a month later, I was again taken to the Hospital.  I was then told that they were going to circumcise me.  I wasn’t going to let this happen.  I then went of my brain and started to fight the officers in the room.  I threw everything that I could at them, as I’d herd that two months before, one of the little boys had his penis cut of and I was so scared, and wasn’t going to allow anything like that happen to me.  I was also told that they tried to kill that little boy, and that he found just clinging to life.  I remember seeing that little boy later Still at Daruk.  He was very tiny and looked more like a girl, than a boy.  All my life I have wondered about that little boy, I still to this day try and think of his name.  I also wonder whether he made it through life.

I myself still have nightmares about my childhood, and wonder what I did wrong to deserve all of the sexual abuse.  I was an innocent little boy, who had just weeks earlier immigrated to Australia with my family.  My parents thought it would be a better life for all of us kids.  But it wasn’t to be like that.  I actually started to believe that this is how Australia welcomes new arrivals, by taking there children and abusing them for their entertainment.  That thought still remains.

Thank you for taking time to read my story.

Yours sincerely

Carl Orme 19/10/2015

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