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SNAP Media Release 22 October 2015


Issued Thu 22 Oct 2015

Embargoed 12.30 pm Fri 23 Oct 2015

What: A survivor of the elite paedophile ring revealed this week by Senator Heffernan will speak to the media

Who: SNAP Australia will introduce the survivor, who is speaking on behalf of a number of survivors of this criminal ring

Where: Farrer Place, Sydney CBD, outside the Royal Commission building, Governor Macquarie Tower

When: Friday 23 October, 12.30 pm

Survivors of the Heffernan elite paedophile ring suffer constant threat and harassment. Many are no longer prepared to live in fear. They have nothing left to lose and want their experiences heard and their perpetrators held accountable.

They refuse to be brushed aside by the excuses of smug politicians and personal attacks of vicious apologists. They want, and deserve, access to justice. They want the crimes committed against them investigated.

Many have already spoken to police, to the Royal Commission, to politicians, and to government officials. Many have produced considerable amounts of evidence to support their claims. But these crimes have never been properly investigated because the people involved, the perpetrators of some of the worst crimes imaginable, are just too prominent, too powerful and too well protected.

The UK government is investigating the British arm of this international child sex trafficking ring.

Australian survivors deserve the same.

This survivor is risking their life speaking up publicly.

All media are invited to hear what they have to say.

For further information:

Nicky Davis , Leader, SNAP Australia 0422 538 440

If unable to get through on this number please contact Emma Furness on 0431 246 423

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