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Press Conference Speech

Here is the speech I gave press outside the Royal Commission headquarters in Sydney on 23 October, 2015.  It was written at extremely short notice.  SNAP asked me the afternoon before I gave the speech, if I would be willing to fly from my home near Gold Coast airport, to Sydney.  Hence the speech contains an editing error.  I originally wrote that I attended pedophile parties at Parliament House, Bathurst City Hall and overseas.  I edited it to just provide the example of Parliament house, but forgot to edit the word ‘parties.’  This gave the wrong impression that all the parties I attended occurred at Parliament house.


Prepared Speech

Throughout my childhood, I was a victim of Australia’s VIP child sex trafficking ring.  For example, I was prostituted to paedophile parties at Parliament House Canberra, and to an international leader at Fairbaine military airport.

The people involved in this elite paedophile ring included high-ranking politicians, police and judiciary.

From the late 1980s, I reported my abuse experiences to multiple health care professionals, not one of whom adhered to mandatory reporting requirements.  I reported to NSW Police in 2008.  I reported to the Royal Commission in 2013.  I reported to Operation Attest in Canberra.  I made formal witness statements to NSW Police, and have agreed to do more.  I have reported directly to the NSW and Federal Police Commissioners, and to the NSW Coroner.  I have provided sufficient names, times, dates and places for authorities to investigate.

My experiences were horrific beyond words.  I witnessed child abduction, torture, rape and murder.  BUT – the way I’ve been treated for reporting the crimes I witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences.

Victims endure the most miserable childhoods.  We then spend the rest of our lives paying for the crimes committed against us.  Victims are constantly placed under excessive scrutiny.  If we can’t provide a precise time and date for something that happened 40 years ago – we are called liars.  If we get emotional – we are labelled crazy.  If we are vocal, we are attention-seekers.

It’s time to focus our attention away from victims and onto those responsible for the crimes against children.  In the 2006 Census, Australians identified Child Protection as their number one concern.  Why then, does our government continue to ignore the public’s concern for children?

Australia is a pedophile haven.  Our laws are written, interpreted and administered in a way that benefits pedophiles and silences victims of crime.  Our University lecturers teach pro-pedophilia material.  Our Health Boards continue to allow offending doctors and psychologists to practise.

We are up to our second Royal Commission into Child Abuse in 20 years.  The Wood Royal Commission was indeed a failure.  If it were successful – I wouldn’t be standing here today.  The Wood Royal Commission was established in response to complaints about the VIP paedophile ring that abused me.  This is the exact same elite paedophile ring that I reported to the current Royal Commission.

In 2013, I asked the Royal Commission, ‘What are you going to do differently to the failed Wood Royal Commission?’  They had no answer.

If the Royal Commission does not result in the investigation and prosecution of the VIP pedophiles that victims like me have named – then they are just information gathering.

I know you want me to stand here and name names.  Yet to concentrate on the names serves to shift the focus from the entire reason I am standing here.  I have provided the names to the authorities.  It is their responsibility to combine my information with what other victims have presented – and properly investigate.

And now I will give you some VIP names:

Michelle.  Michelle was a friendly 12-year-old with long dark hair.  I witnessed her abduction, rape and murder when I was 6 years old.

Samantha.  Samantha was 9 years old with wavy long brown hair and a warm smile.  She had Downs Syndrome.  Samantha was murdered when I was 12 years old.

Chloe.  Chloe was an attractive 4-year-old with brown straight hair cut into a bob, and sea green eyes.  Chloe was murdered when I was 14 years old.

Don’t make this about me.  Focus on those victims who couldn’t be here today to personally share what happened to them at the hands of the VIP pedophiles who have infiltrated Australia’s supreme institutions.


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