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ABC Media Watch to comprehensively cover VIP pedo network

Be sure to watch out for ABC’s Media Watch TV show on Monday night.  Judging by their below email correspondence, they plan to cover my press conference on 2nd November.  Media Watch couldn’t find the press conference footage shot by ABC (which would have made a critique impossible) – so I provided it to them.   I have commenced this post with the official response from SNAP to ABC Media Watch.  Basically, I think this media attention is a positive thing – a sign that victims of the Australian VIP paedophile network are finally making an impact and being recognised.


Statement by SNAP Australia in relation to Media Watch coverage of Fiona Barnett’s revelations on 23 October, 2015.

This media conference was called by SNAP in response to Senator Heffernan revealing under parliamentary privilege that police had received information about prominent Australians committing very serious crimes against children.

Senator Heffernan put this issue on the public agenda, thereby opening a window of opportunity for survivors of these crimes to be heard.

However many in the media and social media were eager to make the issue about Senator Heffernan’s credibility, not about the widespread rape of little children committed with impunity by the most powerful in the land, or the suffering of those children.

SNAP has been approached over the years by a number of Australian survivors of an elite paedophile network, all of whom report that not only do the police force refuse to investigate these crimes, but police officers are often involved in a consistent pattern of threats and harassment to ensure these survivors remain silent out of fear of the consequences. These threats and consequences also extend to family members and supporters, including young children.

SNAP asked Fiona if she would be willing to speak to the media about her personal experience at the hands of this network, and join SNAP in calling for an investigation of these allegations.

Fiona was fully aware that by doing so she would open herself to personal attacks, to sensationalisation of her heartbreaking story, and to being dismissed as an attention seeker or unreliable witness. This is the price all survivors are forced to pay for trying to have the truth heard. I am in awe of Fiona’s courage and selflessness in exposing herself in this way, in search of justice for all survivors.

She revealed to me that the main reason she was willing and able to do this was for the little children she was forced to watch being murdered by this criminal network, who cannot speak for themselves.

Since Fiona’s story was reported in the media both she and I have been inundated with calls and emails from new survivors of this same network, most of whom have tried to have these crimes investigated, all of whom the system has failed.

I hope Media Watch’s examination of the media treatment of Fiona’s story does not lose sight of the genuine need for a criminal investigation of horrific crimes committed by those who believe themselves above the law.

I should note that many survivors have been helped by individual police officers determined to see justice done. Unfortunately in many cases, especially those involving an elite paedophile network, the investigation stalls, and the reasons given are not usually considered sufficient to halt an investigation, or are factually incorrect.

Survivors are also grateful for the media’s efforts to help us access justice, and consider sensationalising our experiences a lesser evil than covering them up.

Nicky Davis

SNAP Australia

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests


From: Fiona Barnett
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 4:45 PM
Subject: Your emailed request


Hi again,

I recall signing authority for Victim Services to access numerous files.  I don’t have those files.

I told ABC’s 4 Corners and 7.30 Report that I’m willing to do an in-depth investigative coverage of my story.   I think this is the level of media inquiry needed to do my story justice.




From: Sally Virgoe

Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 3:19 PM

To: Fiona Barnett

Subject: RE: Your emailed request


Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your emails. The information (and access to the press conference footage) is much appreciated. But can we please clarify a couple of things?

You say that the hunting party story was accepted by NSW Victims of Crime. I note that one of your articles in Independent Australia contains a page of one of their documents, which refers to your case:,6918

Para 10 of that document refers to ‘a sexual assault, committed by the alleged offender at various locations in NSW’ between Jan 1974 and December 1985. Para 13 says they have obtained medical evidence from ‘hospitals interstate’ which ‘indicate the reporting of the above incidents to medical professionals’.

Do you have a copy of your original complaint, which detailed the assaults and identified the offender? And do you also have details from the medical records that show incidents of assault were reported at the time? Or were these assaults reported around when you were diagnosed in Perth as suffering from PTSD?

Do you have any other evidence that the hunting party story was accepted by NSW Victims of Crime?

Is there any other evidence you provided to the media that you’d like us to see?


Kind regards,

Sally Virgoe – Media Watch


From: Fiona Barnett
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 1:42 PM
To: Sally Virgoe
Subject: Your emailed request
Importance: High

Hi Sally,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

There is truth to the hunting party story.  I provided an account of this to a psychologist named Philippa Kelly in 2008.  She in turn encouraged me to notify police.  Consequently, I reported the incident, along with other crimes, to Detective Justin Hadley who was at the time in charge of the St Stanislaus College / Bathurst paedophile ring investigation.  In 2013, I included this incident in my Royal Commission statement, and we discussed this in person during my subsequent private session.  In 2014, on the balance of probabilities, and having examined the documentary evidence, NSW Victims Services of the Attorney General’s office concluded that this hunting party incident did indeed occur.

My personal account of the hunting party incident was provided on 27 October 2015 during an interview with UK’s most popular alternative media presenter, Richie Allen.  The recording of this interview may be accessed here:

I spoke to the press conference outside the Royal Commission building at the request of SNAP and in direct response to Heffernan having publicly referenced what sounded like the information I provided NSW and Federal police.  As a victim of crime, it was a shock to hear my personal information published without prior consulting or warning, and it left me mildly traumatised.  I was immediately inundated with phone calls and emails from those familiar with my story, including the press.

I have been reporting the crimes committed by VIP paedophiles including a NSW Police Commissioner, for many years.  Not surprisingly, NSW Police have demonstrated a reluctance to investigate my allegations.  I therefore appealed to the ‘Fourth Estate’, as victims do when all other avenues of justice fail them.  I am appreciative of the main stream media’s efforts to bring attention to the plight of the voiceless mass of victims of the Australian VIP child sex trafficking network.

The media were provided with evidence supporting my allegations and attempts to report the crimes I witnessed.  I encouraged the media to not believe my claims at face value, nor to immediately dismiss them – but to indulge in a little investigative journalism.  I urged them not to focus on me or the names I knew.  I told them not to be intimidated by the media moguls involved in the paedophile ring network, and to resist being pressured by their superiors to can my story.

My motivation in all of this is to provide a voice for those victims who are too fragile, disabled or dead to speak for themselves.  I trust you will support them too.



Fiona Barnett




Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2015 18:14:42 +1100

Subject: Email to Fiona Barnett from ABC TV’s Media Watch program


Hi Fiona,

I work on ABC TV’s Media Watch program and we’re interested in the coverage you received last week, following the press conference you gave about a VIP pedophile network and child sex abuse.

In researching this story, we’ve come across an account of alleged testimony you gave about what happened at your sixth birthday party in a Kiama rainforest, where your drink was spiked & you woke tied to a table. There was a pack of Doberman dogs there and other naked children as well. The horrifying story continues with the children (including yourself) made to run, and the children you failed to hide were shot by perpetrators with guns.

You’ve stated on Independent Australia that a distorted version of your testimony went viral, with a link through to the story that contains the account above.  This is that story

Do you stand by that account of what happened in the Kiama rainforest? Where and when did you give that testimony?

If you can provide some information in relation to this email by 6pm tomorrow, we’d appreciate it.


Kind regards,

Sally Virgoe

Media Watch




  1. The same things have happened in the UK ..see Clive Driscols book

    October 31, 2015
  2. Sigrid Wilson #

    I have not spoken out.
    But i feel i have to in defence of Fiona’s claims & accusations.
    I have personal & first hand experience of some of the things she is claiming.
    Not only are high class politicians & police involved, but so was the captain of the Salvation Army.
    Truth is more vile than fiction.
    No one spoke about it & i certainly didn’t because it was well known you could have an ‘accident’ & disappear.
    The reason the media are not game to investigate, is because they want to keep their jobs.
    What makes me SO angry is, the lack of respect Fiona is being granted.
    I am writing my autobiography in the form of a trilogy & in it iam also telling the truth of what REALLY went on.
    Mentioned will be the Motor club, Chequers, the Chevron.
    Lionel Muphy, Morgan Ryan & Brock.
    That famous dress Sonya wore to the white house & the TRUE story.
    I have the original dress to this day.
    Oh, there is so much more.
    The Coogee Bay hotel & Askin & why he donated millions to charity @ his passing.
    I guess i feel angry because nobody wants to believe Fiona!
    The very reason i have not spoken up.
    I am 70 next birthday ( june) & these were the seventies & eighties.
    Fiona is telling the truth. I don’t know if its all true, but i do know about the secret satanic sect & the unregistered babies being burnt offerings as sacrifices & the police were in on it.
    In fact, its too BIG & UGLY for even the media to tackle.
    You know the old saying:- truth is stranger than fiction.
    & so it is.
    Jill Wran for example had a not so nice nick name because it was a well known fact she slept around! Oh, dear, i could go on & on, just like Fiona.
    But i won’t.
    Ask her if she knew about the two up rooms where the pollies & police played in Bondi Jnc. In a secret location in a back room.
    & gambled?
    Or the many orgies & silent murders etc. Etc.@ Sweethearts in the middle of the Cross! I’m sure Carlotta could reveal msny a true tale ……
    I’m incenced @ the way Fiona is being treated.
    Thus this email & revelation. She deserves your respect.
    I knew many of these high flyers, THEY WERE LITERALLY THE SCUM OF THE EARTH.
    Power, money & greed let them get away with it…..all manner of evil!
    Just like the Royal family!!!!!
    How they sleep i do not know!
    Because they are rich & powerful, they know they can get away with it! I guess you know about the Duke & his infidelity? But not allowed to reveal that one! Truth WILL prevail one of these days!
    I’m not as brave as Fiona, but i sure do admire her courage.
    You had better start believing her.
    Where is the evidence?
    I don’t have any. But everybody did anything & everything in those days! Why would anyone keep any evidence of such autrocities huh?
    Think about it!
    Why was Greiner booted out? No other reason but the power of the unions! Oh, yes, they will have you believe otherwise!
    Stop being so bloody ignorant!
    What i have told you is no falacy or fantasy.

    It is the truth.
    Sigrid Wilson.

    November 2, 2015

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