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A call to prayer for Hillsong child abuse victim Mark

Deb’s son Mark was found dead yesterday under suspicious circumstances.  Paramedics revived his body but he is not expected to survive the oxygen deprivation.  Nothing short of a miracle can save Mark now.

I ask you to pray for Mark.  The Bible documents that Jesus Christ raised people from the dead back in his time and there are reports God still raises people from the dead in Jesus’ name today.  We only need to believe in Jesus and have faith, to be saved.  That’s all.  And faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.  I believe God can do this, that He can answer our combined prayers for Mark’s life and salvation.

I say salvation because Mark’s life must be of better quality than it has been to date.  As a small child, Mark suffered horrendous abuse through Hillsong Church – and he has been paying for it ever since.  He has paid for refusing to deny what he experienced and witnessed.

Last Christmas, corrupt NSW Police officers framed Mark for something he didn’t do.  Mark and his girlfriend were attacked by a gang of men, Mark defended his girlfriend, and so police charged him with assault.  Mark was throw in prison without bail, refused assistance by Legal Aid, and only recently was released.  NSW Police were waiting to arrest him for another false charge on the day of his prison release, except his lawyer (paid for by donations) whisked him into hiding.  Deb was about to pursue charges against the government regarding their constant harassment of Mark – but it seems the pedophile network took steps yesterday to prevent that…

Lord God, we pray for Mark.  We pray for his miraculous recovery.  We ask that You remember what this man has endured since his youngest memories.  Remember the hell that he has lived.  Bring to your mind everything his perpetrators did, every tear Mark shed, every incident of Mark’s pain and torture – and judge them now.  We pray that every evil thing these pedophiles and their hired thugs did to Mark is exposed.  Expose these bastards, Lord – and bring them to justice for what they have done to Mark.  Why do these scumbags live while Mark lies lifeless in a hospital bed?  WHY?  Why has Mark been let to suffer so much for so long?  Don’t let him be forgotten like this.  Don’t let his life be for nothing.  Rise up and show the world what your believers know – that you have power over life and death.  That YOU are LORD – not Lucifer.  Share what we know, with the lost and broken.  In Jesus name, Amen…    

Mark on life support

Fiona Barnett police witness statements against Kidman & Keating


Elliott Johnson & Australia’s Pedo Communist Party

Dear Fiona

Thank you for standing up to these criminals.I have information for you which you might find interesting.I have to remain anonymous because going public would severely compromise my capacity to investigate this crime-ring.

In 1971 an Adelaide barrister from the Communist Party of Australia created the precursor to what later became the Pedophile Information Exchange. This lawyer was the late ELLIOT JOHNSON. The Pedophile Information Exchange was formed from earlier pedophile groups such as the Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild and the (homosexual) Peter Pan Club. Another founder of this organization (from the Peter Pan Club) was FRANK HOUSTON who also founded the pseudo-church The Assembly of God. Houston was pastor of the Surrey Hills Christian Center which later morphed into Hillsong Church. Houston was an organizer for the Peter Pan Club when he was contacted by Elliot Johnson and asked to assist in forming a “united front” for organized pedophilia. This resulted in the formation of the Pedophile Information Exchange in February 1973. This organization was then exported to the United Kingdom.

I knew Johnson personally and I have always detested the man. I have heard Johnson boast of having killed Japanese prisoners of war in Papua New Guinea during WW2. Here are some quotes from Johnson;
“I shot half a dozen in one afternoon”;
“I shot dozens and dozens of them”;
“The others would bayonet them or cut their throats but I was more humane about it – I shot them in the back of the head”.

Johnson had a law degree at the time and knew perfectly well that his actions were a breach of the Geneva Convention. Johnson was a war criminal. Upon return to Australia Johnson became an operator for the Communist Party of Australia. This included bullying and indeed killing any Party dissidents.

The Communist Party loaned Johnson 50,000 pounds which Johnson used to found the Adelaide law firm Johnson and Withers. Johnson also bought a house and a flash motorcar. The loan was forgiven for services rendered.

In 1947 a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in Adelaide. This murder remains unsolved. The victim was a GRU man working for the USSR. He was collecting information on the development of British weapons in Australia. The Communist Party of Australia supported him and other Soviet agents (such as HV Evatt) with sexual services. The GRU man had been paired up with a local woman communist who he got pregnant. The naive chap then thought that he could marry the woman and live a family life in Australia. He contacted the Dept of External Affairs (called DFAT now) and asked for advice. However that Dept had been so penetrated by communists that the GRU man was betrayed. He was told to attend the woman’s house and await the arrival of Commonwealth security officers. Instead he was attended by Elliot Johnson (with fake ID) and two Communist Party thugs dressed up in suits and ties.

Johnson then poisoned the man with OLEANDER extract. This provides a deadly (cardiac) poison that kills within hours. As the man sickened he was stripped and left to die. His corpse was then washed and redressed (by the woman – a nurse) and then transported to Somerton Beach by Elliot Johnson in his motorcar. This was one of the rare private cars in Adelaide at that time. The police had a couple of dozen model T Fords and Morris Minors.

Another Johnson killing was that of the Sydney physicist Dr Gilbert Bogle in 1961. Dr Bogle was a microwave physicist who had been working on microwave modulation for guided missile systems for the British. He was recruited into the Communist Party by his boss Dr Geoffrey Chandler using sex as the bait.

The pay in Australia was poor and Bogle applied for a job in the USA. Bogle had a PhD in microwave physics and the American pay was literally 20 times that of his Australian pay. The problem was that Bell was a high security laboratory and the job required a complete FBI background check. The Communist Party fearing for their spy ring then decided to murder Bogle and then delegated that task to Elliot Johnson and Geoffrey Chandler. Johnson gave the termination order and acted as field director for the kill. Geoffrey Chandler then administered OLEANDER poison to Gilbert Bogle in a rum drink at a cocktail party.

However Bogle noticed the taste and commented upon it. Margaret Chandler then took a sip of the drink and was poisoned as well. Geoffrey Chandler then telephoned Elliot Johnson for instructions and was then ordered by Johnson to dump both bodies down by the river to die.

Johnson was the most professional and protected criminal in Australia. In 1983 the corrupt premier of South Australia JOHN BANNON then appointed the perverted murderer to the Supreme Court of South Australia. This is how Johnson became a Supreme Court judge. This should indicate to you just how much power the pedophiles have in South Australia.

I have very good reason for believing that Johnson was one of the principal members of what has been called ‘The Family’. This is the name given to the gang that killed children in Adelaide from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. It has been claimed that they are homosexuals. No! They raped and killed little girls too. I have personally heard one of Johnson’s comrades admit to raping Jane Beaumont. This informant claims that the little girl and her younger siblings Anna and Grant were strangled by Elliot Johnson. I believe it as I have heard Johnson admit to killing Japanese POWs. Johnson admitted to me that he enjoyed killing ( he said that it was cathartic) and that sometimes he would give them a head start and then hunt them down.

Part of johnson’s motivations were terrorist. You might know about Red Terror. This was used by the Bolsheviks in 1918 to beat the Russian people into submission. The Muslim fanatics from Islamic State use it for this reason as well. This is why the Beaumont children were taken. This tactic really shocked Adelaide. It was not a safe town after all and the government could not protect you. These criminals proved that they could defeat the police and thus reduce public confidence in them.

I hope that this information is of some use to you. I am sorry that I cannot go public but I have leaked a lot of information and even that has been risky.

So far four whistle-blowers have been killed in Adelaide for knowing too much and needless to say I do not want to be the fifth to die.

God bless you. Take good care of yourself. Remember me.

Ritual Abuse, Mind Control & DID: How to Integrate

Numerous people asked me to publish the content of my USA conference.  So, here it is in YouTube form.  Not as dynamic as a live presentation, and it was recorded New Years Day (sleepy) – but done.


Pete Melov’s Xmas Wish…

Pete Melov, son of one of my abusers, continues to bless me with a victim’s desire –  vindication plus an appropriate slamming of the Luciferian origins of Christmas…



Australia’s own Pizzagate

10-year-old Helen Karapidis was abducted 22 December 1988 from her Marrickville apartment complex grounds by members of the Wood Royal Commission pedophile network.

This child trafficking network including government social workers, Aunties and Uncles program staff, Hillsong architect Ian Longstaff who redesigned their Young St, Waterloo church building, David Young who, with Ian, collected kids for ‘Youngies’ church youth club, and convicted pedophile and Hillsong staff member John Baxter.

Helen attended Hillsong Kids’ Club. She knew her abductors, which explains why she disappeared so.

Hillsong founding pastor Frank Houston was a convicted pedophile who sought and trafficked children to the Sydney VIP pedophile ring based in Kings Cross boy brothels. Houston was named multiple times to the Wood Royal Commission. These children were sought by Hillsong from low socioeconomic families with single mothers, parents in trouble with the law, and who had been brought to the attention of the Department of Children’s Services.

Helen Karapidis was ritually murdered days following her abduction, during an evening church service, in a secret room that overlooked the congregation at Hillsong Church Young St, Waterloo.

Two children aged 6 and 8 witnessed Helen Karapidis’ ritual murder and reported this to police. The children later won a NSW Victim Compensation claim in court on the basis of witnessing Helen Karapidi’s murder in Hillsong Church. The children also witnessed several other children murdered during that same service.

Police did not investigate the child witnesses’ testimonies, did not conduct forensic investigations at Hillsong Church at Young St, Waterloo.  Instead, police targeted the child witnesses and their mother.  Case discussion notes from a meeting held regarding this case at the Children’s Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney, and attended by the Department of Children’s Services, stated: ‘Officer John Hesslop said we have concerns about containing the mother.’  Police also targeted Helen Karapidis’ father and tried to frame him for Helen’s abduction. This never stuck…because it was a lie.

60 Minutes reporter Mike Munroe left Channel 9 after the network failed to air this story. The 60 Minutes team recorded psychiatrist Dr Anne Schlebaum interviewing the 2 witnesses. Royal Commissioner James Wood then slammed Dr Schlebaum and dismissed her report which supported the child witnesses. Judge Particia ‘Patty’ Bergan was promoted to Supreme Court after tearing apart genuine victims, witnesses and their testimonial evidence at the Wood Royal Commission.

The mainstream media contributed to the cover up of Helen Karapidis’ murder at Hillsong Church by refusing to report the truth, and by lying in print about the case and reporting terrible untruths about Helen’s father.

One of the child witnesses to Helen’s ritual murder at Hillsong Church is spending this Christmas in prison. He was recently arrested immediately after his mother spoke with Helen Karapidis’ family and told them for the first time what became of their little girl. He was charged for defending himself after a gang of thugs attacked him. When the victim’s barrister phoned NSW Police for information pertaining to the charges, NSW police allegedly told the barrister to fuck off…

It is anniversary time for the greatest perversion of justice Australia has never seen or heard.



The best Pizzagate summary to date

Here’s a well researched and written article summarising Pizzagate:

Judging by the police identikit photos that were until recently on the official Madeleine McCann website (, Clinton’s Podesta brothers are dead ringers for Madeleine’s abductors:



Why have the Podesta brother lookalike images been removed?

Why is the BBC, who covered up the Jimmy Saville branch of this same international child trafficking network, calling this fake news?  This is far from ‘fake news’.  This is the story of the century.

Here the official Madeleine McCann Facebook page show the family’s negative reaction to the public making the obvious link between the Podesta brothers and the police ‘ekit’ suspect photos:


Madeleine’s parents visited with Clement Freud at the time of their daughter’s disappearance, at the very house that the Podesta brothers were staying in at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, blocks away from the hotel Madeleine was take from.

And the official Madeleine McCann people label the link between the Podesta brothers and Madeleine’s abduction ‘conspiracy’ and ‘fake’ news?

Wow, perhaps my friend who worked with the McCann’s on the case was right when she concluded the parents were involved…

A little vindication goes a long way…


One year ago, ABC Media Watch vilified me for daring to publicly call for an investigation into multiple serious crimes that I witnessed VIP pedophiles engage in.  At the same time, I made witness statements to Sutherland detective Belinda Abdy who subsequently stonewalled me.

During the past 12 months, I have been inundated with contact from other victims and witnesses to similar crimes committed by the same pedophile network, in the same locations that I named to police.  Most recently, Pete Melov, the son of one of my Engadine perpetrators, Dr John Melov, publicly supported my testimony.  Here is Pete’s Facebook post:



Thanks Pete.


Bravehearts Child Abuse Agency tries to erase their relations with Convicted Pedophile Bond University lecturer Paul Wilson

robyn lincoln

Paul Wilson & his wife Robyn Lincoln

On Wednesday 23 November 2016, my former Bond University forensic psychology lecturer Professor Paul Wilson, was convicted of 4 counts of child sexual abuse.  The following day, he was sentenced to 18 months prison.  I have it on good authority that such a long line of female victims are waiting to testify against Wilson regarding their own historical child abuse experiences, Wilson should spend the rest of his life in prison – or court.

The media refer to Wilson as a ‘now-retired’ academic, psychologist and criminologist.  This is misleading, since Wilson was head of Criminology at Bond University right up until police started investigating him.  People like Wilson simply don’t retire from academia.  Some of my Bond University lecturers are much older than Wilson who was Dean of Humanities at Bond for 10 years.

I got to know Paul Wilson while taking a forensic psychology class he shared with Katarina Fritzon in 2006.  That same year, I assisted Fritzon and Wilson with their textbook, ‘Forensic psychology and criminology: an Australasian perspective’ and was mentioned in that book.  At that time, I knew nothing about Paul Wilson’s pro-pedophilia articles and books, and blindly trusted that Bond University was an ethical institution.  As it turns out, Paul Wilson is not an exception, and Bond University is a pedophile haven.


Wilson is part of a Queensland based VIP child abuse network.  Back in the early 1980’s, when lecturing at the University of Queensland, Wilson organised a pro-pedophilia conference to be held at UQ until public outcry forced the university to cancel the event.  Also while a UQ lecturer, Wilson ‘accidentally’ showed a class of psychology students the end of a kiddie porn snuff film.  One student in that class was the daughter of a Queensland police commissioner; other student witnesses are now practising psychologists.

Until now, Paul Wilson has evaded arrest and conviction due to his VIP pedophile network connections which included Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis who had a dirt file on Wilson which  featured in the Kimmin’s Report and found its way into the Fitzgerald Inquiry.  The existence of the snuff film that Wilson did indeed show at UQ was whitewashed by the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

This pedophile did not only commit numerous crimes against children, but he also brazenly promoted pro-pedophilia doctrine and anti-victim thinking within academia and the Australian media that he regularly addressed.

I personally experienced the pro-pedophilia / anti-victim stance taken by Paul Wilson and the other Bond University criminology, law and forensic psychology lecturers.  In fact, I was victimised, placed under excessive scrutiny, and finally subjected to a false and vexatious notification by Bond University staff to the psychology registration board because I adhered to mandatory reporting legislation and took a pro-victim / anti-pedophile stance in my classes.


Bond University lecturer Robyn Lincoln

Every connection with Paul Wilson must now be questioned.  This includes the fact that Paul Wilson’s wife Robyn Lincoln, who also lectures in criminology at Bond University, sat on Braveheart’s advisory board.


Robyn Lincoln conducted research for Bravehearts.  One such article was written by her in conjunction with Bravehearts researcher Carol Ronkin in 2008.  It was titled, ‘Two Strikes and They’re Out! Mandatory sentencing and child sex offenders.’



ABC 4 Corners document existence of Robyn Lincoln’s Bravehearts article

Robyn Lincoln resigned her position on the Bravehearts executive committee immediately following the arrest of her husband Paul Wilson in late 2012.  Bravehearts subsequently tried to erase record of their relationship with pedophile Paul Wilson’s wife, including in 2013 revising the Two Strikes article and replacing Robyn Lincoln’s name with Hetty Johnston’s.  This is fraudulent. Bravehearts should be open and transparent about their relationship with the woman who supported her pedophile husband throughout his multiple trials.

re-authored-bravehearts-robyn-lincoln-paper     re-authored-robyn-lincoln-breavehearts-article

After Paul Wilson was charged, Terry Goldsworthy replaced Wilson as Bond University’s head of Criminology, and he replaced Robyn Lincoln on Bravehearts’ advisory board.

I was targeted by Bond University after adhering to mandatory reporting laws in the Bond University psychology clinic.  I reported fresh allegations of child abuse by a Miami (Gold Coast) DOCS foster parent against a 10 yo child. In response, Bond University psychology lecturers made a false & vexatious notification to the Psychology Board about me.  Terry Goldsworthy – whom I have never met – removed my age at the time of my child abuse and reported me to police & AHPRA as an adult perpetrator instead of a child victim of my childhood abuse.  In support of this false & vexatious notification, Goldsworthy used his position as a Bond University lecturer & a Gold Coast police officer. Goldsworthy exchanged emails with authorities that referred to me as a criminal ‘suspect’.

terry goldsworthy

Terry Goldsworthy, Bond University lecturer / Bravehearts board member 

AHPRA refer to Bond University lecturer & Bravehearts advisory board member Terry Goldsworthy as ‘Inspector’ – proving he used his position as a police officer in his support of Bond University’s false & vexatious notification against me.  Goldsworthy called my child abuse experience “outlandish claims.”


The NSW and Queensland Police Commissioners denied in writing the content of the above email exchanges between AHPRA and Terry Goldsworthy:

Police minister NSW response

Police minister Qld response

Terry Goldsworthy’s research interests include the role of the Nazi Waffen SS… His first book Valhallah’s Warriors examined the genocidal actions of the German SS in Russia during WW2.

Is Terry Goldsworthy who labels a child abuse victim’s testimony ‘outlandish’ the sort of person suited to being on a child abuse organisation’s advisory board?

Since addressing the national press in Sydney a year ago, I have been inundated with contact and information from hundreds of victims of child abuse and VIP child sex trafficking rings around the globe.  I have been entrusted with names, times, places, and connections.  I now have a unique and thorough understanding of the nature of child sex trafficking and networks.  I know which police, judges, lawyers, universities, government agencies, politicians and child abuse support agencies are engaged in child sex trafficking and its cover-up.

Bravehearts is a fake advocacy agency funded by the government to gather information and silence victims of child trafficking.  Hence their close relationship with Bond University and their pedophile protector lecturers.


My experience of presenting at Colin Ross’ Seattle conference

Here is my experience of presenting at the trauma & dissociation conference at the Radisson hotel in Seattle that was sponsored by Colin Ross.

Firstly, a fund was established to raise money for my air ticket to attend the conference.  The person who set this up kept $518 US of the donations and verbally abused me when I questioned this.  The remaining funds were then transferred to a US account run by the conference organiser.  Accessing those funds, and purchasing a plane ticket with them, was a frustrating, time consuming experience which resulted in a substandard flight.

The organiser promised to cover my hotel accommodation.  Getting this done was like drawing blood from a stone.  At the last minute, it was indicated that this expense was not being covered.  My hotel booking was then cut short by one night.  I had to pay an additional two nights to cover the time I needed to be in Seattle for the conference.  Then the Radisson stuffed up my booking altogether – twice.

I was the only international speaker and so had different needs to the local speakers – needs that were not met.

Speakers who sponsored the conference (i.e., paid to attend and be heard) were rewarded with market stalls inside the hotel.  From these stalls, therapists peddled their wares to vulnerable victims.  There were cards, and stickers, and $45 books, and fridge magnets – all kinds of crap that helps no-one.

It’s normal for conference organisers to send speakers (especially international ones) a contract outlining what is required of the speaker and what is being provided to the speaker.  This was contract promised but never delivered.

Originally, I was told that my presentation was going to be professionally filmed.  This never occurred.

Originally, I was promised a plenary speaking session first thing Friday morning when the conference began.  Plenary means speaking in the main, large room with no other competing sessions.  This never occurred either.  Dana Ross (Colin Ross’ daughter) was given that speaking spot instead.

I was placed in a small room.  The schedule in the folders were set out so confusingly, it prevented people from finding me.  Some attendees couldn’t find me at all because my biography and presentation synopsis were missing from some attendees’ folders.  All folders were individually named; so, in theory, organisers could control who did and did not know I was speaking.  Even when the information was in the folder, it was well buried.

Technical set-up of the conference rooms occurred on the Thursday.  By Thursday evening my room was not set up.  It had no podium, no projector, no microphone, no computer, no cables, and no technical support.  I could not give my presentation without the expected and usual gear.  I approached the conference organiser and asked why my room was not set up.  She said she’d told the technician to do so, and to go phone him.  Being Australian and having just arrived in the USA, I had no phone.  I eventually found the technician who told me that conference organiser did not tell him to set up my room.

Meanwhile, the other speakers, aware of my plight, openly stated how glad they were that their rooms were set up for the next morning.  Then all the other speakers accompanied Colin Ross to a posh dinner down at the wharf.  I was not invited, and besides, I was too busy trying to remedy the deficiencies of the conference organiser.

I approached the Radisson hotel staff member assigned to the conference area and asked for a spare podium.  The man contemptuously told me they didn’t have another podium and pointed to a 50cm high coffee table and told me to use that.

So, I decided to get into the Australian spirit.  I stole the needed gear from another conference room (belonging to the speaker who boasted to me how pleased she was to be set up).  I had the conference organiser help me move the equipment into my room.  Then the hotel locked the speaking rooms for the night, and I went to my room and enjoyed some room service dinner alone.

The following morning, the conference room hall echoed with the angry cries of a podium-less speaker…  Funny enough, the Radisson hotel quickly found that speaker a spare podium.

I gave my talk to a keen audience which doubled in size once word got out about my talk.  At the end of my 2 hour presentation, I received some remarkable feedback.  One therapist approached me and said that her client, who was not suicidal, ‘committed suicide’ in Colin Ross’ Institute.  I later found out that there were 5 other deaths at that mental facility, when it should be impossible to commit suicide in such a place.  That is the point of such a hospital established for potentially suicidal DID clients.  I asked the therapist, ‘Do you trust Colin Ross?’  She responded through tears, ‘I don’t know…’

One victim came to me after my talk and said that she had run into her own experienced therapist in the hall.  The therapist told her client, “I am so angry at Fiona’s talk!  I am so angry that no one has ever told me that information before!’

Another victim who had missed the first half of my talk approached me in the foyer in tears and begged me to repeat my entire presentation.  She waved her hand at the side show alley of merchandise, and exclaimed, ‘This is all shit! All this is shit! YOU have the real stuff!’  I tried to book a second 2 hour session but no room was available.  I had a 1 hour spot booked for a question and answer session on the second day.  That day too, the necessary equipment was missing from my room when it had been there for the morning sessions.

After my second session, one therapist pulled me to the conference organiser in the foyer and raised her voice, saying, ‘Why wasn’t Fiona in the main room?! She should have been a main speaker!  She’s amazing!  What she said was amazing!’

At least six people asked me to write the content of my presentation down, asked for my book, asked me to write a book, asked me when my book was being released.  I had no book, nor any intention to write one.

Hardly any of the other speakers introduced themselves or talked to me over the entire four days.  Most glared at me, or stared oddly at me, as victims flocked to speak with me.  I had no free time unless I left the hotel, due to the constant flow of people asking questions.

I later chatted with Alison Miller who had presented at Colin Ross’ conference the previous year.  She told me a similar thing happened to her.  She was assigned to a too small room in an obscure location, which had to be opened up to accommodate the large number of people attending her presentation.  Unlike the other speakers, Alison was not filmed.  Also, she was the only professional speaker not part of the panel on the last day.

I suggested to Alison that she, like me, had been used.  My attendance was used to market the conference and draw victims from all over, such as my new friends from Vegas.  Many came specifically to see me and not to attend the conference.  But once there, Alison and I were shut down so that the conference could focus on its main objective – serving as an advertisement for Colin Ross’ institute in which clients entered non-suicidal and left in a box.

Directly after the conference, I flew to Alaska where I delivered the same presentation to a group of therapists.  Their reception and hospitality was in stark contrast to my fellow speakers at Colin Ross’ conference.  Nicky Davis and I were showered in gifts of salmon, crocheted beanies and thank you cards.  ‘How long have you been speaking at conferences?’ they asked.  ‘This is my first time,’ they were surprised to hear.  ‘Don’t tell people that,’ they suggested, ‘Tell them five years.’

Back in Seattle, I presented to a group of men who work with ritual abuse victims.  Some of them were retired police officers.  One was a detective who specialised in ritual abuse crime for 47 years, and worked on most of America’s major cases.  ‘How long have you been gathering this information to share with people?’ he asked.  I didn’t gather anything – I lived it.  Apart from some relevant study in psychology, everything else was my personal experience.  He then said that so much of what I said was going over his head and he couldn’t keep up me, even with his vast experience.

So, what was so unique about my presentation content?  Dunno.  To me, everything I said seemed like common sense that I thought everyone would know.  But it turns out it wasn’t.  After spending time with the victims and answering their questions, it became clear that the truth of genuine American therapists, the vocal victims, and their knowledge of what actually works, was buried 20 years ago under the false memory foundation pedophile rhetoric.

Modern therapists are busy inventing catchy 20-step programs and gimmicks, flogging their ideas in $45 books to poor victims, playing the guru to cult-like followings, and talking about useless techniques like mindfulness and suicide contracts that are as effective for treating ritual abuse and mind control based DID as a cap gun is against a warship.

A key problem I noticed is that modern therapists commonly spend their time getting to know ‘alters’, and encouraging clients to talk in terms ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, thereby fostering a lifetime of illness.  Victims become forced into the role of professional survivor, showing off alters to titillated therapists.  Most of them want to heal – they just don’t know how to locate the path hidden beneath all that crap. Instead, some victims at the conference had been stuck in stagnant therapy for 20 to 40 years.

If a client has 1000 alters, how many years do you think it will take for a therapist to entertain them all?  Instead, therapists should be focusing on the traumatic incidents that created the alters in the first place, encouraging the client to sufficiently remember the trauma and abreact the feelings.  Done properly, that trauma memory will never affect the client again, and the numerous alters that may have been created via a single trauma incident will automatically integrate.

The difference between me and the other speakers was – I am a victim who actually managed to integrate.  I have no agenda, no vested interest in being a successful author or speaker, nothing to sell.  Wouldn’t you think that all those speakers who specialise in treating what I managed to escape, would be interested in meeting someone who actually found the way out of the DID maze?  Nuh.  Not one of them approached me and asked how I did it.  Not a single one…

The most approachable and teachable therapists at the conference were those who openly admitted to their own abuse backgrounds.  The therapists who didn’t admit to their abuse backgrounds were the ones parading around in a stench of superiority.

My trip to the USA has given me the courage to be very blunt about one issue: most importantly, there is a spiritual dimension to ritual abuse and military grade mind control that cannot be treated via any other means than a Biblical Christian approach.  If a victim claims they were healed without the help of Jesus Christ – they were not fully healed.  If a therapist claims to have helped clients achieved full integration without taking a Christian approach – their clients did not integrate.  It’s as simple as that.

So, that was my Seattle experience… I do not recommend victims attend the next Colin Ross marketing fair.  I certainly won’t.

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